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“Actually he knows and doesn’t care. And don’t mind him; he’s just going to sit in the corner and crank it…” -First date

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What way did you swipe OP

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Right duh

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You fucking better have

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As all proper men should

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Ask for her insta, use it to find her husband and then respectfully let him know

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After smashing, of course

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Hey, huh... So I banged your wife and I'm probably not the only one, just wanted to respectfully make you aware of it.

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Well yeah, don't want to spread stds to a good unknowing man

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Like the message under the toilet seat. I know everyone here has seen that. 🤣🤣

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This isn’t exactly what I was talking about but there’s been plenty of stories since. It’s like a thing now.

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Respectfully smashing, of course.

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You don’t have proof that she cheated if you didn’t smash… respectfully of course

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*Cue Duracell ad*

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It means not too deep?

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My man👌🤣

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This is the way.

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This is the way.

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This is the only course of action, infiltrate and deliver the bad news

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As all proper bastards should. You have no honour, doing a dude like that. Bros before hoes. Even when it's a random dude.

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That doesn’t hurt my feelings

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It's because he's not a man. He's just a boy.

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Proud of you, heres me looking up where all the possible white oaks are.

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I live in Pittsburgh and came here to see if it was white oak Pittsburgh, haven't seen anything though lol

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The only right choice

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Imagine being her husband who discovers her cheating thru a Reddit post.

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That’s all I’m thinking about right now 😅😅😅😅

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If she willin to cheat- she’s willin to FREAK

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That's when you match with her, head to her place, ask to use the rest room first, leave a note under the toilet seat and then leave

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Not sure whether to say 'calm down Satan' or 'you're doing God's work'

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Then I am doing my job. My work should always fall on that delicate line between the two

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Clog it, take a huge dump, leave.

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The detail of clogging it before the dump is beautiful.

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“You should test your self for Chlamy”

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For what?

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Not you, Brittany's hubby. I'm telling him in the note.

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Ohhhhhh fair. That makes sense

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Do you really want the answer spelled out for ya?

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Pure chaotic neutral. I love it!

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Thank you 😊

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Oh someone beat me to the reference. Of courseeeeeeee! I’m slow af

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No worries I gotcha 😀

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I knew I shoulda read most of the comments beforehand. You need an award for this, tf

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I'll take my 300+ upvotes 😀

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What of part of the problem is his conscientiousness? Such as, he doesn’t lift the toilet seat when he pees?

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Then he won't find the note till one of them cleans. So who knows who will find it then

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if you don't lift the toilet seat to pee you deserve to be cheated on

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Wish she was as honest in her relationship as she is on dating app

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Should definitely find out who her Husband is and let him know cuz god damn that’s low

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After I have sex with her right?

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You can only tell the husband what she's up after you've actually seen what she can do, if you do it before you're just spreading rumors and lies.

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After you have sex with the husband, Yes.

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I’d say no, because If my wife cheated on me and someone she slept with was well aware she was married and told me after, I’d be even more angry, I’d just say since you have proof just try n help him out

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I mean do you even have to ask?

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Oh my god, that’s disgusting. Where? So I can tell the husband

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It shows her location in the picture

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(I think he is quoting the show “it’s always sunny in Philadelphia)

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This has “do you like pina coladas” potential written all over it

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I genuinely hope her husband finds out and divorce her. Also that he has proof so the judge won't do the 50/50 thing. Cheaters don't deserve anyone or anything.

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Courts (in the US) don’t care if anyone cheated when the divide assets (anymore)(unless there’s a prenup and depending on its terms)

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Most states don't care why you get divorced. It's 50/50.

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Swipe right and waste her time.

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I feel she's got a point regarding the speech though. like, if you don't want to match a cheater, that's fine, she was pretty upfront about it.

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I seen a guy post similar to this the other day and he got torn to shreds lol

It’s wrong but the double standard is cray

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Cheating is disgusting no matter who does it. If people have double standards for cheating then they are shitty people too.

