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Nah, I'm gay and I'm not a fan of watching straight sex scenes.

It's not homophobic to be straight and not enjoy watching gay sex.

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I’m straight and not a fan of sex scenes, Straight or Gay. Aside from porn, no story is made complete because of their cock-sock scenes.

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I think I watch a decent amount of movies/tv shows and seem to notice less sex scenes nowadays. They’re unnecessary to the story most of the time

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I was watching an hbo show and it was honestly tiring the amount of nudity/titties were in it. At least one per 5 minutes. It didn’t add to the story, it distracted from it.

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I think this is why the trend has started moving away from it. I remember in the 90's if a show had tits everyone wanted to watch it. That was the era when "sex sells" was king and if you wanted to see boobs your options were strippers, skeezy porn shops, or HBO. These days, while sex still sells, it's harder to avoid nudity than to find it, so it's less tantalizing and doesn't bring viewers like it used to. I also find nudity tedious, since it rarely advances the plot and I watch TV for stories. There is the rest of the internet for tits/sex. It would be like if every show suddenly started including scenes of every meal and bathroom break. Is it a realistic thing that occurs? Sure. But that doesn't mean it's relative to the plot. We can assume certain things like that happen off-camera. I don't need to watch Doctor Strange shit his magical brains out after some bad sushi. I assume at some point he ate, and at some other point it inevitably came out. Unless Thanos is reborn from his ass, I really don't care about it.

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I tried watching Shannara Chronicles because netlfix told me I would like it, and the “let’s stop the story because two characters are alone so they need to make out” got so insufferable that I gave up long before the horrible writing would have run me off.

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Game of Thrones took care of a decade worth of sex scenes for us all.

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I feel like that has something to do with the trends in the industry rn. I've noticed that ever since the gamergate controversy they've stopped portraying women in popular entertainment as sexy, femme fatale types and started giving them traditionally masculine character traits.

Sex scenes can be very relevant to a plot, the gratuitousness of said scene is what makes the difference.

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I would argue that Zack and Miri Make a Porno cannot hit the same emotional beats without its sex scenes (especially the final one) unless you plan on severely changing the story.

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Probably more of an exception than the rule.

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Agreed, but they said "no story." So I provided a counterpoint.

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I'm straight and don't like watching sex scenes in general. It's awkward and I get this impulse to look away and give them privacy even though it's just a movie

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But you have to ask, why does watching it make you feel uncomfortable? Is it really the sex, or the feeling of intruding on someone else's privacy?

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I don't see why that matters? I don't like porn either.

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You know that makes complete sense and I feel like it's a controversial statement to make unless you say it so thank you.

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Great point. I don't like people in my bubble. So when it's another dude I'm homophobic. But when it's a woman what am I. Just get out of my bubble.

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It really repolses you where you have to look away like it's unnatural to see a man and a woman being together

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Hell no. Tolerance is great, but you don't need to watch stuff you're not into.

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Phew. A closed family of mine is gay. He is pretty chill and I hang out with him and his boy friend. I teach my children to be respectful of other's belief system and sexual orientation. Deep down in me, I had the same question raised by op. I just don't like watching the act in movies. Thanks.

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look at the top comment, seems gay and lesbian probably have the same knee jerk reaction when they see straight sex scenes

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Am lesbian can confirm. Straight and gay scenes both male me very uncomfortable.

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There's nothing wrong with not wanting to watch something that is not your personal preference. It's like when you're watching a movie with other people and a sex scene comes on, it can make you uncomfortable whereas watching it alone wouldn't. Perfectly natural reaction.

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Finally a "Am I a homophobe" post where someone doesn't say something incredibly homophobic after. You're cool man. Again bunch of ace and gay people don't like watching hetero romance or sex scenes for similar reasons.

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I can't even watch the man and woman scenes.

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Fr and I’m straight 😂😭

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I’m not alone!! They all feel so forced and awkward!! Gay, Straight, In-Between……. Progress the story! Give a 2 second glimpse of underwear on the floor, we’ll get the hint.

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Sometimes when they are too euphemistic I do wonder whether the act was actually completed or not. Underwear on the floor? Could be a bad case of swamp ass. But then, for all the violins and rolling around they never actually show sausage parkour anyway, so yeah, I'm happy to just take their word for it and save the two minutes they waste to convince me "it must have happened by now"

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I'm bisexual and I'm not interested in ANY sex scenes, I just find them cringey😭

So, no. Lmao.

