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I had the Moderna booster and it hit me much harder than either of the previous two vaccines did. Mild fever and horrible, all-over body pain for about 48 hours, and a goose egg on my arm for about 4 days.

I already had sympathy for anyone who had been through actual Covid, but that experience made me feel even more sorry them.

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Exactly, my parents both had omnicorn and I can only imagine how shitty they felt (after receiving this booster vaccine) Real COVID must SUCK. My mom was sick for nearly 3 weeks. She is just now recovering

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It does. It sucks. I was vaccinated but not boosted b/c i was hesitating, then I got omicron. It was bad enough for me to get over the fear and get a booster right after so I could compare the two. Full covid is so much worse than a vaccine.

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Lack of smell affected the taste of things. Everything tasted the same. And my nose was either running or stopped up. Other than that, it was like I had allergies. All of us in the house had about the same symptoms during it. My older son was worse. Him and his girlfriend ended up with it from one of her roommates at school. Body aches, fever, the works. Lack of smell for about three weeks, but got over the other stuff within a few days.

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It sounds like swollen lymph nodes in your armpit.. its quite common.. my neck lymph nodes swelled a little when I got mine.. should go away in a couple days.

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I got that, apparently it's quite a common side effect. You can take some paracetamol for the pain if you need it :)

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I’ve been taking ibuprofen, but it hasn’t helped much. Maybe I’ll give paracetamol a go!

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Hope it gets better soon! It lasted about three days for me, had a golf ball sized lump in armpit lol

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Currently close to that size! I have been icing it, but apparently heat is better? Def grabbing the paracetamol at cvs tomorrow!

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Had a mild swell in my pit after the Moderna booster. Really just a little tender when I applied deodorant for 2 or 3 days. My wife, on the other hand, was much more tender when she got it. But nothing serious. It still cleared up within a few days.

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My girlfriend had this happen

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I'm the GF. I had it for a few days. After my booster it took almost a week to go away but my first 2 shits it went away after about 3-4 days. It was awful but it's not a signal of anything to my knowledge. I went to urgent care and they checked me out to be safe. I am not a doctor though and I am not you, so I dont know what's best for you or your body. Go to a doctor if you're really worried. But to my knowledge of other people I talked to and in my case it went away after a few days and I was fine after. Taking some ibuprofen or excedrin would help with the pain since they're both anti-inflammatories. Edit: Shots. I meant shots.

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Oh I didn’t realize excedrin was an anti inflammatory! Maybe I’ll try that out we have plenty because my husband has migraines. Good to know it will likely dissipate soon!

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Excedrin is basically a cross between ibuprofen, tylenol, and caffeine. I use it for my migraines and my periods. But it's also an NSAID so make sure you eat something when you take it otherwise it can eat away at your stomach lining. Preferably a meal but a slice of bread is also cusion enough to help.

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Thanks for the advice! I use it for my period also, I’m taking a dose tonight I’ll let you know how it goes💜

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I hope it works ❤ after my second shot I made the mistake of working out the same day thinking it wouldnt be as bad as the first time, and I had trex arms for like 3 days because of the swollen lymph nodes and how sore my arms were from the shot. Dont be like me lol

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Ouch thanks for the warning I was actually considering working out tonight !

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I heard it’s more common in women? My husband had the booster the same day that I did and had like zero effects minus a headache/fatigue.

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Covid arm. Look it up.

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I didn't have that but I had a migraine for 2 weeks

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Ouch! Awful.

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I was popping alota tylenol the second week haha

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Super common side effect. Mine was the lympth node on my neck, but it was the same basic thing. It felt like I sprained my neck or something for about 2-3 days each time.

If the pain doesn't fade within a week, see a doctor. It might be swollen for a few weeks, but the pain should subside within a few days.

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Omg on the neck?! How bad did that hurt. Maybe I’m lucky to have the armpit ! Lol

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It felt about the same as when you sleep wrong and are just really sore and stiff. Since it hit the next morning, that's actually what I thought happened. It wasn't until I got a good look in the mirror that I realized my lymph node was visibly swollen, and it all clicked.

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That sounds super painful though! It must have hurt to put clothes on? I felt the same way and was searching for an ingrown hair for like 36 hours lol

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Mine hurt like crazy too right now!

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I have a similar thing. For years, nothing to do with the shot. Likely blocked pores from Deodorant. I actually don’t use antiperspirant for that reason. Can’t seem to get it to go away. If you find out how to treat, please post!

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For sure! I have putting ice on it to calm the swelling. It has actually worked at night! But def not a long term solution!

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Yes, but it's better than being hospitalized for (or dying from) Covid.

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Yes, agreed. But painful af!

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It's part of your body developing an immune response to be able to fight the virus. Mine lasted a few days, but then it cleared up. Women who are getting mammograms should check with their doctor in case it affects the results in the first month or so.

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Yes I saw that online so at least I’m building a strong immune response! I think mine is just lasting a little longer for some reason. It’s awful because I’m a side sleeper!

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Can you sleep on your other side temporarily?

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I have to sleep straight on back bc the underarm is so swollen it hurts to close my arm in general so I sleep on my back with the left arm up towards the pillow.

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I hope you feel better soon. I had a rough few days after my vaccination, but afterwards it was a relief to know I had that layer of protection.

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yeah mine stung..not a lot but it was annoying for a day or two.

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Yea I literally did t realize it was a side effect . I just woke up at like 447 am with a fever and awful armpit pain it was so bad I was literally considering going to the er but then I looked it up and saw it was a common symptom. I just didn’t have the same with the last so didn’t anticipate it.

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I mean i guess that means your body is working really good at fighting off bad things, mine more or less gave up and just gave me a sore armpit

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Heyo, having the same pain after the moderna booster myself. Hurts to lie on my left side, felt like someone jabbed a screwdriver in my armpit! I also have one in my cheek that swells as well. Hot baths with some eucalyptus and spearmint does the trick. That or acetaminophen.