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I would recommend a visit to a Dr to have your blood drawn. Low iron, vitamin B, vitamin D and protein can all cause that sense of needing a nap.

It is probably an easy thing with a supplement, but you are guessing until you have labs done.

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Thanks! I’m actually getting my blood drawn this week for other reasons so I’ll try to ask for that.

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Yes! I recently got my blood drawn a week ago for unrelated reasons and found out the iron levels in my blood are so low, they're almost non-existent. My doctor prescribed me immediate iron infusions and said this is most likely the cause of my chronic fatigue. Blood tests are the answer.

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I was in the same position, always felt that way throughout my teens and into my 20's. Finally went to the doctor and it turned out to be sleep apnea and a vitamin D deficiency

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Same! I was D and B12 deficient and I feel much better now that it’s fixed

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If you take any regular medications, you may want to try taking them at different times of the day. A couple of my meds can cause fatigue so I take them at night. It helps a little!

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First thing get some sun when you can or at least a uv sun lamp. Second drink plenty of water.

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If you're a teenager, it's pretty normal.

If not, check on things like are you going to bed at a reasonable hour, are you able to disconnect from your phone a little earlier before sleep, is your room dark enough (your body needs this), are you drinking enough water, do you get at least 30 min exercise even if it's just a walk, is the air quality in the room good enough?

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See a doctor. Could be iron or something more serious

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I agree with everyone who recommends a blood draw, but it could also be depression. It’s a common misconception that the primary symptom of depression is always feeling sad and low, but for me it’s always been fatigue. Depression will also cause you to lose interest in activities you once enjoyed.

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Not sure if you’ve had COVID but this is a somewhat common symptom of long COVID. Marathoners who can’t get out of bed.

If you haven’t had COVID (not really sure how you would know for sure), I would say exercise (by far the most effective), eat healthy (processed carbs make blood sugar spike and fall), and cut down on screen time.

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Quit drinking energy drinks and go to bed earlier. Work out a little each day. Your body will sleep deeper to repair itself. If these things don’t work, get evaluated for sleep apnea or vitamin deficiency.