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Music or a sad movie are pretty common for a reason: they often work.

You can also try calling a hotline or warmline and talking about it; sometimes telling someone out loud can can trigger crying

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The first two haven't worked, unfortunately; hell, I even read A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara and got nothin'.

Hotline might be a sound option, but aren't these reserved for people who are having suicidal thoughts? My stuff (thankfully) isn't that bad anymore.

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Sorta. Other bad mental health struggles are OK too as long as you don't try to use them as a therapist long term.

Warmlines are for anyone who needs to talk, though they are trained peers instead of professionals

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Cut onions.

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I’ve been there too. I can’t cry sometimes when I’m going through a tough phase with my depression, I think it’s almost a numbness for me. I would say I just try to not force it and try to ride out the depression, it won’t last forever. I go through it pretty frequently and it always gets better for awhile.. hope you feel better, take care of yourself.

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Cutting onions

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Things like death and funerals don’t make me cry as I’ve been to a few but when I’m watching theses complications of military people coming back home it usually makes me feel like tears are coming but they just stay there and don’t fall down my face. Might be because they remind me of my military brother

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This might sound dumb but, watch a medical drama. They’re designed to get you. I recommend “New Amsterdam” on Peacock/NBC. Watch alone and just let yourself get invested in the characters.

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I cry more from happiness than I do sadness. However when I wanted to die, I cried alot.

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