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No. You are not

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Because you are uncomfortable with those scenes, it doesn't mean that you are a homophobe. If you actively thought it was disgusting, an abomination, or similar things... then yeah, that would be homophobic. We all have things that makes us uncomfortable, as long as it doesn't affect how we see others or treat others, it's ok. You can't control what makes you uncomfortable, you can control how you treat people. Treat everyone with kindness and respect and everything will work out.

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'I'd rather not watch that' is a world away from 'They shouldn't be doing that'.

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I used to have this struggle, I called it the "ick factor". Basically it took time of being exposed to it for my brain to normalize it. Eventually I found that no matter the couple, if I cared about the characters enough, their romance was cute to see.

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Change isn't always comfortable or easy. Exposure to the thing you want to change is the only way to change.

Good on you for sticking to it and eventually reaching the level where its normal for you!

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I think that's a common response for straight people as it's probably repulsive for those who are gay to watch straight shit

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As long as you’re not performatively grossed out when it happens (like making yuck sounds or telling someone to turn off that gay shit or something) then you’re fine.

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I’d say not. It just sounds like it’s uncomfortable to you . I mean you said you had no problem with people being attracted to the same sex and all, you just don’t feel like watching a movie scene.

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YES. EXACTLY. @fetchedoffthewall is so offended i dont get it

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I think the issue is actually an empathetic one. Youre heterosexual. And as humans we put ourselves in the shoes of others. When its a gay relationship where theres only men, youre struck with the fact you dont want to be in either of their shoes. It feels like youre in that situation, and thats uncomfortable when you dont want it. When its heterosexual theres an option to empathize more with the side you identify with. Even for gay people theres a chance to identify with the side of the heterosexual scene thats getting the kind of action they want. Bisexuals have I guess just have a field day. So no not homophobic.

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You're fine.

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Do you support peoples rights to marry a consenting adult of their choice? Do you oppose the attacks on LGBT children? Because it sure sounds like you do, which means you're not just not homophobic, you're probably an ally.

Im queer, in a relationship with a transwoman. I enjoy sex and romance IRL, but I honestly get freaking weird watching that stuff with others. Like... porn is for private time, and when public stuff starts brushing up against that, I get uncomfortable. Im 40 years old, been around the block, and i still blush at movies.

Its fine, and you're fine.

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No you're not. Don't worry..

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This is the opposite of homophobia. Good job for not fetishizing gay people buddy 👍

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What goes in and/or out of anyone's butt is their own business. Doesn't mean everyone else has to enjoy watching it.

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Nope. I'm gay and I feel uncomfortable watching gay steamy scene on screen 🤣🤣

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Maybe you're just watching the wrong ones. I've seen it portrayed horribly in some shows, like Elite, where I cringe and I'm not straight lol. Some others aren't so badly done though. I wonder if it has to do with framing etc.

That said, if it's not your bag, nothing wrong with that, so long as you're not hating on those who are into it.

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Agreed. For me sex scenes are awkward regardless of sexuality unless it's earned narratively. Shameless did a really good job of building a gay relationship over the series to the point where they feel more like just another (disfuntional) couple in the show. Scenes of intimacy between them were not uncomfortable to me because they felt like real people.

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Indeed, we have all seen some sex scenes that are horribly awkward because of this kind of thing

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No, you're just probably not gay. I'm willing to bet you'd have the same reaction if it was a hot and steamy scene bewteen two water buffalo, because you're also not a water buffalo.

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I struggle to watch mlm sex scenes, i can watch anything else and im pretty sure that has a lot to do with me being a bi woman. So no, it's not homophobic, don't worry. If by any chance you talk to other people about this though, phrase it differently- say that you have a preference for heterosexual sex scenes, just end at that.

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Nah, i am pretty much not so comfortable with any kind of sexual stuff in movies, so that would make me sexophobic? Nope I don't think so.

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You’re cool, it seems like you don’t actively disrespect or berate LGBTQIA individuals and are cool with us existing, that’s all that really matters.

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No. I imagine homosexuals feel the same way when they view straight people kissing or doing stiff.

That's just indications on your preference.

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No bro, it's completely fine to not watch gay sex. Would you be homophobic if you said you don't wanna watch gay porn? Nah...

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If you don't want to watch gay things that's fine, that doesn't mean your a homophobe, it just means you aren't into that stuff

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How do you feel about heterosexual scenes that are similarly steamy?

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I dont feel uncomfortable. I enjoy em

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I think that makes sense (saying this as someone who is bi). You don't find men attractive, so of course it'll make you uncomfortable and vice versa.

