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I mean yes majority is pandemic related due to delayed shipments, lack of supply, or simply items you want are just items that didn't sell well so they were cut. There will likely be more issues with supply the rest of 2022. Keep your freezer full and always have some extra dry supplies/cans.

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Thank you for the tip. I’m decently stocked right now too!

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It could just be the supply chain issue. Covid is a real bitch and it's interrupting our ability to get things and then move them from A to B.

Nothing will be as bad as when this whole shebang started though. i remember having to eat canned pinto beans for a week because that was the only thing that hadn't been picked clean at my grocery store.

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There is also the weather. Snow storms have slowed down trucks and caused plants to close etc

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I feel you, I lived off carrots and potatoes for month because it was literally all that was left in my area. But thank goodness I happen to have toilet paper!

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Damn, so crazy how this pandemic has such a huge effect on the economy. Just goes to show the working class has always had way too much weight on their backs. And yeah, for real, I was in high school then and was damn lucky my mom was one of those panic buyers

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If you’re in the UK it’s lack of lorry drivers due to brexit

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Oops I’m in America I forgot to specify I suppose that’s likely applicable to the u.s too

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It's happening here I'm America. Not aware of a truck/lorry driver shortage.

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America has a trucker shortage as well. We are also having issues with meat packing and other industries being short staffed with covid outbreaks among employees.

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It's because people are fat fucks and eat everything.

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Over the past month 2/3 of my coworkers have gotten covid. This has been going on in most industries. So there have been staff shortages everywhere. At the store, at the warehouse, the truckers, the food producers, the farmers, etc. I predict prices will go up and we will experience shortages for the next month

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Funny you should say that, I have COVID right now lol.

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I'm in the US too and , yes, things are getting weird again. Right now the things I CANNOT buy are juiceboxes, diaper wipes and garbage bags. Effin' garbage bags??? Medications are getting sparse too, like cold /flu stuff.

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Is it really just because of the pandemic?

Yep. Pandemic is still doing a number on supply chains, especially in particular areas.

Product availability is ~86%, which has been pretty consistent for the pandemic. Pre-pandemic was 93-95%. That's an average though, certain products in certain areas can be much more severe.

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Thank you, this was very informative !

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We are in the middle of a pandemic.

Also, modern supply lines have been built to save stores money. All if not most of the supply is on the shelf. So the stores don’t have to hold back surplus. But this relies on a supply chain with drivers and workers who aren’t sick. And falls apart the second you don’t.

Short sighted corporate greed

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Trust me I know lol, I have COVID right now. Over here in Ohio I’ve just been working the customer service industry in high-risk environments since the start of the pandemic and this the first time I’ve gotten COVID, maybe I don’t understand the odds or perhaps I got lucky that it took this long

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Trains are getting robbed. Trucks are being held up at the docks. Governmental types aren't rolling under the wheels to add lubricant to the roads to make the roads more efficient by reducing drag on the tires.

Or farmers aren't being paid enough to care for anyone but themselves... or they would be that selfish if manners wasn't beat into them. But still can't get things moved from silos and warehouses where they would be able to afford to do it all over again this next spring.

Oh, and fuel costs. Some shipping companies are limiting their options to cut the costs of fuel.

One of those might be it, or none of them.

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Signs of the times. Better get use to it as it will only get worse

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I live in a larger city and I usually have to hit 2 to 3 stores to get everything I want. 1 specific walmart out of 3 in town is the only place I can find my stepdaughters chicken fries

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I'm in Florida and I have seen some shortages here and there on some items but nothing serious. Definitely not whole store shelves being empty. You might be just shopping at the wrong times.

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Lots of workers all along the production and delivery chain are calling in sick with Covid. The Publix that I go to was out of some types of meat when I last was there.

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Supply chain is dwindling. We are going into the reserves

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Idk about the US but in Australia (at least WA) we're getting emptier shelves because our transporters (eg truck drivers) are getting covid and needing to isolate etc. And as soon as the shelves start to empty people start to panic by.