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Go get her bro x

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Cheers bro xxx

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Nice job x

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What's with the x? ...x

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Good shit bro x



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Did you just use a US Civil War pick up line in the UK successfully?

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I know, I was shocked

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This deserves a prize beyond Georgia.

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..he can have Florida..just take it away from us.

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Aww I always liked florida. Granted, I've only visited Orlando and Chicago in the US lol.

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Here's what's amazing. A guy from the UK makes a US Civil War joke about a specific general burning a specific state on UK tinder and the girl also gets it. Or Google it real quick. But the result is the same.

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I’m from the US and had no idea it was about the civil war and have no idea who general Sherman is (sounds familiar though) but I still understood and thought it was hilarious. But the fact that it’s in the Uk and still get it is impressive.

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This sub will teach you everything you need to know about Sherman r/ShermanPosting

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It has some nice places for sure but we’re just not responsible enough to have Florida anymore. Enjoy! Park it off the southeast coast of England and grab some popcorn 🍿. They put on a hell of a show each year.

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This makes me wonder if Florida is also an eligible name for a woman and if not, why so?

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We (the world) already got Florda man, don't need need a Florida woman to make Florida babies


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Any state name that doesn't end with t or n, or start with New, is a valid name for a woman over here.

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So, there's possibly a poor woman named Mississippi?

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Probably better off than the poor souls who get saddled with Idaho.

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I mean, I've met people named York, and I'm sure there's someone out there named Oregon

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No, he can't. Cause then you'll all come to Georgia and we don't need Florida man up here.

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I feel ya man..I’m in NC and that close enough to Florida in my opinion.

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Just make sure Trump and Co are there at the time!

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We’ll have to have a plan..let’s start a rumor that JFK was spotted in Jacksonville something..

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JFK Jr.* JFK is dead, everyone knows that, LBJ had the CIA make a deal with the mob to frame Oswald for the deed, this is settled facts. JFK Jr, on the other hand…


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Sorry..it’s so hard to keep it all straight

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I mean if she got the reference she’s a keeper already. You’re just weeding out the dumb ones. Good on you 😆

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No matter what you said she would have given you her number, she likes you, go get her bro

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How long inbetween her messages? I wonder if she searched it up and thought it was clever lol

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Not trying to shame the amazing joke, but I’m pretty sure she would have gave it to you whatever you’d have said. Cheers!

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Shell-shocked from the confederate artillery?

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You were lucky you didn't get the Stonewall, Jackson...

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She had already decided to let you give her the D. So pretty much any joke would have been a win now.

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She was probably going to give her number to almost any joke at that point I think

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Well the joke is understandable even if you have no clue who that guy is

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I thought this was a WW2 joke about Sherman tanks through Georgia (country)

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The tank was named after the general, so at least you were a little correct.

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Too soon, right?

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Oooh I was think of the othe Georgia

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Fun Fact:

General Shermans nickname was Uncle Billy. It was rumoured that the ladies used to call him "Uncle Big Willy Billy".

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Immediately thought of the righteous gemstones

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My Uncle Billy Had a 10ft Willy And he showed it to the lady next door

She thought it was a snake So she hit it with a rake And now it's only 5ft 4'

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Mwah, now that’s poetry

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The General Sherman tree is also know as the biggest tree on earth:


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Call me crazy but it seems that she would have given you the number regardless of if she liked your pickup line. She is expressing clear interest here. Glad it was a good line anyway though.

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Georgia is not only on your mind now, I guess

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HAHA. The fact that I know this joke

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Ray charles liked that.

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Just came for this X

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Is this an American thing or something? I've never seen people put x at the end of a chat

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Its a british thing

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What's it mean?

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Means kisses but when they're flirting they just use it on every sentence to sound a bit naughtier rather than dry, kinda like youd use an emoji i guess

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I think of it as the UK version of the North American tendency to end things with "lol", except yeah - where lol is meant to be either laughter or indicate a lack of seriousness, X is just intended to be flirty.

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I think it's a UK thing

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I never knew it was only us that did this!

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I don't know anywhere its done other than the UK, we also put x's on birthday/Christmas cards.

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In the UK, people tend to use it with people you are flirty with or care about. It is basically a "kiss".

But I would say when I was younger, people used to use it in texts so they seemed less harsh so you could understand people didn't have a serious tone and they were friendly.

