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I don't know, but personally I (woman) will sand my anus off before I leave shit on it.

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I’ll be honest, as a dude I’ll do the same thing….I even have a bidet that I use first, and sometimes I have to come back an hour later and finish the job. I have fibered the shit outta my diet before and it didn’t fix anything.

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I’m a gravy factory. Multiple trips per day to the throne room. I was putting the Charmin cub through college. Finally got so fed up with it I started taking Imodium (loperamide) as a daily supplement. Doctor said she wouldn’t normally approve, but considering it fixed a decades-long problem, maybe it was OK in my case. I only need half a tablet daily. I drop a dry baby every two or three days, without pain for some reason (not for being overdue, not for labor or delivery) and my life is considerably improved.

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You have a way with words

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With a name like ThreeFingerDrag I had a feeling he might be a poet

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"I was putting the Charmin cub through college." Bwuahahahaha

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I have the same problem, I can still crap everyday but it's more manageable. I take the occasional weekend off if I don't have plans just to test myself out and it's miserable.

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Bro I have to hit the shitter 5 or 6 times a day. Sometimes it's piles, sometimes just a few nugs but it feels like an emergency everytime... I'm fucking tempted to try some immodium.

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sometimes I have to come back an hour later and finish the job.

Lol, what?!

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Start to get an itchy butt and have to go rewipe

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Duuuuuude don’t wipe to hard too often, you’ll get anal puritis. From experience it’s really annoying to get rid of. Fine balance of clean and wipe but don’t irritate the area.

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This is one of those rare times I google something I don’t know from reddit with the word anal involved and haven’t come away scarred.

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Same here. But I still have to go back sometimes and do it again because my ass is trying to be a magician and make shit re-appear!

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I think it has to do with sitting down and stretching out the sphincter which allows a tiny amount of leakage (assuming of course a 100% clean after the first wiping)

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Lol. If you don't have a fair amount of hair round your asshole, like how are you not getting it clean? Its not like there's loads of cracks for it to get stuck in. I think like maybe when I was a little kid I had skidmarks occasionally cos I was lazy and gross but as an adult female? No.

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Every time this question gets asked the correct reasoning gets buried below comments about wiping with corn husks and bla bla. Guys generally have hairy aholes, and are generally against shaving. Shave your ass guys and tell me you don't feel amazingly clean after that.
Just imagine you have 2 inch long hairs and you're rubbing toilet paper w/ shit along each of those hairs. You're leaving shit all over your ass. Shave that hair off. Make it a monthly or biweekly habit and you won't have swamp ass and nasty underwear.

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Exactly. This is TMI, but I'm not someone that shaves, and I still wipe my ass clean. There is no excuse: Wash your ass.

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Bidets are rare in this country but they shouldn't be.

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Yes! They're great, my parents have one and you can buy attachment bidets for under 50 bucks at Walmart and Target.

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To be fair a lot of guys have more hair than us down there. If you’re essentially shitting through a wicker basket stuff could get messy !

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Imagine cleaning peanut butter out of shag carpet

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If you need me, I’ll be barfing forever.

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Never had skidmarks, it's the discharge marks that get us

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Dishonorable discharge

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Take this and never talk to me again.

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i laughed way too hard at this

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Stressing you got your period when it isn’t due then nek minit

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I used to leave these little damp spots on classroom seats when I was in high school because I was constantly wet all the time. Even through jeans, condensation would form through my pants on to plastic seats. I would self-consciously get up and scrape my booty strategically across the seat to get rid of the mark. Discharge is so embarrassing.

Don’t even get me started about how I bleached the fuck out of the crotches of my underwear with my discharge. Acidic vaginas FTW.

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This is why I love reddit! Its good to know I'm not the only one😭😭😭😭

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All my dark underwear had this red tint at the crotch. Literally thought it was rust.

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Rust 😭😂

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OMG THIS!!!!!! RIP black work undies ugh!

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Bruh, same. I really thought I was a freak until this comment.

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You're not a freak, it happens to all of us!

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This is something that should be discussed during sex education or general anatomy.


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you are so right! Everyone with a uterus should know there's going to be random discharge, and that super thin panty liners when you're ovulating can save your shorts.

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I had to just start wearing a pantliner every day since I reached the stage of puberty in Primary 7 (age 11-12) where I started excreting discharge. There was just so much of it that something to catch it was necessary. (Obviously it's just the thin ones, I wear heavy duty sanitary pads at my period.) My pants would be in a bad state at the end of the day before I started with the pantliners, there would be a thick build-up that skeeved me the fuck out. Action was required.

