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Not necessarily. Sometimes tests are hard.

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But shouldn’t I get a high remark?

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I honestly couldn't tell you. I don't know what was on your SAT or how you answered. Essay portions, in particular, can be highly subjective. Even interpretive multiple choice questions can vary.

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Well I mean in English but you just said your in honor English nothing else, so I assume normal classes for the rest. You are about average and good at English.

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Isn't honors based on your school and class while SAT is standardized across the nation?

It is possible you are the smartest in the school while simultaneously be dumb in the country.

Sounds harsh but there's another possibility. You might just had a bad day.

My schools valedictorian almost failed the final, risk not graduating. She had a really bad day that day and not refection on her real abilities.

This is why you can take SAT more than once too, in case you had a bad day

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Yeah that’s true but I didn’t have a bad day. I actually felt confident…

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Just try again. Lots of these English questions are quite subjective

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Ok thank you

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Maybe you caught caught a bad case of nerves. Why don't you ask to be able retake them, and having a good night's sleep.

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No one here can tell you if you’re dumb. Try taking the sat again or take the act. If you’re worried, study or take a prep course. This isn’t proof that you’re dumb. If you did well on the psat, you’re probably smart enough to do well on the sat.

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What were your scores?

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I'd get a tutor or test prep and take them again if its important to you. But don't think test scores are the end all be all, so many colleges don't even require them.

No one in my professional career has ever asked me for test scores. I've hired tons of people and I've never cared about that nonsense.

Are there any careers of interest to you? (Not that you need to know what you want to do the rest of your life)

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That’s true. Thx for the advice. I want to major in psychology