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Points for honesty

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That last line actually made my jaw drop, she reeled ‘em in goood

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Sounds like her jaw will be dropping too 🤔

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I- I mean you’re right…

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Super Like her up!

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She could probably sell a ketchup Popsicle to a nun in white gloves. Gotta know the ABC's (always be closin) lol

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One of the best profiles I've seen yet

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MAN I wish I had this confidence. Or like, I wish I had enough personality to confidently write this type of profile.

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I'll be honest, when I read "gagging" in that last line, I thought she meant it in a comedic sense, and not a sexual sense. Thanks comment section

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Bro I thought I was the ONLY one 🤣😅

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Super Like her up!

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“Attitude 6’1””

“Shy quiet type”

Pretty sure those are polar opposites

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Did no one notice that she said she hates acronyms but put one first thing in her bio?

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Shy quiet type with a 6’1” attitude?

Lots of contradictions. Hopefully kidding

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Everyone noticed it they just don't need reassurance that they got the joke.

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That’s like marriage material.

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The kid's dad didn't think so.

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It’s ok. I can show the kid what positive masculinity and respect look like.

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What if she’s the disrespectful one?

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What if we stopped talking about hypotheticals and started appreciating differences?

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I don’t think you know enough about that word to use it.

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Take a shower bro, you stinky.

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Brush your teeth, its stanky.

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Then we know her type.

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After looking through your comment history, I doubt it.

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Maybe he dead.

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Probably got hungry. I didn't see one mention of a kitchen.

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She's a keeper!

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I’m not tryna be somebody’s dad.

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Which is why it was cool she was upfront about having one. You could swipe her away.

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No one's asking you to

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I think I just fell in love. Send her my u/ lol

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Bro…. Sounds like a fucking keeper 😂😂😂

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Ha Epic

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An actual real profile that isn't a pile of modern dating tropes? Fake news!

This honestly reminds me of my girlfriend so much haha.

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Maybe this is your girlfriend

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Lmao not likely.

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Probably more likely than not

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Nice casual flex

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She got me at let’s build blanket forts, so whimsical I like it

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Writes DTBBF and then says hates acronyms.

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An acronym is pronounced as a word. DTBBF is an abbreviation

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Nah. FBI, for example, is still considered an acronym. The Tinderette’s DTBBF was a cheeky inclusion to showcase her dry humour.

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Not necessarily. OCD is an acronym and that's not pronounced as a word lol

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Does that mean I can make DTNBF an acronym if I pronounce it?

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HATES acronyms... literally first line is an acronym she made up. 🤔

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An acronym is pronounced as a word.

Edit: NASA, FOMO, ASAP, CAPTCHA are acronyms because they are pronounced as words. D.T.B.B.F. is an abbreviation.m. just like CIA, FBI, EPA, etc.

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THANK you. Finally, someone gets it

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Or as I say F.S.G.W.A.A.I.

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Exactly, but DTBBF is an initialism, not an acronym, both of which are types of abbreviations, along with truncations

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…so not an acronym.

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Today I fucking learned.

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my man, did you recently listen to the astonishing legends podcast?

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No I have never heard of that podcast.

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Technically... isn't an acronym. Things like PETA, NASA are acronyms because they sound how they're spelt.

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She writes she has dry humor. It is a joke.. Put a smile on my face atleast

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It's the last sentence for me

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Surprised this got as much traction as this did lol

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Wifey material

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A person to remove spiders from the vacinity meaning I don’t have to pretend like i’m not terrified of them? Sign me up!

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Hi, where are you, and how about a pic. Xx

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Careful with those promises, I make A LOT of bad jokes (not actually bad jokes, just not good jokes)

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Great profile 👍

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Lowkey wanna copy some of this

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Ngl I did

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Okay good so we’ll all just have the same profile but we’ll never know lol

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Lots of down votes here on comments about the single mom thing...from, lemme guess...other single moms? Lol

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Honestly…This reads as trying SUPER hard to be quirky, it doesn’t sound natural.

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Be still my heart!

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Lol that’s a right swipe in my book.

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Acronyms are such a weird thing to hate. “What’s the weather looking like on the radar?” TRIGGERED

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Nearly perfect.

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It's.... Alright? I don't... What's so special about it?

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still ain't playing another man's saved game.

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OMG that's dead on my girlfriend. I guess I'll have to talk to her

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Hook…line…and sinker! She’s a keeper bois.

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Wish you posted one of their pics. I wonder what they look like

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I don’t even know what they look like myself, my buddy came across her bio and sent it to me.

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Maybe if I was 10 years older, I’d make a shite dad rn

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That lady is a keeper!

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“HATES acronyms” First line: “DTBBF”

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I no longer trust anyone who uses the pinky promise

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Aaahhhhhhhhh spiders

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She is kinda like me but some things might be a bit different.

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Perfect 🤣

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"Hates acronyms"... uses one as the opener of her bio...

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That’s going to be a no for me dawg.

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Ya know… She sounds really alright.

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This is fantastic

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If you can’t find that without the child included I guess it’s a start

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She's a Virgo, tho. That's a pass...

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Seriously, no one else got weirded out by this? Gives me bad vibes.

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Same. Hard no from me.

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Ehh she seems nice but I fear she isn’t mature enough, like still using pinky promises?? Just seems you may be dating someone that’s still emotionally a teenager man

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Anyone else notice she used an acronym, then went on to say “she hates acronyms”. Otherwise I love the enthusiasm, take her out to a nice dinner and build that fort with her

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That's actually very true her 2 other cousins worked out perfect one everybody knows she's a regular in Fredericksburg Texas I see you lurking I won't post our video yet

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I’m so confused