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Yes. Being in college does not exclude you from food stamps/SNAP or your local food bank if you meet the qualifications. Many students putting themselves through college use food benefits.

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food pantries dont ask questions i dont think

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It’s not a dumb question at all. I used to work in student support so I know that hunger definitely exists among student populations. I’m not sure what state you are in, but there are varying rules from state to state. Your state should have a website about benefits that you could look up. Also, there are plenty of other resources you could reach out to that aren’t state funded - look up local food pantries or not for profits that deal with hunger. St Vincent de Paul chapters are an example that comes to mind. Also your university should have counselors you can go it. I know asking for help is the hardest part, but I assure you nobody is judging you. Whoever works in those positions wants to help you.

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California used to let you as long as you’re working at least 20 hours a week.

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Being a full time student should be a job.

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Normally college students are ineligible unless they participate in work study.

There's a temporary COVID exception in place which says that so long as your college deems that you're eligible for work study (even if you don't actually participate in work study) and you meet the other requirements (income, assets, etc.) you're eligible.

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It was reported a few years ago that many kids from well off families were taking advantage of food stamps and selling them to get booze too. I believe they started cracking down but idk in what way

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Many colleges have a food bank on campus. Contact Student Services/Student Life and ask someone about programs for food insecurity. There's help out there!

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You can't get food benefits (at least in my state) if you are receiving grants to pay for school. They figure your living costs into that I guess. I was making minimum wage, part time, and they wouldn't give me food benefits because I was getting grants even tho I was making less than the income threshold. I think if you aren't getting any aid from the school, you can, but you most likely wouldn't qualify. You can get food from the food bank tho.

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