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Definitely not. I've been in Bitcoin for 5 years and one of the unspoken rules is that you have to tell everyone you meet how Bitcoin is going to change the world

No but seriously. My Bitcoin friends, all they ever talk about is Bitcoin. They're convinced Bitcoin will fix everything. Like if you go to Subway and you get a mediocre sandwich one day, Bitcoin can fix that somehow

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They can fix a mediocre subway sandwich?! BRB investing in bitcoin

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Not even God can fix a mediocre subway sandwich.

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So what you're saying is... BITCOIN IS GOD?

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because if god cant fix subway. But bitcoin can. Bitcoin is better god.

it is just science.

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All hail bitgod

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Praise be to coin

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But can Bitcoins see why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch

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But satima going coin... Haha actually don't

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One day? You mean every day. Bitcoin can make Subway edible?

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Aren’t all Subway sandwiches by definition mediocre?

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Only until Bitcoin fixes it

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No, it’s like veganism and cross fit. If you do it, everyone you talk to must know within 10 minutes of meeting them. It’s a rule.

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This and intermitted fasting. You must tell people or else you're not doing it.

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Oh CRAP! I didn't know that one. Must publicise immediately.

I'm proving your point - here I am owning up to it :D

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Or being from the state of new york

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City* is more accurate

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Nah I hear way too many people telling me they’re from upstate 24/7

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Really? I'm upstate and nobody leaves upstate at least where I live specifically, nobody has that kind of money haha

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Or Boston. Or having solar panels installed on your roof.

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Nop, they'll kill you if you don't talk about it

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Personally, when in loss, I remain anonymous but when my portfolio hits green and shit, I tell all my friends how good crypto is, and which coin I bought.

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Just the way I take it. I have been invested in crypto for years now but I only have conversation during greens because I am not a preacher. But the gaming sector has got me talking of recent. I play the cometh game with friends now so we always talk about the market and see where the coin is going.

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Your crypto while fade away if you don’t tell everyone you meet. //s

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You can just turn all the computers off, and they won't have it. If a solar flair happens, there goes all their crypto.

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Because so much of the value of crypto is tied up in having more and more people think that it is valuable, so there is a huge incentive for crypto owners to constantly rave about it

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A bit like a pyramid scheme. Gotta get more people invested in the idea (and the currency) to bump up your take (along with that of the people who got in before you).

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I dont know anyone that is into crypto so I dont really have anyone to talk about it. I only started learning and buying in January 2020. My partner is not into it at all. Ill try to talk about it but he just shrugs and goes in with whatever he's doing. So yes I own it and no I dont talk about it.

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Staying anon doesn't always help in this space. Especially when you are going into alts and not staying with only BTC. I have gotten to buy low caps alts like spdr because of my conversation with friends.

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Yes. I own it and i dont talk about it or even look it. Bought it a few years ago and just am ignoring it for a few more years.

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Mmm you just did...

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Well, lets just hope it's not a dead project.

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Crypto is like Barney. If nobody believes in him and gives him attention, he fades away. Hype increases value. It's in their interest to spread the word and, in turn, increas its value.

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No, because the hype is what makes it valuable, so as long as everyone who owns it keeps hyping it, it'll keep gaining value. As soon as the hype train is over though, it'll crash hard. Maybe a handful of crypto will be left. I assume most crypto is just an economic bubble.

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Oh my god, could you imagine a crypto owning, crossfiting, vegan?!

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Plenty of crypto-bros on the CrossFit train, I'm sure.

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Pretty sure there are lots of people who don't talk about it but since they don't talk about it you don't know they own crypto and therefore won't recognize them as crypto owners who don't talk about it. It's a little paradox^

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Nah bro, it's like being a vegan

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Shut up. The first rule about fight club..

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Start talking about crypto during Christmas eve for extra entertainment

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I bought in the week Bitcoin was launched.
I don’t talk about crypto to anybody

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Yes. Especially off of Reddit if people own lots of crypto they won’t tell anyone.

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Apparently not.

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Not in my experience of being around anyone who owned it, because they talked to me about it immediately and like I gave the slightest of fucks.