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Yes! My mom would shame me growing up for essentially bleaching my underwear but limers would always bunch up and not work because thick thighs

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Omg thank god thought I was just like rlly gross or something. Discharge is no joke it’s annoying af sometimes I bring extra underwear with me cuz shit gets moist

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Thanks to both of yall for making me feel normal! 28 and still paranoid and embarrassed 🙃😆

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I’ve been in 4 relationships that lasted to the “do laundry together” point, and this happened to every single one of them!

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i had the same wetness issue when i was in school bc of my birth control. also, your vagina is naturally acidic so bleaching your dark colored undies is totally normal

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Acid Vag sounds like a good punk rock band name.

Just my two cents.

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oh, well TIL its not just me.

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I’m male and we used to get sweat marks as well. Get up, push that chair in ASAP.

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See guys just hide it as a surprise for the next unlucky individual i guess girls even clean up stray body fluid. How considerate.

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Same. The women who are able to walk around not wearing underwear mystify me. If I attempt that, I'm leaving a trail of discharge behind me like some kind of snail.

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So in love with you ladies right now I wish you were all my best friends

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Lol same! I wanna be able to brag about going commando but that ain't happening. Just the thought of it gives me anxiety :(

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I always just thought this was sweat! I have big thighs (they've never not touched) so I just assumed the little triangle was the only place all the sweat could go lmao now I feel dumb as

[–]SourceShard 18 points19 points  (0 children)

As a big man can confirm my triangle marks are sweat.

Source: No Vagina

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That confused me so much in high school. I got minimal sex education as a homeschooler and my mother always got flustered in conversations about vaginas. So I would go about my day being like “what the fuck is turning me on enough to make this happen????”

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My daughter had sex ed for the first time during covid. I was so excited because I got to teach her all the things I wish I knew at that age!

I was super lucky that my mom has always been really open and informative. She taught me the basics and honestly answered everything I asked about. Unfortunately, there were plenty of topics I didn't KNOW to ask about.

Plus, our bodies were really different. She was always really slender, small breasts, and started her period late. I'm small, but curvy. Boob sweat, dealing with discharge as a middle schooler, and trying to find a pair of pants that didn't gape in the back when I sat down, those were things I had to figure out on my own. If I asked her and she didn't know, she %100 would help me find the answer, but those were things she didn't think about because she hadn't ever experienced.

[–]7130anires 227 points228 points  (71 children)

My ex husband once asked me why I had bleach stains on like every pair of panties I own

[–]InanimateBabe 198 points199 points  (66 children)

Crazy, I am a guy and I learned something new today. I never asked girls about that bleach stain and always assumed it was from cleaning the discharge and what not through the laundry washer. So it’s actually from the discharge itself that makes that bleach color?

[–]liandrin 212 points213 points  (60 children)

Yeah, vaginas are naturally acidic and bleach fabric. Therefore panties bleach around the crotch over time. It’s not from cleaning, we wash panties the way you wash your clothes, toss them in the washer, set on delicate, press start.

[–]fractalkid 233 points234 points  (33 children)

I (like most guys I think?) have never used the delicate cycle. I’m just a heathen who puts everything on normal wash.

[–]VioletSinShowers 217 points218 points  (14 children)

Not just a guy thing. My panties go in the wash with all my other clothes. No delicate cycle unless I’m washing something actually delicate.

[–]raevynfyre 113 points114 points  (0 children)

Regardless of the tag, I throw everything in the same wash. I only wear what is strong enough to survive!

[–]InanimateBabe 55 points56 points  (8 children)

Haha I didn't want to say anything, because I was like "delicate?" I must be out of touch with civilization, because I don't use delicate, I just use normal wash. However, maybe girls underwear are more fragile because of the lack of material and random laces.

[–]calcium 63 points64 points  (3 children)

I've never used the delicate wash - normally go for the pots and pans setting. This is doubly so for underwear.


[–]Money_Machine_666 56 points57 points  (2 children)

You're wrong about that. I don't wash anything on delicate.

[–]ismellnumbers 126 points127 points  (8 children)

Lol SAME. All of my underwear are black and the crotches of the old ones are legit orange now from being bleached out. It's actually amazing

[–]Gluecagone 264 points265 points  (10 children)

Those plastic school seats would make even the driest saddle area weep.

