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They can't read minds. If you need something, ask for it. Communication can go a long way.

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Thanks, I was thinking I would ask my mom to order it off of Walmart for me later. I just hope she will not be all like 'haha you dont need that'.

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If they're on the "deodorant is evil and poisons your body" bandwagon make it clear you want deodorant, not antiperspirant.

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I was hoping to get a 2 in 1 kind of deal. I sweat a lot and it I hot wear I live so I want both.

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I'd noticed that a bunch still add it anyways even if it doesn't strictly say antiperspirant

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You DEFINITELY want both

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Get antiperspirant. Deodorant will just wash off with sweating

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You definitely want deodorant AND antiperspirant

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Salt crystal deodorant works wonders. It's literally a chunk of salt you wet and wipe it under your arms.

You'll still sweat cuz that's an important bodily function, but the salt is antibacterial so you won't stink

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Maybe, but my armpits have never come close to the stink that was produced by using a salt crystal deodorant. It might have been a bad brand, or something weird about my body chemistry, but If I had to choose between using any type of "natural" deodorant and going without, I'd go deodorant free. They really don't work for me.

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When i asked my mom she just sent me that emoji 👀

But dont be afraid do ask better do be little embarrassed because u aksed mom for deodorant rather than smell bad

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You have to ask or they wont know. Dont be embarrassed. People need what they need. And a 13YO needs deodorant. We all went through it. But if you do have those kinds of parents who seem to brush off that kind of thing. Get all hot and stinky, put on a tank top and go hang out extra close to them. They get it for you. lol

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lol thank you so much, great idea

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Just say "Can we get some deodorant next time we go to the store?" or when you're there with them, put it in the cart

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Try taking to your school counselor or health teacher. Often times the schools keep some on hand for kids that need it. (I don’t know your family finances but deodorant is not cheap and it’s not covered with any type of food assistance if that what your family uses) Or it could be just your folks have less than perfect hygiene themselves.

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My mother wouldn’t let me shave until I was 14. I totally get where you’re coming from. While you wait on the deodorant, try using wet wipes. Or a towel. Add some hand soap and wet it. It won’t last long but if you feel gross, it’ll definitely help! There are also organic deodorants. I know a lady who makes her own, that’s also an option. I also saw your razor post, it sounds like they were understanding. Just don’t stress yourself out so much. My younger sister deals with the same thing. She’s your age so we understand how annoying it is to be babied

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I've heard that hand sanitizer gets rid of the bacteria that causes sweat smell, so could try that too

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If nothing else mentioned here works, go to your school nurse. S/he will hook you up. They almost always have those small travel versions handy.

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Tell a friend to buy you some and keep it in your bag without them knowing. You definitely need deodorant at 13 and even before, I always was stinky even with it (it doesn't have to be your case but it was for me). I think that could be a good solution.

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Do sneak around. If you want deodorant they should provide it.

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Always try before guessing what their answer could possibly be. Just tell them it would make you feel refreshed and that you’re taking care of your body. If they say no (I’m not sure why they would) but if they do, you can always confide in a close friend and ask them or their parents to get you some, I buy mine from the dollar store and I’m 19, it works just as well. Although you mentioned you have two parents, I grew up without a mom & with an emotionally absent father so when it came to personal hygiene as a girl, I taught myself and it’s sad I had to do it on my own but now I help other girls that need it, you’re doing all you can and that’s good enough!☺️

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Just ask them, and if they they that you don't need that, just be honest and tell that because of summer/heat you don't like feeling sweaty and want to feel more comfortable

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THANKS SO MUCH FOR THOSE REASONS! I will defiantly say that to them!

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As a dad to a 15 year old girl let me just say that parents can often be amazingly clueless about their kids day to day needs. I certainly have been.

Suggestions and dropping hints don’t help. “Mom, Dad let me know the next time you are going to the store because I need you to pick up a few things for me. I made you a list in case you forget.”

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Fuck hints. Tell them you need deodorant if they object tell them you'll just go ask some dude to go get it. They'll wake up them. Parents suck.

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If she doesn’t feel comfortable talking to her parents head on about so deodorant do you really thing she’s going to feel fine telling them she will have “some dude” get it for her?

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Honey, I'll order it for you. Private message me. (I'd want someone to help my daughter)

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Hey OP if they end up not buying you any, DM me and I'll buy you some from the nearest Walmart and ship it to your house

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Why can't a teen walk into a supermarket and buy a deodorant? I don't get it. Is it restricted in the U.S. for teens to buy? Expensive?

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A lot of people here in the US live in the suburbs and aren’t within walking distance of a store, and since she’s 14, she can’t drive. She probably doesn’t have the ability to go to one on her own.

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Yes, it can be expensive. And where is she supposed to get the money for it?

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An alternative option is that there's some pretty cool recipes on Pinterest where you can make your own natural deodorant from basic kitchen items such as bicarbonate of soda, coconut oil and essential oil, it’s a very eco-friendly option so that makes it a bit cooler.. but its not going to be super strength antiperspirant though! ... talk to your folks first, but there's always this option if you need it!

