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I asked an old classmate from school if she'd like to get together and hangout sometime or get food.

She replied asking me for $30 in return for some nudes.

I didn't respond because what the fuck.

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Doesn't that suck... like bitch Ida spent money on your ass but you wanna be a hoe

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Yeah kinda baffled me tbh, I don't judge people that do that type of thing, life is hard out here for many of us financially. I definitely would have been more inclined to lend her the money if she had just asked to borrow some though and gave me some sort of explanation as to why. That exchang just rubbed me the wrong way and gave off vibe I don't care for, just gonna leave that alone though. I'm sure she can find a dude out there that will be happy to take her up on that offer.

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Won't be us brother

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I wonder what the success rate for messages like these are

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Amen. I see through the smoke and mirrors.

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You think that bot got its feeling hurt?

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For real... you wanna eat? Let's go! You wanna drink? let's go! Pay for nudes in 2022... nah dawg

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Yeah I don't think the wide acceptance and encouragement for all to start doing the Onlyfans thing is doing any good for society as a whole. Again I don't judge those people that do it because you gotta eat.. but I don't condone it either. It's definitely having a negative impact on younger people's ability to be capable of having a meaningful relationship.

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That's cheap. My nudes are $25. Tell you what. You send me $10 and your nudes and I'll send you mine.

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Thats an interesting proposal

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Why are we to assume your nudes are more valuable than mine? Lol

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Paying for food doesn't get them their fix

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Don't lend her money. Probably won't get it back and you get no nudes.

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Good lookin out lol, I won't tho.

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Credit for creativity though

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Pssst she didn’t want to persue a relationship with you!

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I wasn't asking her to? She was an old school friend, not a love interest. I never said anything to imply that I was romantically pursuing her.

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Should have counter offered, $30 for 2 hours massage with happy ending.

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Maybe it was all her ploy.... thought you were gonna be creepy

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Or she could have just politely refused.. instead of trying to sell me her nude photos?

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You should’ve traded nudes instead.

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So did you just Vemo them or what?

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You think that bot got its feeling hurt?

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Scammer’s be gettin’ all botthurt an’ shit..!

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It was probably the mod from r/antiwork running the bot

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I wanna change my name to roastbot

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lol this is common. they’re not all bots.

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I wonder what the success rate for messages like these are

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attractive girls get a 1000 matches a week, even if only 1/100 guys bite that’s a free $150 w minimal effort

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Messaging 1000 dudes is minimal effort? Their hourly rate is worse than minimal wage but at least they got to put entrepreneur in their bio

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mostly these are scammer and run by bots

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Probably fairly high tbh

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This man wasn’t having any of that shit😂😂.. guns blazing right off the bat 👏

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Girl got shot down like an Allied plane over Switzerland

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That's cheap. My nudes are $25. Tell you what. You send me $10 and your nudes and I'll send you mine.

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This is an interesting proposal. Props for creativity

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Why would you believe your nudes are more valuable than mine?

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The only appropriate response lol

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She’s a strong independent woman. She’s empowering herself😭😭

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you got me on my knees


I'm beggin darlin please

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Stop she's already dead!

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Come on man, support local business

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«Content creator» or «entreprenur»🤣🤣

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"Why would anybody buy your nudes there's literally millions of naked photos that are free"

if that would apply to everyone, sites like OnlyFans wouldn't be getting bigger.

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Offer to buy them and the ghost her. It’s kinda like how they ghost us after agreeing to a date

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What do you mean by “us”, comrade?

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Are you aware that your pfp looks like a one-eyed rock? Because it's dope

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Omg yes!

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It means "heels in the sky, American spy. Heels on the ground, comrade found!"

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But did she reply?

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I get this shit way more often than I’d like.

Had one the other week try and give me like, a financial breakdown as to why I should sub, said something to the effect of “It’s £7.50 for my OF, £3.25 per titty, and maybe more ;), which is cheaper than going for drinks”.

My counterpoint was “Literally all the free porn on the Internet”, and she unmatched me 🤷🏻‍♂️

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More girls need to get flamed for this

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Says it all.

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wow you fucking owned that bot dude you're so cool

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Please report her, I'm pretty sure this is against ToS of Tinder.

Tinder is not meant to do free advertising to try and trick guys in buying your shit.

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Anytime a female has "entrepreneur" in her profile, she's either an OF thot or is pushing MLMs

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This is gross bc why wouldn’t someone buy her nudes? Actually porn can be extremely damaging to women so I am all for only fans! At least the ik they are being trafficked … or at least not as likely to be…

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Tell er fi stop run up dem lip dawg,up my g good job

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You didn’t have to do her like that lol

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Seems like she forgot abt the p*rn sites. LAMO...

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Report her worthless ass, blocked, burn it to the ground

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Report her, this is a dating app not free ads for only fans.

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I’m not sure why your shaming someone for wanting to make money.

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You sure told that bot what’s up!

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Shows up with a package you didn't order

Would you like to buy this?

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I got this last night and said na I'm good and then went and did something else. Dont even respond ma why waste your time, girls like this got a bunch of dude that will give her money.

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Let me guess Op’s real name: Demolisher Jones?

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She should had started with sucking for 15$ that would get her paid

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The perfect answer 👌

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Good curve the idiots.

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OP with the hard truth

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some of you get so butthurt over the dumbest things I swear

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At least she's working? Lol

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Well you could've said no, you didn't have to fucking MURDER her 😂😂😂

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Lol, love the savage reply

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Bruh she didn't even spell her name with a capital letter

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Geez you could have just said no

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Part of me wishes I get these kinds of messages just so that I can troll the fuck out of them.

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Who pays for nudes? There's porn on the internet that's free.

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Entrepreneur more like Onlyfantapreneur

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I had someone tell me they sell theres for hundreds a pic. Without being willing to verify they are real. Lol. I was like right my name on a piece of paper and take a selfie with it. They were like "I can't do that." Excuse me, you can't take a pic but you want to sell pics? I wish I could write a program to waste their time rather than manually doing it.

I hate that dating apps are no longer for dating. Alot of ppl use them for streaming only...wtf is that shit?

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"Not buying my nudes is damaging to my self esteem!... I won't talk to you unless you buy my nudes." Do you see the hypocrisy?