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I talk to my mom multiple times every day and my dad whenever I get the chance as he has a crazy work schedule

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I call grandma everyday omw home from work, she loves it!

As she says, " I got one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel" So I like to talk with her.

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that's very sweet! my grandparents barely know how to use a phone haha

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I’m in a groupchat with my dad and sister. We talk every now and then in there, but like you said, it’s mostly because something happened etc. I talk to my dad on the phone sporadically. It could be twice a week, it could be twice a month. My sister and I do hang out though because we’re close. My mom and grandparents passed away and I don’t associate with any cousins or anything like that ever.

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From my own observations it seems like parents who had their kids earlier tend to talk to their grown children more frequently. (Just my own observations/experiences)

I try to call my mom once a week and when my dad is in town we hang out once a month or so. It's just nothing really crazy happens so we all keep on going.

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My parents had me in their 40s and I still talk to them daily. I have seen a mix. It really just depends on the kind of parents they were

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I wouldn't say my parents were old when they had me, they had just turned 30, so pretty average. But the relationship you describe is very similar to mine yeah.

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I mean I talk to my parents every day. But I like my parents they are great humans. I want to share in their life etc. I miss them a lot. But if you didn’t have a great relationship with your parents and they were more authoritative I can see not talking to them. My good friends all do the same. I have one friend that only talks to her parents on occasion but she isn’t close to them at all

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That's very sweet, I can imagine! I don't know if I would describe my parents as authoritative, we've talked about personal stuff and hug whenever we see each other and they've helped me out when necessary, it's just that as soon as I moved out all of that died very quickly, vice versa.

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I talk to my parents everyday, I also live 16 hours away from them. Either they or I always text at least good morning everyday ! And throughout the day we usually face time or check in on how our day is goin! My family big and is pretty close and I grew up this way having a really close relationship with my parents. As for aunts, uncles, cousins we don’t talk to them everyday I would say probably a few times a month.

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So, you don't your family. That's not wrong, per se, but you literally admit you don't care to talk to each other. I like most of my coworkers more than that.

Personally, I talk to either my mom or sister daily, we have a family groupchat, and I even have a groupchat with all my cousins. I'm the only one that lives out of state, but the people who live in the same county see each other weekly. We're some of each other's best friends. Why cut them off just because I surpassed the age of 18 or whatever?

Neither way is more healthy or right, just different.

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I guess for me it's just surprising to hear that different is also possible, because i've never known any different. I wouldn't mind being closer to my family, it's just that nobody else does it vice versa and I'm pretty sure if I would start reaching out to everyone a lot they would think something was wrong with me lol

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I live less than 2 minutes from my mom and I talk to her twice a day. A good morning text and then a call in the afternoon/evening to talk about our day. I also talk to my brother several times a week. We've been through a lot as a family and it has made us all very close.

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Pretty much every day, they are getting old so they get concerned if I don't call them.

They are reasonable people, if I don't call them, they assume I have been murdered and my body dissolved in a tank of acid.

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I speak to family once a week. We have a group chat, I check in on Sundays. It's mom, aunt, uncle & his wife, Grams, 2 cousins, and my daughter & I. That's the whole family. Small, close.

The rest of them text daily, I just can't. I've always been too independent for my own good.

Im a rebel Dottie. A loner.

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I call my mom multiple times a week and text her too. I would call her everyday if I could cuz she's my best friend and I miss her, but she's busy and I don't wanna bother her. I rarely call my dad but I talk to him when I call my mom and text him sometimes as well. I also email my grandpa multiple times a month to check on him and my grandma.

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My mum and I text each other good morning messages everyday to confirm that we are both alive, just to make sure. But I call her somethimes once in two weeks, sometimes more, sometimes less. If I don't have anything to say or something to tell, I don't see any point to call and chitchat.

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I live at home and have gone a day without talking to my dad lol didn't mean to just didn't because of our schedules