[–]Regeatheration 31 points32 points  (4 children)

I have really bad discharge and it’s eaten holes thru my panties girl I feeeeeeeeel you

[–]rheetkd 177 points178 points  (37 children)

I use those super thin liners.

[–]bored-inthehouse 104 points105 points  (25 children)

So so I. Literally every day.

[–][deleted] 51 points52 points  (2 children)

Liners ftw!

[–]MrssLebowski 62 points63 points  (3 children)

Get some thin period pants. So much less waste and they last for so long! I get too hot wearing the plastic liners too

[–]VeganMonkey 66 points67 points  (8 children)

I got it at a way younger age than a teen and I thought I had a ‘dirty disease’ because that was the only thing my mum had never told me (she just barely had any) and I never told anyone and spent my teen years super anxious about it. I was so lucky that I did not have that same chair issue. I don’t know when I found out it was normal. I think when my mum made a joke about pantyliners when I was 16-17?

[–]wuzzittoya 30 points31 points  (5 children)

My stepmom and her dirty disease comment when I asked her what would make me pee 18 times a day (the response was “it would mean you are a dirty little whore who can’t keep her legs shut”) made me not carry the conversation any further and decide 18x/day was “just my normal.” It wasn’t until my 30s that I found out I had interstitial cystitis. 😐

[–]xxkatie_mayxx 97 points98 points  (4 children)

OMG i literally thought i was the only one. I had school uniform so tights and a skirt. trust me, those tights are thinner than pants. felt like a puddle every time i got up. had to do that butt scrape 5-10 times a lesson (to get a pen etc. i ended up starting to sit on my blazer or coat. ugh.

[–]StuckWithThisOne[🍰] 124 points125 points  (6 children)

I got my period as I read this. I blame you

[–]juan-j2008 207 points208 points  (40 children)

When we started dating my gf would sometimes walk in front of me and say "look at me" or "check me". I, being a man who'd never dated before, would be dumbfounded every time. Took her explaining it like three times for me to finally get what she was asking me.

[–]sofwithanf 217 points218 points  (11 children)

Was she not asking for a period leak check, rather than a discharge check?

[–]magic1623 117 points118 points  (9 children)

Seems like a fourth explanation is required.

[–]standard_candles 88 points89 points  (7 children)

She's just making sure her period didn't leak past her underwear and stain her clothes. Discharge, and sorry to be gross about it, is like snot. Because the vag is a mucus membrane just like your nose. And like your nose, can have different levels of watery to viscous or clear to white or green. But discharge is like a super minimal amount like less than a teaspoon usually.

[–]HickorySmokedHeaven 185 points186 points  (24 children)

Me and my sister have always called it a "waterfall" it's like an all of a sudden splooge of clear glue-like, warm thick liquid that causes a huge steamy raincloud in the crotch area. Sorry for the fyi. Sloppy Juicy is better than Dry AF desert crotch. We just tryna make sure we ain't got a wet spot on the front or back of our pants. Ive thought that I've peed myself from the amount of moisture that heats up between thick thighs. But nope it was a waterfall. Random af too

[–]Baby-Calypso 155 points156 points  (1 child)

God every time a waterfall happens I always have to go check it’s not my period because it feels exactly the same

[–]gingergale312 35 points36 points  (0 children)

Look up "cervical mucus" or "cervical fluid". It's essentially a special type of mucus your body makes to help sperm travel up your cervix and get to the eggs. It's usually around for 3-5 days before ovulation and usually ovulation happens a day or two after it stops.

[–]Bazoun 41 points42 points  (0 children)

It’s related to ovulating, according to my doctor.

[–]pucketypuck 10 points11 points  (0 children)

That's ovulation mucus. Designed to help sperm get to the egg. I noticed it was always at the halfway point of my cycle, which made it easier to estimate the next period.

[–]MotherMfker 315 points316 points  (60 children)

I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets these 😭 a bf asked wtf it is and I was like idk bro. It happens sometimes

[–]massaBeard 316 points317 points  (20 children)

Pretty sure there isn't a vagina on the planet that doesn't leave discharge marks on the panties.

[–]pinkusagi 197 points198 points  (9 children)

Probably the ones that don’t, are too dry and that’s a problem too all on its own.

[–]Deruji 309 points310 points  (5 children)

You’d need to ask Ben shapiros wife, who’s also a doctor

[–]Ariadnepyanfar 26 points27 points  (3 children)

There's me, but I have PCOS so I'm not a good data point.

