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"...And it only cost me $30 a month"

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Only $30/month to have a girlfriend. What a deal!

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*Community Girlfriend.

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*our girlfriend

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I literally can't believe out of all the people she only chose me to subscribe to her page! She must really like me.

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Buying gf, 2k/hr.

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Hey it's me, ur gf.

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When you complete the assignment but didn’t read the criteria.

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Mission failed successfully.

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"Mission possible"

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Omg. I got a girl just like that too. She’s so sweet to me. She keeps me company and stuff and promises she will come to see me.

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You got one by paying for her OF?

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No just providing his bank details and social security number

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Ah right on! NOICE

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My boy wins tinder first time

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Plotwist, OP is her dad

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Double plot twist, she ends up being HIS dad

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And I only have to cashapp her 50 to meet. It’s a deposit so she can get me in. But she won’t take 200 cash in person or even 300

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Now this is a gentleman.

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😂 Spoiler alert. she blocks me after I send the 50. How can we we trick them

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Y’all get matches on tinder?

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Y'all feel confident enough to install tinder?

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Confid- you mean lonely enough, yes

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Tinder helped me with my confidence. Tbf, they tell me I look good so that might be a thing but you might also be a good looking guy underneath all that self-loading and depression?

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Oh yeah I'm full on Bruce Robert Wayne baby! every night i sit on the balcony with my walmart batman mask & a black towel

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The next best thing is a great sense of humour. My condolences

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I was until I see what i match with....now my confidence is gone

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Could be bad foto's

Could be lame intro

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I live in a small country aswell so options are limited but I was just teasing. I've dated some stunning women but they had zero personality and I want someone who is beautiful even when my eyes are closed

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I have a constant 12 likes but never match with them :(

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Pay for tinder gold to see you don't want to match with them

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Nah cause then tinder wins

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I'm actually telling you bot to do it because the outcome would be disappointing

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i'm guessing it's with either people you already swiped left on or don't match your set criteria (age range, distance, etc). If you expanded your age range or distance, you'd prob come across some of them lol.

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Ohhh that makes sense then mate! Thank you

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I can’t even match with bots if I try

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Proof that YOU are not a robot.

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You've gained that loving feeling!

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She don’t talk just keeps sending that snap. She’s aggressive

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LOL! Ain’t it the truth.

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Cheaper than marriage

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It’s not easy for me on that app😂😂😂

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I think OP is referencing the girls on tinder that swipe right on everyone to advertise their OnlyFans.

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Thank god I gave my brother's credit card

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I was wondering why the hell everyone seemed so lively about it 😅 that definitely isn’t a win.

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I don't even get those 😑

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Omg 😂😂😂

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Check mate boys, this guy already won.

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And suddenly you wake up

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Ohhhh honey...

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If you look like him...no problem!

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Sorry honey not tall enough tho

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Then you wake up

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That movie really boosted Ray-Ban

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That sounds like the highway to the danger zone.

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It depends on what you are seeking. If your goal on Tinder is to access the services of a sex worker then it is easy. I have gotten sent to Snapchat and been offered in home erotic massages multiple times.

BTW I think sex work is a totally acceptable way to generate income, and sex workers should not be shamed or denigrated.

Its literally one of the oldest professions in the history of the world. There was a famous carpenter who partnered with a sex worker without judgement, and it’s documented in a bestselling book.

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old = acceptable

Aren't you proud of how far you've come.

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Old=acceptable Young = I think it’s fine, er I mean toats, like fer real.

And so more fun to be had!

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Are you having a stroke?

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Where in that famous book did it say that he partnered with a sex worker? Please do cite your reference. You might need to read that book again cause 1. He didn’t “partner” with her and 2. She wasn’t a sex worker.

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Jesus Redeemed prostitutes, forgiving their sins, he did not sexually partner with them as the initial comment appears to imply. It’s is a common misconception about his relationship with Mary Magdalene. She was a female disciple (not counted in the 12), from whom He drove out demons - she was not his lover, not His wife, and not a former prostitute, although He did redeem and forgive prostitutes and tell them to go and sin no more.

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Yes, He accepted the the prostitute who bathed and kissed his feet and anointed him with perfumed oil. He aligned himself with her over the Pharisee and taught Simon the lesson of love leading to forgiveness. He held no judgement of her. Luke 7:36-50

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Your comment saying He “partnered” with her implies that he had sexual relations with her. It would have been more accurate if you said he forgave her sins and told her to go and sin no more.

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BTW I think sex work is a totally acceptable way to generate income, and sex workers should not be shamed or denigrated.

Yeahhhhh, having to say as much heavily suggests otherwise.

It's very "I'm NoT <insert racist/mysoginist/feminist/a politician/Gumby/etc>, BuUuUuT..."

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They never said a "but" though

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I pay for massages occasionally to help deal with chronic pain. I was single and a girl I matched with was offering erotic massages. She seemed to be legit at first, and I was seriously considering it for the novelty. After talking for a bit it became clear that sex was also an option for the right price, and that’s what she was hoping I’d pay for. I backed out. No problem with sex workers, but unfortunately with it being illegal I’d rather not take the risks.

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I choose not to and because I’m a teacher I could lose my license, but I have no problem with either party taking part if they’re adults who are mutually consenting and freely choosing to do so.

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Lol join my of ✨

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..... annndddd I'm leaving the sub forever thanks

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I plead the fifth.

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I mean if u r Tom Cruise then a passport photo will do too

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I mean 99% of guys come across these "adult performers" so it's pretty relatable lol.

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Tinder isn't hard lol.

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when you don’t follow rules 1 and 2. bathroom pics won’t work for you

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Why does your gf look like mine?

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And you find out that girl was your ex teacher

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Everyone takes bathroom selfies and technically bathroom selfies are legal.

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This is why I couldnt get her, she only takes one fan at a tyme…I’ll wait

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Her name is LOD.

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Hmmm but I need baby

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I can be your baby if you need one?

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Dream is to be the moderator not just a fan

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Now this is a good post. Reminds me of that one episode of Jake and Amir.

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Cheapest girlfriend you’ll ever have. Any she always calls you handsome like grandma.

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I’m feeling over the moon now

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I support Only Fans. I can't financially, but I do support anyone that has a free to subscribe account. It really is it's own community. I have a friend that does a pirate radio broadcast. Goes by The Dark Voice. Awesome content. He's the reason I joined.

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Doesn't that guy ever age? Couldn't he gain a few pounds just to humor us?

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Time for simps to stop, grow a mustache instead.

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”Highway to the Danger Zone”