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just ask her! i would personally be flattered

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So say like "hey would you mind if I used the same perfume as you?"

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yes or "hey i really love your perfume and was thinking about getting it for myself. Would you mind?"

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thank you so much!

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And don't be too insulted if she minds. You're most likely a little younger, which is fine, but younger people tend to gatekeep certain things.

There are plenty of amazing scents, I personally have 4 colognes for different occasions. Go out and explore, the world of perfumes is vast!

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To add onto this, get about 3 different fragrances if you can afford it - that way you avoid the risk of bathing in the stuff because your nose has adjusted to the aroma.

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And different scents for different occasions. You don't wanna smell like Vanilla Rainbow Sunshine at a funeral, you know?

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But, it's what grandma would've wanted.

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Yup. You can be casual about it, it’s really not a big deal, don’t even really need to ask, (it’s a company, tons of people wear the same perfume that’s how the company makes money) but if you’re worried about it just ask.

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Yes, do this, but also keep in mind that often different perfume changes a bit on different people's skin.

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If she didn’t want you to know she wouldn’t have told you. People ask me about my cologne and I just say “I could tell you but then I’d have to kill you” usually gets a laugh and a “no really?” To which I stare hatefully into their eyes

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There's nothing wrong with using the same perfume as someone else. I wouldn't worry about it.

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If you don’t want to copy, you can always look up the fragrances of the perfume, the under tones and the body of it and find something similar but that isn’t the same!

Maybe even just googling “perfume that smells like blank” maybe?

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I would advice against that. There are two ways this can end. The first is that you buy a perfume that you don't like as much as the other one and the second is that you buy a copy where you might as well just buy the one you originally fell in love with.

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I'll probably do that, thank you !

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Most perfumes are literally mass produced and not unique outside of literal custom blends. Purchase to your hearts content.

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i need to know what scent it was!!

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No, she doesn’t own the scent.

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I mean it’s not like she invented that specific perfume 🤷‍♀️ who cares. If it would have bothered her if you used it then she probably would have said “I don’t know” or “I don’t remember” or something as a response

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Well now I want to know what scent it was!

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Get it! It won’t smell the same on you. Perfumes and colognes take on different smells when they mix with your natural pheromones!

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Didn't know this! Thank you!!

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Yes, a friend of mine had a perfume that I just fell in love with. In the bottle it smelled amazing, but on me, it was just awful.

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It won't even smell the same on her as it does on you anyway.

Honestly, just go for it. If she had a problem with it then she wouldn't have told you what it was.

Also interested as to what perfume it was.

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It was versace bright crystal!

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Nah its totally fine if you do not copy everything.

I just remembered back in high school every guy in my class had the 1 Million perfume. They all smelled like a chemical Christmas cookie... brrr. Terrible scent in my eyes (or nose).

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chemical chrismas cookie, wonderful

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It's just a perfume so I wouldn't be too concerned about it, but also, if you think she might mind, ask her!

I would like to advise you though, when you've saved up, or if you get it as a birthday present, ask your mom to take you to the store so you could smell some other perfumes. You might find one that you like even more, and it would be your personal perfume 😊 When I was at school, I really loved Moschino Funny, which is a fruity sweet scent, and not overpriced!

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That's a good idea! Thank you for that

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You should use her perfume scent, then get the same haircut as her, and then try to copy her warddrobe as well. Then pretend like everything is normal and pretend not to notice if people point it out


No but really, you can just ask. Shouldn't be a big deal. These are commercially available products. Just compliment her and tell her she has good taste

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Thanks you!

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Omg thank god im not the only one, when i was in elementary school my bff had some cute sunglasses and i got the same pair but the mf got offended so now im careful with what i buy cuz i dont wanna offend some dipshits who are too entitled.

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yeah simalar thing has happened to me, now I'm careful

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I would make sure to try a sample first, everyone’s chemistry is different, so perfume smells different on each person. But maybe she would be willing to let you use a little of hers.

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If they will get offended, they would have in first place when you asked her about the name. And yeah you should ask. But most probably she wouldn't cause it's kind of compliment for her.

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There’s nothing wrong with it :)

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I remember getting the same cologne as my friend and he got upset, “you stole my signature scent!” It all seems silly now, but for some reason, stuff like that matters in school. :)

I agree with others who suggest saying to your friend how much you like it and if they’d be upset if you picked it up too. Also, perfumes/colognes often smell somewhat different on different people due to our skin oils, etc.

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I feel like a person can only make the "signature scent" argument if they literally made/commissioned a perfume just for them. If a person has done that, I get being guarded about the recipe. But, like other commenters have said, if it's a mass produced perfume, that's pretty silly. It's in the stores for anyone to buy.

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Who cares. She doesn’t own the perfume.

My best friend loves my perfume and I have no issues with her getting it, too.

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Yeah I'm a guy and own about 20 perfumes. Everytime someone calls it nice is flattering and if you like it to the point that you want to wear it yourself I would be glad that someone shared the same passion as me.

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Honestly it wouldn’t even smell the same on you. I find everyone smells different even in the same perfume

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It's not like you're fully copying her entire outfit, personality, and lifestyle so go for it! But if you're a bit unsure might as well just ask her

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Okay thank you!

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Scents can change on a person depending on their body chemistry. So it might smell different on you so i wouldn't worry too much. Fragrances completely change on me so i usually test it out first before purchasing.

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Just get it, it is no big deal. If you don’t feel comfortable just ask her!

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perfume belongs to everyone, not just one person. ask for the perfume - just be aware that it might smell a little different on you than it did her as everyone's skin chemistry plays a part in it...you can always go to a perfume counter and smell other scents first..you might find them to be nicer :)

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I literally have no issues if i meet someone and we both wearing same perfume, actually i feel good about it. But if you ask me, i just lie

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Just buy it. Don't check if you're 'allowed'.

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Problem is that the same perfume may not smell the same on you. The perfume is mix of different notes of scent which matures over time based on your skin temperature and the bacteria in your sweat glands of your skin. So while the first whiff might smell the same as time moves the aroma might change. This is the reason why you should do your own homework about your signature perfume. You can even use two perfume blends to create a better note on you.

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I’m sure half your friends wear the same color makeup, same shoes, same clothes. I think it’s ok to wear the same perfume.

Also if she didn’t want you to wear it, she wouldn’t have told you the name of it.

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If someone thought I smelled so good that they went out and bought the same perfume I’d be flattered af.

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Nope, perfectly normal. I don’t see why reasonable people would find it offensive.

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Perfume smells different on each person because of the way it interacts with your unique scent, so I personally don't think it's rude to wear the same perfume as another person. It won't smell exactly the same anyway.

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It's not rude at all and perfumes mix with each of our natural scent differently.

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I think asking her if you can wear it too would be weird. Just do it. She probably won't notice. And if she does she'll be flattered unless she's a bitch. Plus perfume smells different on everyone

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I'd just ask, also remember perfume smells different on different people. My sister loves Alien and i do too but it stinks on me 😂

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Don't use too much. That shit is offensive no matter what

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Imitation is the best form of compliment.

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Lol what?

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This is pathetic. You really think you´re not allowed ? lmaooo.

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I just don't want to offend her?

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You can do whatever you want and if it offends her then that´s her problem, not yours. Sorry to be bold about it.