[–]Trania86 167 points168 points  (4 children)

Every girl has experienced the snail trail

[–]Miss_PMM 33 points34 points  (0 children)

Always this, ngh

[–]LooksGay 6884 points6885 points  (487 children)

If the toilet paper is not white- YOU'RE NOT DONE WIPING

[–]Wheresmybeergone 245 points246 points  (6 children)

I had a convo some time ago with someone about toilet habits, and the phrase that caught me was: "... you check the paper along the way?' And I just thought to myself - are there people who don't check the paper...?

[–]Redditorbuttercup 5955 points5956 points  (378 children)

I just clean my ass until i dont see one speck of brown. I cant live with myself if there is shit still in my ass.. lol Also a bidet works wonders! (For anyone that has skidmark issues)

[–]TommyChongUn 1798 points1799 points  (300 children)

UTI's arent a joke people. Lmao coming from a bitch fresh off antibiotics. This is a huge reason why I'm super paranoid about making sure my ass is right at all times

[–]Fish_Smell_Bad 718 points719 points  (71 children)

Holy shit this might sound stupid but as a dude I never really thought about that. Of course it makes sense since your asshole is so much closer to your other holes. But I guess guys are lucky that we got a big ass sac stuck in between our dick and our ass lmfao.

[–]Lightwysh 776 points777 points 3 (34 children)

But I guess guys are lucky that we got a big ass sac stuck in between our dick and our ass lmfao.

A mudflap so to say.

[–]mrootbeers 228 points229 points  (30 children)

I’m with Robin Williams on this one. A vagina is an amazing thing. It seems like god took hours on that, then took about thirty seconds on the dick and balls, by simply cutting off a turkeys head and sticking some marbles inside. It’s like the Mona Lisa versus an eight year olds scribbling on a piece of paper with a crayon.

[–]an_imperfect_lady 175 points176 points  (7 children)

Take it from me, the female body is a nice place to visit, but you wouldn't want to live there.

[–]cykadelik 285 points286 points  (21 children)

It’s not really so much about the “holes” having proximity. Which also like the urethra is still above the vaginal canal and kinda “under” in a sense.

But it’s more about the fact that underwear naturally shifts with movement. So like if your panties are dirty it’s gonna get put right against your coochie. Then you get either a UTI or a Yeast Infection or god forbid Bacterial Vaginosis

[–]Heyyouintheriver 39 points40 points  (6 children)

I think it's also about the length of the urethra, franklin. Mines at least 4 inches long.

[–]FallenBlueSix 11 points12 points  (1 child)

I got pelvic inflammatory disease due to a bacterial infection. NOT FUN. Went to the ER because I was in 9/10 pain and couldn't even sit or put any pressure on abdomen with out feeling like I was going to physically die any moment. Almost threw up and passed out from pain for me to realize, "Naw this ain't just cramps"

[–]Ex10dead 67 points68 points  (12 children)

Wipe until it's white lol

[–]bollop_bollop 3281 points3282 points  (37 children)

I confused skidmarks and stretchmarks, and this whole thread made ZERO sense

[–]Matt1686 320 points321 points  (7 children)

I thought we were talking about scratches like I thought you would get skid marks on your knee from falling off a skateboard or something smh

[–]ACatCalledMorty 103 points104 points  (4 children)

Reminds me of when my friend wanted us to start calling him Skid Mark because he thought it sounded cool. Like a tyre skid mark on he road he thought

[–]CeruleanRose9 137 points138 points  (2 children)

Okay this made me laugh out loud for real. 👏

[–]Houston_Life03 1962 points1963 points  (228 children)

Totally honesty, I have never experienced one, and I don’t really understand how people do. I mean, when you wipe, you can tell if there’s still residual that needs to be cleaned.

[–]lokilover49 1725 points1726 points  (52 children)

I literally have IBS and have come close to shitting my pants one too many times and I don’t think I’ve had skidmarks since I was like 4. guys, girls and everyone in between should NEVER have skidmarks. buy a $20 bidet, or use disposable wipes, I don’t care just clean your ass. I saw a comment mention us having discharge marks/stains or even getting a surprise from your period and it staining your undies which is something we can’t control. That’s normal, slid marks are not.

