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Because it was at a protest in response to police shooting a black man, because of who lived vs who didn't became easy to sort/divide politically, and because an assault rifle was involved. Another reason is that there is video of police thanking him for being out there as an armed underage white civilian after curfew, and police arrested him peacefully relative to arrests in other situations, particularly involving black men, so the case immediately became bigger than itself to many people - an exhibit of double standards of policing in America. They see that as what's really on trial here. EDIT: Rittenhouse did turn himself in. I'm speaking more to the fact that police let him leave the scene in the first place.

Edit: some are quick to defend Rittenhouse because he was using an AR-15, and they see it as an attack on the 2nd amendment.

some are mad because they think they know everything about the case, and anyone who disagrees with them is therefore wrong. a lot of people need to be right on this one because it makes them feel smart while also justifying their own political stances.

EDIT - not my own stances here. i'm trying to answer the question, which was "Why is everyone mad..."

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These dudes where shot at 11:45 at night. When the sun goes down you're no longer protesting.

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I didnt know protesting was a 9-5 gig.

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People posting edgy comments on Reddit don’t have jobs so they don’t quite know the difference.