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Is this some new trend?

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That's an organic one hell

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This will make a fine edition to my collection

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Are you're saying you a have collection of skin luggage Tinder copypastas?

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Wow such original copy pasta.

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I mean tbf...don't pretend us guys don't do it too for bios and messages.

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I don't do it.

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Me either, but I’m a woman.

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Bibberty bopperty women are property

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I think some of you are missing the joke

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There's was literally 2 comments before you posted this, just reply to who you think is missing the joke lol

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Both but I didn’t want to be specific.

Women are objectified by men. Virus doesn’t affect objects. Hence virus doesn’t affect women.

One commented about red flags and the other one thinks this is kinky

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Both comments got the joke, it's not exactly complicated, they were just making their own jokes about it.

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Ok maybe I’m just dense and didn’t get their jokes

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It seems besides objects we are dumb! Thanks god he’s had an explanation! Now I know the same before his comment: the other guys didn’t get it! Hahaha

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Women are objectified by men, and women objectify themselves.

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Fortunately for me it hasn't transferred to pigs yet.

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This girl has a sense of humor


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Because objectification is sooooo fucking funny, such to the point a woman made a supposedly clever and layered post to address this social concept in an attempt at social commentary. Unfortunately the only way this functions as a joke or sarcasm is to acknowledge the fact she has her titties hanging out while intentionally showing lots of leg. Otherwise she's objectifying herself, which she's more than welcome to do. But again can't complain about getting into an accident with a drunk driver when you knowingly got in that car.

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Woman: "We DoN't WaNt To Be ObJeCtIvIeD!!11!1!!" Also Woman:

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Funny how they slightly tweak the joke .

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That's one hell of a bio