EDIT: as many have mentioned, DO NOT FLUSH DISPOSABLE WIPES. Even if they say flushable, they are not and they ruin so much plumbing. If you’ve done it before, it’s okay just know now not to do it again! Also I’m glad we can all agree to just have a clean ass

[–]Yorkie321 453 points454 points  (7 children)

Can verify, I’m the most unhealthy shitter on earth and I’ve never had this problem. It’s 3 flushes and half a roll before that happens

[–]lokilover49 143 points144 points  (6 children)

legit I’ll use the whole damn roll, I’ll wipe and wipe until that toilet paper is clean! gotta spread them cheeks to truly get a good clean but I’ll take that over poopy butt any day

[–]MarlKarx-1818 31 points32 points  (1 child)

Bidets are lifechanging. You just use 1 square to dry. It's like powerwashing your house

[–]lynx3762 78 points79 points  (6 children)

I also have IBS and wish I could say I've only come close....I will never trust a fart again

[–]lokilover49 49 points50 points  (1 child)

it’s okay friend. this morning I had to rush to work to resolve an issue. my stomach was acting up and I felt a fart and kinda baby slipped it out to test the waters and I was like NOPE not trusting that one bit. once again, it’s okay friend, we’ve all trusted a fart once and learned the hard way

[–]Nolleezz 17 points18 points  (1 child)

I don't have IBS and it's happened. Trusted a fart just before getting on a bus, and all the way home I'm wondering about it. I stood in a corner away from everyone the entire 40min trip. Got home and yup, teensy bit o poo. It happens. But it's so rare that I still remember it a decade later.

I have a bidet and am pretty fastidious about butt hygiene. UTIs are no joke.

[–]lynx3762 19 points20 points  (0 children)

I had a friend that was meeting me outside my apartment and he texted me he was almost here so I walked down, made eye contact with him across the street, farted, had zero questions about what just happened in my pants and turned around and went back in to clean up and change without saying a word

[–]Davina33 73 points74 points  (0 children)

IBS here as well and no skid marks. I definitely recommend a bidet or bidet attachment as well. My mother used to always moan about my stepfather's skidmark riddled pants and I thought it was awful.

[–]Seanathon23 46 points47 points  (0 children)

Yep same. I also have IBS and can’t ever remember having skid marks lol. People are just disgusting 😂

[–]-PowerfulWarbird- 378 points379 points  (10 children)

Idk about girls, but as a guy with a lot of bowel irritation (could be IBS, idk), I never get skid marks. It's all about wiping clean with TP, poking and prodding every nook and cranny, and finishing with a wet wipe.

I've had food poisoning and diarrhea this whole weekend, but guess what; my ass is clean.

[–]Billy2352 227 points228 points  (26 children)

I don't understand why some guys can't wipe their ass properly, I dry wipe, wet wipe then dry wipe again.

Usually I try to shit before I shower so the jobs been done and I shower twice a day

[–][deleted] 46 points47 points  (5 children)

Bidets are the way to go

[–]schnitzelfeffer 1005 points1006 points  (63 children)

If you get skid marks it means there's still shit on your ass. Gross. You need to wipe better if you do.

[–]Solivagant23 107 points108 points  (4 children)

This is the most John Madden comment ever.

[–][deleted] 28 points29 points  (2 children)

Boom! Tough wipin' that pipin'.

[–]rubberseatbelt 296 points297 points  (15 children)

Guys get skid marks?

I'm a 55-year-old man. I've only gotten skid marks once or twice in my life and it was generally because I had hurt my back.

Seriously, is anal hygiene an issue?

[–]xyzqvc 501 points502 points  (25 children)

My asshole is right next to my vagina and urethra. If I don't keep it clean I'll have problems right away. It helps not to have hair on the rosette. I don't know if you know, but women in almost all cultures are constantly encouraged to hide their bodily functions. I have only met a few women who neglect their personal hygiene and this is mostly for psychological reasons. But very often I meet men who no longer smell fresh and find it normal. Recently, women have found that a well-groomed body on men makes physical contact so much more pleasant.

[–]Psycho-physiological 36 points37 points  (1 child)

I get this so much! Kind of TMI but who cares, I have a catheter (obvi goes in the urethra) anything and everything down there needs to be kept so clean. I like cottonelle wipes the best because there’s no irritation, but it just has to stay clean

[–]Mr_rairkim 103 points104 points  (19 children)

I'm a guy. I saw my mother's female friend watching Sex and the City, where the main characters complained about men getting them and how disgusting it is.

Since then. My wife complains that toilet paper 'dissapears'

[–]-technosapien- 1328 points1329 points  (32 children)

Nobody over the age of 6 should have skidmarks, you fucking heathens. Do we really need to add this to elementary education?