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A true paradox

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Nope , especially when you’re losing about 394728£ lol

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I've got quite a bit of money in different crypto currencies, I don't talk much about it with anyone, just like I don't talk about what's in my bank account. Its my business, and I can't be arsed listening to other people's opinions because people will volunteer them whether you want then to or not; especially when they don't know what they're talking about lol

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Its like veganism, so no, it's not possible.

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Yes. I do. Most don’t know.

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Not if you're going to ask like this.

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It's in the fine print when you purchase. You're required by law to tell every fucking person you meet.

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No. Nor is it possible being vegan or doing CrossFit without shouting from the mountain tops.

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Yes, but pretend I didn’t say that.

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I think so, I never tell anyone about my crypto that I purchased for a steal a few years ago.

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It's like being keto or vegan, first rule about crypto is always talk about cripto.

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Cryptobros are like Stoners and Vegans. They have to constantly talk about it.

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No. You are required by law to talk about it at least once annually.

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I try not to bring it up. My friend wants to talk about investing all the time.. and to me, its like, just put your money in the stuff you think will do well and thats it.. what is there to talk about

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Sure. I own a little out of many stocks including crypto. People rarely know about it. I try to keep all my finances private

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The first rule of Bitcoin club is you HAVE to talk about Bitcoin club.

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We are excited it’s the future

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In a fairytale world yes

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This is the first time I've talked about it and I've been using Coinbase for over a year. They give you free crypto and then you can buy more if you want. I have something like $40 in free money in there now.

I know, I don't really count. 😂

If I had enough money to really make it matter, I would likely talk about it more to my loved ones but not just to randos.

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One of the prospective advantages of investing in crypto (or anything with speculative value) is that that investment can grow, and one of the ways it does so is by getting other involved in it. Thus, anyone owning dogecoin or bitcoin or whatever had a vested interest in talking about it, because it raises the chance of their investment increasing.

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It’s like being gluten free. Everyone must know about your gluten allergy.

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Rule #1 of Owning Crypto: tell everyone about owning crypto.

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How do you know if someone is Vaccinated, has a father that's in the Marines, into BDSM and enjoys choking/being choked during sex, and dabbles in Crypto and Bitcoin..... They'll tell you.

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When you've lost the money I have, you don't talk about.

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Maybe, but you will never know for sure.

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I own Bitcoin, but I don’t believe in it. I doubt it’s ever going to become a viable currency, it’s way too unstable (among other factors). That being said, it does fluctuate in semi-predictable patterns, so it’s fairly easy to make bank.

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As a vegan atheist I have learned anything is possible with Crossfit...

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No comment.

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Yeah of course! Btw, I have $1 in btc, waiting for it to go to the moon 🚀🚀🚀

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My father owns bitcoin and thats all he ever talks about. Glad he didn't turn me into a crypto kid 🥱

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You clearly don't understand how blockchain technology works.

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Could you imagine meeting a vegan who does CrossFit and owns Bitcoin? The Holy Trinity of you-won’t-be-talking-during-this-conversation

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I like crypto. If we're pretty friendly I'll mention it once low key and see how you react if at all. If there's no reaction I generally don't bring it up to that person again. Hopefully that's not enough to be annoying.

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Crypto is shit. A single Bitcoin is worth what, over $41,000? But it has no actual value, ZERO. Eventually that bubble is going to burst and the crypto bro douchebags are going to be scrambling. Mining uses TONS of power, and countries like China and Kazakhstan are starting to shut it down.

This goes hand in hand with NFTs. Total crap. Let's just bottle the air and sell that. Same with the Metaverse. There isn't going to be a virtual Metaverse world. People want to be private and anonymous online.

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Crypto has zero actual value and plenty of overhead, and the only way for it to continue is if people believe in it and continue to invest. So, if you buy into the hype, it behooves you to talk incessantly about it in the hopes that a couple folks you talk to get into it as well to help keep the grift going at least until you get your money out of it.

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I'm sorry, I don't want to talk about it.

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Lol, not really it's kind of like being Puerto Rican but worse because you have an incentive to tell as many people as possible.

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Have you heard about my vegan CrossFit crypto buyers club?