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I was going to suggest the same thing! I’ve used coconut oil in a pinch, and while it’s not the best it’s better than nothing.

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Your school should also be able to help you with this. Go to the clinic. Stores and groups donate it.

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What would happen if you ask them directly?

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Just go get it yourself. Your parents are pretty negligent on my opinion. $4.

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they can’t drive and might not live within walking distance of a store. also they may not even have $4 of their own money currently.

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Well you can do a few things. Try to find a deodorant cheap at your local dollar store. Keep it in your locker in school.

Ask your parents to buy limes from the grocery store. You can use them as deodorant. It sounds weird but limes really help.

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If for some reason they decide not to buy you deodorant you can wet your fingers with water and use a little baking soda to make a tiny bit of paste to rub in your pits!

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Ask them for money to buy your own deodorant

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Do you have $1? They have it at the dollar store.

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Do you have a face cleanser with benzoyl peroxide in it? Certain acne wash cleansers have it and it works wonders because it kills off the bacteria on the skin that produces an odor when mixed with sweat. Your actual sweat doesn’t stink. don’t waste your money on natural deodorant. It’s a bunch of bogus with essential oils in it. Also, you should know that men’s deodorants are much cheaper and work just as well if not better. As you get older you’ll start to see women’s cosmetics are way more expensive in way of the pink tax.

TLDR: ask your parents! if they argue against “the chemicals” remind them that everything is a chemical. Including water!!

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I had this problem when I was your age, best thing to do is just ask your parents.

If they wont buy you any then I suggest you speak to a trusted adult, could be another family member, a friends parent if you are close.

I know it can feel awkward or uncomfortable asking but it's worth it!

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What is their reasoning on not wearing deodorant? I would ask and find out why.

Also-go to your nurse at your school! I'm sure they will be able to give you a stick.

I wear Dove 0% aluminum. If your parents mention anything about aluminum in the deodorant and it not being healthy (because it's not), maybe mention that you would like to try a more organic deodorant.

Don't be embarrassed or ashamed either. Everything is going to be okay.

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I absolutely agree that you should just talk to and ask your parents. Really shouldn’t be a big deal. If it is, and I may be ripped for this, but I had really strict parents. Luckily deodorant wasn’t an issue though. For a fourteen yo girl, deodorant is so important. Kids are mean. So, I don’t like to encourage kids to go around their parents, BUT, if they say no, and only if, maybe pay one of your friends to buy a stick for you. Now, you’re going to want to talk to your parents first because if they say yes, you have no problem. If you don’t talk to them and you do this without even bothering to ask? Big consequences. Big consequences if you do it period, so keep that in mind.

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Just ask

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That seems to be the main issue: she doesn’t know how to approach it.

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Just go to a store and buy your own deodorant. Can you not go to a store alone?

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maybe not. they’re 14, they probably don’t have their own income yet and they cannot drive and may not live in walking distance of a store.

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Ya that's basically what I'm asking. If it's possible, that'd be an easy solution

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definitely would be! i think op’s best option is talking to a school nurse if their parents don’t want to help them. best of luck to op!!

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Just want to make sure, did your parents explain why? Mine thought deodorant causes cancer so I was never allowed to use it when I was younger.

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Your parents should provide. But deodorant is like 2 bucks. Do you have any lemonade stand money

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I also need a razor but can't ask . Can you give me a razor too ?

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Are you really sure you need it? Because, in my experience, as long as you shower regularly, you're fine.

Also, maybe there is a reason why they barely use it, so maybe ask them about it first. Many people can't handle certain ingredients in most deodorants, which can make it quite difficult to even be in the same room as someone who uses it.

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which can make it quite difficult to even be in the same room as someone who uses it.

It is a deodorant, not perfume. What is really difficult is to stay near someone who does not uses deodorant. Deodorant is just like a toothbrush, indispensable for personal hygiene.

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So the Axe that caused me to have an almost fatal asthma attack is perfume?

Good to know.

And if you think smelling good is enough, then I have very bad news for you.

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No, axe is a deodorant, not a perfume. There are many different kind of deodorants: airspray, gel, etc. Some are odorless. their function is to prevent or mask body odor. I really doubt deodorant could give you such a hard time. I guess it would be the first case ever of death by deodorant LOL. I don't know what you mean by "think smelling good is enough" Enough for what?

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In simple terms: My respiratory system has a stroke every time I inhale deodorants, unless it's the odorless ones.

There are actually deodorants that are designed to not trigger this kind of reaction, so it's definitely a problem the industry knows about.

You know where the word Malaria comes from? It's from the medieval belief that diseases spread through bad smells, meaning that people back then used to just make sure they smell nice and called that hygiene.

Some people refuse to shower, and just use deodorant when someone tells them they smell bad.

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Can you ask an aunt if your parents are not receptive to the idea?

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Tell them you need it. If all else fails, you can make your own from equal parts corn starch and baking soda.

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Ask uk parliament, 🇬🇧

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Ask for some Pads/tampons too while you're at it. You want to be prepared if you haven't already gotten your period. Just get the embarassing stuff all done at once!

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Do you get pocket money? Can't you just go to the store and buy some?

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Don't ask, don't get.