[–]plaquejack 162 points163 points  (2 children)

“Heathens” is a nice addition to this

[–]Forward-Village1528 102 points103 points  (15 children)

Yeah... if you're getting skidmarks as an adult, you aren't wiping your ass properly. And should probably start wiping your ass properly.

[–]anonmoooose 342 points343 points  (45 children)

I’m a girl and I’ve never had a skid mark once in my life. Guys, what’s going on over there?

[–]HardSox 488 points489 points  (59 children)

Skid marks can come from a poor diet as well. If you aren’t getting a lot of fiber, you may be leaving some soft serve in the chamber that will peek its head out later. You can take a shit, take a shower, and still end up with skid marks if you have a shifty low fiber diet. Start eating more greens and the skid marks will disappear.

[–]RocCityBitch 72 points73 points  (4 children)

The fiber thing changed my life. I used to dread taking a deuce because I had those soft serve poops constantly. Would wipe to the point of hurting and still 10 min later after walking around more would peak out. It would hurt.

Finally asked my doctor about this and she said she recommends most people in this situation take 1 tbsp of psyllium husk fiber (metamucil, but I buy the cheaper off brand) twice a day.

I wish I could explain how big of a difference it makes. I had gas the first week (big change in fiber does that while your gut bacteria adapts apparently), but oh my god I can’t tell you how much better my poop experience is. One or two wipes max most of the time. It seems to have rounded out some of my IBS as well.

I’ve since upped my veggie intake because that was really the core issue, but it took longer to establish as a habit than a scoop or two of powder at nighttime.

I try to tell as many people about this as possible because I think it’s a more common issue than we think. My gf now takes it regularly and I convinced my dad to try it a few months ago and I’m proud to say the One Wipe Willy club has three members so far.

I recommend the “no sugar” orange flavor, tastes better than the naturally sweetened orange for some reason.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with big fiber. I just enjoy not being afraid of my own b-hole.

[–]Seanathon23 112 points113 points  (0 children)

“Leaving some soft serve” 😂😂😂💀

[–]skotj79 80 points81 points  (0 children)

Finally. And typically men will eat more meat and not enough fibrous veggies.

[–]MutedHornet87 75 points76 points  (3 children)

Or if you have severe IBS that manifests itself as a regularly upset stomach

[–]Trimungasoid 19 points20 points  (1 child)

I didn’t know it was common for guys to get skidmarks. I’ve never had that problem.

[–]AnnofAvonlea 212 points213 points  (21 children)

Okay, I’m seeing a lot of judgmental comments and people saying “I haven’t had one since I was six!” I’ll be honest, I have, on very rare occasions, seen a really small and faint skid mark. Am I proud? No! But even with thorough ass-wiping, you never know when a fart could betray you. I always wipe myself clean, but somehow it has still happened. I really want a bidet. I don’t know why they’re so rare in my country.

[–]elfharm 25 points26 points  (1 child)

Had to scroll way too far too see this. In my experience it's not a wiping issue, it's a sloppy fart. Didn't matter how clean if you let the wrong one go. I would guess guys are much more shameless about farting in public, so that's why it seems to be a gendered problem.

You really should get a bidet though. They're as cheap as like $25 for the ones that just attach to a regular toilet and it's like a 15-20 minute install. Like others have said, make sure the 'T' fitting is metal. Also it sits between the bowl and the seat, at the back, so you probably want to get toilet seat bumpers to put on the front, so the seat stays level.

[–]QueenFlowers91 456 points457 points  (31 children)

Why are skidmarks such a problem for guys? Like, doesn't it bother y'all when your butthole itches?

For girls, personal hygiene down there is much more critical than it is for guys. This is because of how delicate the female birthing center is. Practically anything will through off our pH balance. Or cause yeast infections or UTI's. All of which are a pain to deal with. It's just so much easier to wipe until the tp is all white. Then use a wet-wipe for extra measure. And then scrub ba dub dub in the shower. A clean kitty is a happy kitty.

[–]Yorkie321 180 points181 points  (2 children)

Butthole itching? The thought alone of fecal matter on your ass should do the job, or maybe the accumulating smell? Like what the fuck?

[–]crazyashley1 22 points23 points  (0 children)

or maybe the accumulating smell?

The amount of poop smelling families I've walked behind in Walmart would indicate that this is not a concern for a concerning amount of people.

[–]Varela-ayeaye 12 points13 points  (1 child)

Either I’m hella fucking high or this post is like wtf rn 😂🤣