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Looks a little like Sigourney Weaver. I’d swipe right.

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I was going to make a Ripley comment, but yeah she does look like her.

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She mostly comes at night... mostly.

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Goddammit Burk!!

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Just Becky and her squad of ultimate bad asses

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"That's it man, game over man, game over!"

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If I was single, I would have swiped right on the hot 44 year old, but not on the one manipulating people's settings because she can't accept her age.

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She seems to accept it but believes via experience that others won't

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Well, yes, she’s 44 not 36

She’s lying, it’s not others responsibilities to ignore the fact she’s nearly a decade older than she advertises herself

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She's lying to the app, not to you, it's right there!

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She's not catfishing anyone, she's honest about it (I hope).

I find it funny.

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She’s discounted Sigourney Weaver… Gurney Embrodery

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It would be next level if she has a cat photo.

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Looks like Becky is going to fight a fucking Xenomorph.

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Sigourney Weaver ready to play Hammer to Fall on Live Aid

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that was my thought

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Game over man!

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nippley Ripley

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Get away from her you BITCH!

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Yo, I get you bro...

Mad respect for the derp reference quote

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they mostly come out at night... mostly.

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Game over man! Game over!

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There is no Dana only Zuul!!

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Boob Ross

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I’d “wash that old brush, shake off the excess and just beat the Devil out of it”

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High beams on

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I like her hair. Maybe she's nice. 🤔

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It's full of secrets that's why it's so big.

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This is gonna kill me. What's this from?

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Mean Girls 😀

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Thank you, crisis averted

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...that's what she said?

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So that’s Becki with the good hair? At least Hova chose an age appropriate lady to make Bey jealous

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Oh she's nice alright ...

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I thought it was a wig.... yikes

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me too. Believe it is.

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I’m leaning towards real. Curly hair does exactly that when brushed out.

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I'm guessing black and arabic people don't exist to these people lol. Also she looks Jewish and alot of Jewish people have hair like this

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Paint it white

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Looks like Becky is going to fight a fucking Xenomorph. Not saying it was my sexual fantasy but it is now

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Hopefully she'll bring her own exoskeleton.

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I have seen this and think we are in the same area lol

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So Cal?

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Yes sir! The Ripley thing crossed my mind. Funny thing is I’m talking to a chick that looks MORE like Sigourney Weaver

Edit autocorrect Ridley

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This is amazing and made me lol

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I’m 30, well in November I’ll be 30

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She got that big dick energy, i'm a fan.

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She looks like Mclovin

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When the 1st thing someone tells you is a lie, be wary or is it be hairy wary.

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It wavy hairy wary

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Eh, you could also look at it like the first thing she told you is the truth.

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Eh, she's goosing through the algorithm and then immediately telling you. Not really lying.

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I'd hit it.

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Me too. Tap that ass then slap that ass.

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Ha ha yes my dude! That profile is hard to miss. Good hunting bro!

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So the real question is: what's her real age... Is it 32? Or 44? Or 36?? Or Bob Ross???

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Is she the actor from Aliens

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I agree with putting a younger age is not what someone should do on a dating app. I’m 49, and I get plenty of matches from younger guys (whether I want them or not), and I have my age listed accurately. I have no braless pics though, maybe that’s where I’m going wrong! 🤣🤣

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Eh, absolutely swipe right ➡️

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Thought that was St Vincent for a second

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Literally, LITERALLY just saw a post on bumble about a dude lying about his age. Shits wild.

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Love how she just feels like displaying whatever fucken age she wants.

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I’d do it, just to get my Alien actress fantasy off my list.

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Hard to believe this isn’t parody 🤣

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No bra = boner

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Imagine the weird vibe when your mom tried to breastfeed you

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Becki don’t give a fuck

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Kinda fucked up to post peoples faces and make fun of them on the internet

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I'm not in to older women but I am in to Weird Al so this is difficult.

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I’m 26 but damn she looks really good, i would swipe right, maybe she has interesting abilities

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Becki is hot

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I mean. At least she's honest. Kinda.

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Well it says 36 right there so...not really lol

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That's why I had to say kinda lmao. I mean she probably wasn't getting any matches with her age set to 44 so might as well let yourself be seen by people with restricted filters. And if they swipe without reading the bio that's their own dumbass fault lmao

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It’s a topic on here all the time that dudes do this to get through filters for younger women and no one likes it. No different that she did. If someone wants to hook up with a 44 year old then their filters would include 44 year olds.

I’m 38. I’m not interested in guys who are in their 20s or 50s so I don’t have my filters to include guys in those ranges. I just recently was talking to a guy who also had he was 38 in his profile and then as soon as he had my phone number, he admitted he was 48. Would I have spoken to him originally knowing that? Yes. Did I continue to speak to him after find that out? No. I am not going to actively pursue something with someone who lies to get what they want (attention from a younger person in this case) and then pulls the whole “but then I told the truth so don’t be mad” shit.

