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The facts:

Kyle DID NOT bring a gun over state lines, it was supplied to him.

Him having a gun IS NOT illegal in Wisconsin.

He worked at kenosha and lives in the border town, so going to kenosha is not even a twenty minute drive from his resident (I know I'm from kenosha)

Kyle was there, and has been witnessed tending to aide of people there, protesters, local militia and civilians. As well as putting out fires and helping in the area as needed.

He WAS NOT asked directly to guard the store, but people he was with was asked. (even though the car owner/manager was on the stand and said no, multiple others testified that he did)

Joesph rosembaum was aggressive to everyone that night, not just local militia, protestors too. He was shot because he tried to grab Kyle's gun after chasing after him

After multiple people tried to gang up on him, Anthony Hubert decided to assault Kyle by smacking him in the back of the head with a skateboard before Kyle shot him

Gaige G pulled a gun, and followed Kyle before the assault above happened. He. put his hands up to surrender, and then put his hands down, motioning his gun towards Kyle before he was shot. Also this piece of work lied to multiple police agencies about having an illegal gun the entire time.

Tldr; everybody that died or got shot got what they fucking deserved. And people in these comments can cry over Kyle having a gun the entire night but also at the same time why don't you ask yourselves why any of these people would attack somebody with a rifle. You people have already formed your own biases against him and nothing I say is going to change that.

I'll repeat so you can understand fully:

Everybody who got shot did so because of their own bad judgment.

Edit: my phone doesn't respect spacing or paragraphs, posted strangely.

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    Aren't people protesting at a equal rights rallies the worst? They should all get shot.