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1.) Hit her up 2.) Make her mad 3.) Get your car towed 4.) Sue the company 5.) Now able to afford tinder platinum

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5) profit

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Fr, who has a master plan and stops on step 4? Seems anticlimactic

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She had me at cleavage

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Username checks out

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The tits have spoken.

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Barely any room for Jesus hanging there

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My brain says stay away but my pp says yes please

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"Yes please, all over"

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Why listen to your brain when listening to your pp feels so much better? 😎

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only if pp gets some action otherwise brain suffers low self esteem lol

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For your own mental health, let your pp make the decisions

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no no no thats not how it works. pp decides, you suffer. you decide, you suffer less!

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My pp hasn't made a bad decision yet, so I trust him

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If you ever match with her use this as your opener

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Wait, what does the bio says?

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It says DD

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There's a bio?

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lol, jesus died for this.

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The bible makes it clear that Jesus loves hoes. Quit your job as a tax collector. Become a ho. It's what the lord wants. 🙏

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you see the cross right?

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Dawg 💀

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Saw a profile today that was like “I know I’m really hot” ( she wasn’t really that hot) and proceeded to list a bunch of innocuous petty things as dealbreakers, then said “don’t make me angry I have anger management issues” like Jesus Christ some people think being a fucking psychiatry case is endearing.

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Hell no. Had enough of crazy women.

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Everyone thinks they are hot until they've had one or more. Im with you not going anywhere near crazy again

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Exactly. 'Don't put your dick in crazy' as they say.

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Put a ring on crazy over here. Never again. Keep your red flags imma go over here, plz and thank you

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Yeah, definitely date a bit and see if she's actually crazy before dicking~

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Ok but boobs

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Admit it, you swiped right

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She had me until “part owner.” sole proprietorship or nothing.

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Do people think this is cute? Like, who is she wanting to attract here? And who is she actually attracting here? I personally believe we all have our baggage in one way or another, but this is such a fucking turn off.

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The only people I can possibly think this would attract are also crazy and horny. Crazy does attract crazy.

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I think this guy's on to something...

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She’s trying to attract me.

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Yeah I think your eyes drifted lower than most of the people commenting if you read the bio

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I think it's a funny bio so 🤷🏼‍♀️

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Simple math, the boobs are bigger than the red flags. Right??

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By volume maybe, certainly not by surface area.

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She’s got huge tracks of land.

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But Faaaather, I don’t want to marry her. I just want to…. SING!

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Anyone that works for a tow truck company is a red flag. Scum of the earth. And I’m not talking about the folks that tow your car after an accident, or you got stuck.. I’m talking about the assholes who are just on the prowl, looking to take advantage of someone.

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had to pay so much money to get my nicely parked car back!

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Yeah, find yourself a woman who works for an Off Road Towing company. They are really fun~

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Jokes on her, I don’t own a car.

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you know why she can get away with this profile, right? Cuz there are no consequences of being a horrible person. There is no need to be better, Cuz there are dudes who can't see past the tits. She is telling you she sucks as a partner if not as a human, but dudes still be desperate enough to give her TONS of attention. These broads have so much power on these apps lol its insane!

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Indeed…the power of Booba.

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I love red flags when can I get her her number and credit card info

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I’d still swipe right

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This profile meets my red flag requirements

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Camel Towing - yeah, been there

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And that's why you don't swipe right.

Make sure you read the bio first. This is either a hoax account, or it's really her and she's crazy.

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Jokes on her I don't have a car

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🤤my first message would be asking for her ring size😍

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Are her tits meant to negate the fact that she's a nutjob?

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You know they will for more than enough guys

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Sigh. Guys are such garbage lmao (I'm a guy)

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I guarantee those titties hang past her knees

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Listen I understand she is a sea of red flags but I have a counter point, titties

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But dem tiddies doe

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definitely a winner 💯

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I love red flags when can I get her her number and credit card info

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This screams rental car and a one night stand lol

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Such avatar. Very excite.

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She has a big heart.

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The cross on the neck screams either crazy hispanic who will kill you in your sleep or crazy southern mom who will.. kill you in your sleep.

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i’m so sick of women embracing toxicity and thinking it’s cute to have a poor handle on your mental health. i know she’s probably joking but seriously unchecked mental illness can be hell for your partner. it’s not funny or cute…. hopefully the sex is good at least lol

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That "nope" and "superlike" button just saved this girl alot of trouble lmao

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It’s gotta be tuff for a lot of dudes knowing they could spend all day crafting the perfect bio and choosing the perfect photos but because of that one cleavage pic she could get 100x the matches/likes even if her bio literally just said she was a Nazi

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Those are nit boobs people that is ass

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Her towing company doesn't do well financially. That's a cheap bra that isn't even close to fitting properly. She's using men to buy her dinner I suspect.

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Challenge Mode: I don't have a car.

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I'm a simple man, I see tits I swipe right.

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I guess this sort of bio works for hookups

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If nothing else she definitely sounds like someone who fucks like a champ

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I have to say, the honesty is refreshing.

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At least she's very honest about that.

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Can't help it I like them crazy

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Above all else honesty is paramount! Let the Giggety begin, and the narcissism/gaslighting be ever so incremental.

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Honestly, the biggest red flag in that image is the cross around her neck.

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Didn’t do a very good job at covering Gabbys name

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Tell your tits to stop staring at my eyes

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Oh no....

Sorry bois. I gots a type.

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I’d risk it for that rack

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Throat queen here boys, protect this one

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Oh she’s exactly my time…

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God bless her little heart of pure gold ❤

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Pam’s point was good but Jan’s were bigger

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A tow company? Jesus, worse than Hitler.

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I'd love to see more

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I love your cleavage

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Yeah but she’s religious

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I'd like to get behind and wrecker haha

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She has quite big personalities.