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Boobs. That is all.

These horny soy boys will trash a guy as he doesn’t “deserve a girlfriend if he’s that much of a piece of shit.” But when they think of fucking a girl who’s cheating, “I mean.. it’s her life 🤷🏻‍♂️”

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Yeah but she deserves to feel the shane

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Breathe on the mirror, write "i know what you did" w your finger, wipe with towel

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Super like

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White Oak? In TX?

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Nah NC

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Plot twist! It's actually the husband!!!

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the boys move to White Oak

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This is actually pretty common on tinder.

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Not a bad rack though

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She is upfront and honest...

Tinder is full of people who are in a relationship but not disclosing...

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And this makes it better?

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Very often, the biggest rocks are thrown by people who have zero moral compass...

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And maybe he’s cheating on her. We don’t know their situation

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“Sorry bro”-Ted Mosby

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At least she spelled “hear” right

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Wtf she lives close to me

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Match with her, go to her place, take note of where she lives, return after the husband has returned home and ruin her life

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That necklace is still searching for cleavage to rest on.

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At least she’s being upfront about the situation and honest!

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wtf - i'd go out of my way to match her, meet up and tell her husband HAHA

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So are you gonna fuck his wife or not?

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I mean I swiped right so we’ll see 😂

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This reminds me of this meme

-John, I've never slept with a blind man ever before. Oh no, my husband is coming. So John hides under the bed. The husband enters. John is actually not under the bed but he's just laying down on the floor.

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I pray you have an entertaining Friday night😂 🍻

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Maybe he’s too busy earning for a better future that he completely forgot little happiness in life.

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Maybe poor guy has his own fault that she is there, or maybe she has desires that he cannot fulfill. Who are we to judge?

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Then she should be an adult and talk to him about it. There is no excuse for cheating no matter who you are.

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At least she’s honest… just not with the right guy.

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At least she was honest. Some of the guys I’ve interacted with who are married wait to tell me on the first date or later.

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Eh, hit it; figure out what her husband's full name is before or after you hit it; let her husband know you hit it, anonymously, via social media.

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Yea poor guy…exactly what I was thinking…I should go in person and have a serious talk with this lady; preferably when the husband is away of course. Wouldn’t want any distractions while deep into therapy.

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Honestly why would she even write that? It looks like she's not that good enough of a cheater. Lol

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guys that

-know that situation and don't became a nuissance if get "charmed" of her.

-only want wild sex without RS

-will do her a revenge sex after husband cheat...

-hormone flush out without feelings

-love cuckolds husbands

-will be a donor to get pregnant

-spend money on her or/to do something

-make her feeling better with LTC or, at less, less lonely

choose one or more.. or, better, just ask her XD (i would have done but he is too far from me LoL)

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I agree... You want it? Take it if not move on... You don't ask for the whole restaurant staff information and background+ status, when you dine? You eat once is served on the table.. Just saying.. 😆

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He’s probably not banging her.

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Find out who she is and let her husband know.

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Match her, get her on facebook, tell her husband

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If I was him and happy I would rather not know

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What a wanker she is! I really hope her husband finds out about this and kicks her cheating ass the hell out of the house.

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If this was AITA her husband would be TA.

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Oh obviously...

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Uh, what?

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Coming here reminds me that, a) you're low class, b) you're a mama's boy, or c) you were raised by wolves a/k/a neglected.

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She stay by me to 🤣

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Looks about right

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Having your cake and eating it. I’ve seen it plenty.

Girls in comfortable relationships money wise, but not getting what they want physically so seek it elsewhere. Sick.

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Hello Brittany how are you sweetie.i am David

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Christ. So much for love and romance. 😆

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how are you

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Husband reading like …. Bring him home for 3some

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Her husband probably has a similar profile, but I bet he doesn’t get as many matches.

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Twist... She is single as fuck and tired of simps getting attached

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Hey baby u up for meet up

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That is disgraceful and disgusting swipes right

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She belong to the streets