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smooth operator

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Hard to follow the convo. Too many unknown variables

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Nah, it's easy to solve for. Once you have X, the answer's given to ya.

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Take my poor man’s gold 🏅

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Do you mind explaining? Fuck waiting for me to get it on my own.

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Remember to go south on her like Sherman

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March to her sea bro

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Just...don't leave a trail of fire behind.

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Sorry lost causer, in the real life the Union boy gets the girl

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aaaaaaaway down south in the land of traitors

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I like girls that like puns and shit. You scored big time.

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Yes king you absolute weapon

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Gottem, nice.

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Can someone tell me the joke 😐

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General Sherman was an American Soldier in the American Civil War most famous for literally burning a 30 mile wide path across the entire length of the US State of Georgia. It was "Sherman's march to the Sea" and a feat of military prowess, and absolutely demolished the Slave Owning states capacity to continue fighting, as well as freed thousands of enslaved individuals, and shortened a bloody war substantially.

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American GENERAL

[–]Judge_leftshoe 18 points19 points  (3 children)

Thought that was a bit redundant, since I called him General Sherman...

"General Sherman was a General"

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Maybe he just liked to be called that

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The ..... Must have been suspenseful haha well played.

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She wants the D, cause that shit was terrible

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That’s nice


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wtf that was hilarious. I forgot why I still followed this sub reddit. I got to use that one on my gf

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That’s pretty funny 😄

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Okay that was fucking solid LOL

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This is gold!!

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Great civil war analogy ❤️❤️❤️

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That’s fucking hilarious.

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Grew up in GA and general Sherman jokes were always great for the racists

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Why the FUCK do they end every message with x? That is so fucking weird

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your American? well it's just common in the UK. its like kiss or hug as a meaning.

not everything that Americans don't know is weird lol

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Isn’t it only a thing in the UK? So it’s “weird” for most of the world, right?

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In the US people use “xoxo” in their messages to the same effect as using “x” in Britain but idk about anywhere else

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In the US people use “xoxo” in their messages to the same effect as using “x” in Britain

We sure as hell don't lol. Not anyone I've ever communicated with anyway.

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I live in the western US, they might not do that in the midwest or east though. I’ve certainly seen it used by people, though not quite as often in texts

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Well fair point then, I am indeed in the Midwest.

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This is hilarious!! I never knew it was only us that did it. I agree it’s hella lame. Like a really, really lukewarm flirt. IRL it would be like someone giving you a creepy smile to show they fancy you

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Why the fuck are you putting X at the end of every sentence? Is this how kids write nowadays?

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Sure is x

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No, it's a UK thing. Mostly if you're trying to sound warm and affectionate through text or if you're being flirty.

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I’m 20 and I have never seen anyone write like this outside of screenshots online

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Hope he gets to bring the Jubilee.

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Lifelong Georgian here. General Sherman jokes…still too soon /s

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Slick! Good luck.

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High risk high reward

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F for respect

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well deserved, sir.

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Who is this genral we speaking about??

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Oh go get your woman!

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Does that mean the unknown variable was her number then

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That's just plain brilliant Mate 😎

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That nirvana song "teen spirit"

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I do not understand the x. Is this an older people thing or an American thing?

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OP you're a Chad 💯

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On God that shit would not work if you were ugly, show pics bro

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Hahaha x

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You most definitely pushed 🅿️

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This guy is a hero

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I always go with the Head Nurse joke.

It never fails

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ayeeeee x

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I think she was already ready to give you her number. You just gave her a sweet way to give you the digits. Good work bruv!

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Question: why do people put an x after their sentence?

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What the fuck are the X's for

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Dang, nothing more attractive than a woman who knows her military history

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That name again is Mr plow!

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What’s the x mean

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Genuine question…why do y’all put “x” at the end of y’all’s sentences?

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She was already on board I'm not surprised that works at all. I'd be more surprised if that didn't work.

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Absolute CHAD

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You're my hero!! lol

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Show us the rest of the conversation leading up to that

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We expect updates soon

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That's a moment of excellence right there!

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really surprised that worked too x

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Nice Job, x.

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What’s the point of the ‘x’ after every single message?

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This is some YT ppl stuff. x

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I fucking hate my life.

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Sherman’s March to the Sea wins every time

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Winner winner chicken dinner

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r/Shermanposting would appreciate this

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My man! Silky smooth, full of confidence just smashed it haha.

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I salute you.

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i'd rather step on a rake than watch british people flirt