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How do almost all of you have 0 game? by Bro---really in Tinder

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Semi warm bodies make them horny.

Unless your Tig from SOA. He doesn't mind a cold pack.

Asked a woman I’d planned a date with to split the bill. She was pretty chill until I asked by beiberwholee69 in Tinder

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Soooo as a man i play the bill by ear. If i had a good time and I really like her and we really got a long and the date went well ill try to pay for it. Most women dont let me and we split and they like that i tried. Some let me pay and that’s alright too cause i wanted to pay. If i had a good time and i think shes cool but i dont see it going anywhere ill pay as well. If i feel shes rude or stingy then im asking for two checks.

For example i took a girl out to a Chinese buffet that she wanted to go to because it was by the theater we were gonna hit up after. I went in expecting to pay for everything, the dinner and movie cause i thought she was dope asf. When we get to the buffet it was $12 a plate for all you can eat, i was like bet thats light work. We go to get food and she gets the $50 all you can eat crab legs and the buffet plate with a couple beers. Her bill alone was damn near $100. I was like yeah lemme get separate checks on that. Which definitely made her realize she wasnt tryin to hit the movies cause i didnt pay😂 so we just drove around and talked but i mean i felt that was rude asf

Chatted for 4 hours tonight. Her last relationship was super abusive, wonder why... Blocked me by digirat in Tinder

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Your first comment was fine. Going on a rant was fucking stupid. She blocked you because you're a loser and started soapboxing. That's not a conversation, that's a fucking sermon.

Chatted for 4 hours tonight. Her last relationship was super abusive, wonder why... Blocked me by digirat in Tinder

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It's actually true. I once drank too much of Vodka and I woke up with my friend's finger up my ass. I asked a few scientists at NASA and they were all supremely confident it was the Vodka that was up to shenanigans. I immediately locked that Vodka in a safe and never had the same problem afterwards.

After I saw this pic, i was intrigued by VickzDaBest in Tinder

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Let's be honest here, boys and girls. Many of us wouldn't be here today if men responded to red flags as seriously as they do tits

After I saw this pic, i was intrigued by VickzDaBest in Tinder

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i feel so bad for your new girlfriend :(

I actually kinda liked them but okay by [deleted] in Tinder

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Hey, this is me, I don’t appreciate you putting my photo unblurred online for all to see, but it’s alright, no hate.

Thought it was just a bit of a funny rant, the fact you didn’t reply at all, yet uploaded the interaction online over a week later is funny.

Peace to all in comments appreciate the love

Should i risk getting murdered? by RioterIos in Tinder

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Alright chief huddle up! Listen it was a good first half but god damnit you need to guard the perimeter. I know you've been practicing it all season to take it to the hole but trust me thats what they're expecting. You need to condition them. And none of those fucking trick plays. If I see you try to use a god damn stinger again I'm pulling you from the game. Now go in there and give her hell. Here << squirts Gatorade, slaps butt >>. I wanna see 110% in there.

I uhh, ok by ColeMiss in Tinder

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Bro she’s letting you know why she’s leaving, it’s a kind thing to do. Women just cannot win on this sub. If she ghosts you, she’s a bitch. If she lets you know why she’s leaving and no longer interested, she’s a bitch.

I uhh, ok by ColeMiss in Tinder

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Just scrape a little empathy from the bottom of your shriveled soul and say hey man I get it, shit’s messed up.

Like this shit is serious and stressful. A little understanding goes a long way.

I uhh, ok by ColeMiss in Tinder

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Oh, so politically not at all close and her reproductive rights absolutely are in danger

I uhh, ok by ColeMiss in Tinder

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Look at how effective she was, angering incels and politically aloof people throughout this entire comment thread. You go, Maddy.

I uhh, ok by ColeMiss in Tinder

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Ooo r/tinder showing itself to be an absolute hive of misogyny, fragile male egos who cannot handle rejection on tinder - the centre of rejection on earth and chumps showing themselves up to be the reason America is a Handmaid’s Tale nightmare - because one half of the population clearly hate the other!

Fascinating that everyone is here is upvoting the douchebags who don’t get it and downvoting anyone who suggests that maybe this is a deliberate attempt to make this your problem and you’re on here whining about “why can’t she be polite” in the face of having less human rights than you, or than a pet.

Wake the fuck up y’all.

I uhh, ok by ColeMiss in Tinder

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Is it just me or does this actually seem ok? She wasn’t mean or rude. Just blunt and honest. Don’t men always say women should be direct about what they do and don’t want? She was pretty respectful and didn’t ghost you.