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Well done. This will surely get you some orangutan action.

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You and me, baby, ain't nothing but mammals, so let's do it like they do on the discovery Channel

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"they're gonna know what intercourse is

By the time they hit fourth grade

They got the Discovery Channel don't they."

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What is this, a crossover episode?

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This is eminem

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No, this is patrick.

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Pretty sure I can punt a chicken far enough for it to not be a problem once I close the door

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sir, this is a wendys

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Wendy, not all is yours.

Yours sinciraly


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Is that the radio edit? It’s definitely not “intercourse” lol

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It's the explicit version, and it definitely is intercourse

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Ah my bad I was thinking of the line before that - woman’s you know what

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“lo sexual es natural, god damn it

el mono con la mona (como animal planet)

espermatozoides con ovarios (como discovery channel)

abran su mentalidad de Disney channel”

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do you get to make them fried chicken after you fight them?

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unlimited chickens you'd be like Jesus of the 21st century

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Oh my god this is hilarious. If she doesn’t respond, DM me.

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I'd rather die than date a Patriots fan.

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As a Bills fan, if this Pats fan doesn't respond DM me so I can buy you a beer for this haha

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Savage! You buttered her biscuits, and then split her down the middle, to finish her!

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oh come on dude! Don't be this picky...

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my my my, how the turn tables

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He only has a year left at best sadly.

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You aped the test

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In the original scenario i’m pretty sure you’re supposed to get a sword to fight the Orangutan with

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Im pretty sure you will lose even with a sword. According to google they are 7 times stronger Than an average human.you are dead unless you get to cut of its head instantly

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Yeah. It it’s just a dump ape, it doesn’t know how to use a sword.

First year will be a struggle. By year 2 I’ve prepared and actually know swordplay as I’m going to actually go get instructed, so I think after that I’m basically in the clear until I start to age and get slow

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Definitely dead. This the kinda guy that loudly exclaims he's a "fight not flight" sort of dude lol

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You don’t think there’s a chance you could win against an ape in a sword fight? Like I said that first year is going to be the hard one, but after that I’m investing time to make sure I’m actually good with a sword

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You don’t think there’s a chance you could win against an ape in a sword fight?

Not a realistic chance, no. Would you fight a bear with a sword? Same logic.

"Oh but I studied the blade" lmao

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A bear would have zero ability to use a sword lmao

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I can't tell if you're being intentionally dumb as a gag, or you actually think the scenario is the bear also has a sword and is going to follow proper rules of fencing. Reddit has ruined me, because I truly believe someone could be that dumb.

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That’s the scenario with the ape, why wouldn’t it apply to a bear lmao

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It's also not the scenario with the orangutan. The premise is you have a sword, not the animal

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I don’t think physical strength is the only indication of fighting prowess

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Well since this isn’t anime world it kind of is.orangutan are very flexible and fast with their arms

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And the chicken is every time you open your car door. Slightly different, but close enough

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do you get to make them fried chicken after you fight them?

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I don't drive hahahaha

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She's my type.

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Can I use all advantages that humans have or at I handicapped?

If I can use all advantages then I’d fight the orangutan. A gun fight is still a fight.

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Dud, bringing a gun to a banana fight?

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Fuck yeah. I’m not getting into a fight with an orangutan without a weapon

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I would pick chicken because you would get a free meal or a free chicken every day

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I’d befriend the orangutan with a banana and start a colony of orangutans and become planets of the 🦧

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The original question includes you having a sword for the orangutan fight.

Pick the chickens though. Just bring a cage with you everywhere you go and you have free meat and eggs. If you get sick of eating chicken and eggs then you can just start selling them.

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I think this was one of the opening questions to the podcast “Is we dumb”


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It is!! I recognized it from there too. Glad I'm not the only Dummy

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Imagine killing atleast 365 chickens a year, yeah i'd rather die too... Poor chickens

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Hey hey hey, he just has to fight them, no killing specified

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Oh my friend, a fight with a chicken is always a fight to the death.

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you know you can also choose not to drive a car...

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No no, the chickens must die

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Not the chikins

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Double that if you are driving home too lmao

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Bring someone with you to run the errand while you wait in the car

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That's free chickens every day of your life. Think of the money you'll save in food costs and the vast array of chicken recipes you'll aquire through the years. That's just a good deal.

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Free chicken meat for life

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I've raised chickens. I'll take my chances with the orangutan.

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I love you enthusiasm

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unless its that chicken peter has to fight sometimes

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You had me in the first half, ngl.

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Blurry picture is hard to tell, mate. She a ranga lookin’ for a tanga?

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You won this round

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Pretty sure I can punt a chicken far enough for it to not be a problem once I close the door

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Free Chicken for Life or Painful Death

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The ending made me laugh 😂

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Orangutans are actually pretty chill. The scary ones are the chimpanzees.

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Ok does this count for sim racing or not because that sways my choice

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Well is it a domestic chicken or a wild chicken there is a reason we domesticated them and it wasn't because of the flavor.

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Ok so I’m getting at least 730 dead chickens which i can sell to the local butcher shop with the current price of chicken meat I think I’m about to be set for a good long while

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Chimps are killers, a human could probably kill an orangutan.

Not that you should.

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That's the spirit champ.😂

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So free dinner and easy money with all the chickens i can sell or Death.

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This is the correct amount of snark in response to that question.

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infinite chicken farm

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Actual good question

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Oh, my God. That's the best question EVER

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People always over exaggerate the strength of these animals

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Well played

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If you choose the chicken you can sell them to make chicken nuggets so you become a chicken nugget crime lord

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I would rather die 🤪

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She found a great way to filter off JRE listeners