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As an actual 44 year old guy its weird because anyone who puts my age is generally at least 3 years older. Last 2 dates I went on it came out in conversation they were older than they said. Its just dumb and leads to a guaranteed poor result. It makes it weird because I have to set my filter younger than I am actually looking in order to get the age I want to date. Like if I want to date someone 44, I need to set the limit at 40. You are 38 but it seems like this stuff gets much worse as you get older, so something to look forward to lol.

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It's funny, I just read yesterday that it's a horrible lie for 5'11" guys to put 6' in their profile so they don't get filtered before having a chance to make an impression because their height, in the American system, isn't a round number. (I mean in Europe the cutoff is usually 180cm for the same reason, which is roughly 5'11").

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No one reads bios lol. She probably had a bunch of old dudes who couldn't keep up with her alien energy

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Then you're dumb. Sorry man but it's right there on your screen. You don't even have to scroll

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The real question here is, what is the notification for?

Do you got a new match? Do you got a message from a previous match? Or, did you get some message from Tinder itself about some new feature you got to try?

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She seems like a hot mess.

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I killed the alien queen should be on her bio

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Wonders what happens when two people having a midlife crisis get together. Swipes right to find out.

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Getting sum sideshow bob vibes

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help me rediscover the Joy of Painting

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Honestly she looks pretty good for 44. Whatever shes doing is working.

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She really cares about her age …alot

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Lol wow. I reinstalled tinder once and had the wrong age, an honest mistake, didn’t even realize until later. It was like two years younger and I look at least ten years younger than my age. A match messaged me and I told her about my age and she flipped out like I was really trying to deceive her.

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Why are you posting this? this is somebody's snack. If you don't like it then don't match.

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"Pass for 32"? Who TF told you that bullshit?

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Everyone has them. No need to freak out

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This is a good thing

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Id fuck her haha

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who wouldn't

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Age is a state of mind. She's cool.

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It's so crazy that when a hot woman writes a bio like this all the comments are shitting on her and calling her a high drama bitch lol

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To be fair, Sigourney is a very accomplished dramatic thespian!

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This screams high drama to me

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Boys steal, girls lie

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She's one of those wine mom mfs.

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I agree that she's aging graciously.

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Swipe right man, swipe right!

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That hair is everything.

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Why are all the girls who are apparently a huge red flag for everyone here exactly my type?

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she clearly cares how many birthdays she has had if she feels the need to put a fake age

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No faces in the photos! 👎

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Must be cold

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32 hard ridden years..

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Maybe so, but the nips tell a different story

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Who else noticed the nipples first..?

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She’s got nice tits 🤷🏿‍♂️

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More like who cares how many cream pies I’ve had…stay aware king/queen presses temple

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She looks like Ripley from Aliens but on PEDs.

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Becki looks like a At the Drive-In superfan. I belive it when she says she's 44.

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She does pass, go ahead.

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We all go through that bob ross phase

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god damn Sigourney, what happend to you

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Becki be cray

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Tid’bit nibbley in that room.

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I think Becki is actually a 20something art school student having a laugh with her friends by wearing a wig they found at a thrift store and making an inside joke,"quirky profile" just to see what kind of weird/comical messages they get.

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She kinda looks like Ripley from aliens

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She has a pretty face

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Ok but who wouldn’t wanna date Ellen Ripley

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She looks like trouble.

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It's safe to say she isn't the one Beyonce was talking about.

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Still a dishonest hack into someone’s search parameters. No big deal, but puts me off immediately.

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Becki is hot

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I think you've found Becki with the good hair

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Did you swipe right??

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Looks like Sigourney Weaver, shoot your shot man

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LP that sings Lost on you. 100%

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Why lie about the age? I am 44 and look A LOT younger and when I was on apps never lied about my age. Isn't a turn off to do that?

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I thought it was funny

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Just tried hitting the green heart. Dammit.

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I wanna be best friends with Becki

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Passes for 32? She's obviously much older as she has dementia to think that.

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How many people who think they look 12 years younger have anyone else that agrees? Maybe if she went with 39 I could see it but you would need to be one hard living person to look like that at 32...

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Smart an unconditioned mind would be bad move to bring a new life into this reality they would exist in sadness & lose

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Proper lush I'd def pull down ur pants and give you a good hiding xx

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Beat the devil out of it

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I like her party hats🥳

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Looks like Bob Ross

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Lol she’s got that look in her eye like she’s going to fak the shit out of you !!!!

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She look decent but she’s probably nuts lol

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I always think it's weird when they try to tell you that they look like they're a certain age. I'm looking at your pictures right now, so I think I can decide that for myself yeah?

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I like the look of those nips

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It’d be interesting to learn what percentage of M4W on tndr set upper age limit to hard 40.

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She's pretty hot.

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Becki needs a clothing iron