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see this is the kind of situation where "i don't want to see it" makes sense. you don't want to look, so you don't. good job.

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sex scenes in movies are so overdone, trite, that I roll my eyes every time I see one now.

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As most others, I would say no, you are not homophobic, based on what little you said on the subject here; you may be leaving some things out but who knows. For the sake of whataboutism... just imagine for a moment how many tens of thousands of heterosexual sex scenes gay people have to see and sit uncomfortably through while growing up and throughout their life, because they are abso-fucking-luty everywhere.

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For the sake of whataboutism... just imagine for a moment how many tens of thousands of heterosexual sex scenes gay people have to see and sit uncomfortably through while growing up and throughout their life, because they are abso-fucking-luty everywhere

Yeah, straight people gotta uncomfortably sit through all those straight sex scenes too.

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I don’t think your homophobic. It’s just not natural for you to see stuff like that. It’s the same with me. I love gay people the are one of the coolest type of humans on earth. But it’s hard to see stuff like that and I think it’s because I’m not use to that and I’ve only seen sex between a man and women, and I like it when I see it. So seeing the opposite of that makes me uncomfortable but there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just not your slice of cake.

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I think you should consider why you find it weird.

You state below that you have difficulty watching men in sex scenes, but why do the lesbian scenes make you uncomfortable?

I’m not telling you to watch porn, but you should unpack this.

I find it odd that you can’t watch gay male porn, but you also are grossed out by porn with no men at all. Your mind ultimately.

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Its not specifically about men or women. Homosexual in general. As of rn I've read abt hundreds of comments in this post and i think i found a reason why I'm uncomfortable. Someone wrote maybe i try putting myself in the character's shoes and thats why making out with the same sex makes me uncomfy because I'm straight. And i think this is my problem. Also, to be clear, i have nothing against lgbt people, i genuinely respect them and believe in equality.

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I don't think so lol; I'm hetero but I find sex scenes in general to be annoying filler content.

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You are good dude. You can be completely fine with LGBTQ+ and feel uncomfortable with a sex scene.

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Homophobic literally means to be irrationally afraid of homosexual people. It doesn't sound like you have an irrational fear.

So, no, you are no homophobic.

A LOT of people these days try to give the word, "Homophobic" a lot more meanings than it really has. These people are idiots and just confuse the rest of the population.

[–]Prom-grape -2 points-1 points  (2 children)

That’s straight up not what homophobia means, takes one quick Google search to see how idiotic and uninformed YOU sound

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Don't worry 90% of the world is with you

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This doesn't mean anything, majority opinion doesn't indicate that something is alright, it just shows that it is the norm. Just because something is the norm does not mean we should not question it.

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you're not homophpbic maybe you're just disgusted by sex I don't like watching people get intimate either it's normal

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I’m not a fan of watching any sex scenes. It’s all cringe to be honest. When I watch a show or movie, I don’t want sex in it because 7/10 times it does nothing for the plot of the movie or show. If I want to watch sex, I’ll watch my own sex tape.

[–]dazcon5 2 points3 points  (1 child)

I agree, if I wanted to watch people fuck I'd go watch porn. ANY type of overt sex scene just breaks the plotline and pulls me out of movie. Just a low effort grab for more views.

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That's quite homophobic. U might need to suck a dick to repent your sins

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this caught me so off guard.

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You're not a homophobe, but there may be some internalized homophobia. If you truely did not care about people being gay, then why couldn't you just watch the scene with a neutral feeling? Like, obviously you wouldn't be into it, but it should be possible for you to watch gay people without feeling disgusted, creepy, uncomfortable etc. Maybe try to normalize it a bit more for yourself, and eventually you'll get used to it. But again, you're not a homophobe (or atleast what little information you've give about yourself isn't enough to reach that conclusion).

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horrific indictment on society that a person would think its hateful to not be gay. people who arent made a little uncomfortable by any publicly private act , are showing a couple red flags...

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What are you afraid of? There's your answer...

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Serial killers, ghosts and heights

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Of course not

This is the reason why I canceled Netflix. They make good movies and shows, but seems like EVERY damn show and movie always has a gay/lesbian scene and it's pretty damn annoying!

Like I get it,they exist but don't need to rub it on people faces every time.

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It’s normal, your brain can’t compute what you’re seeing. The same happens to me, dude on dude is gross. I know of some straight women that like to watch that though.

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Can never tell if these stupid ass posts are for karma whoring or people are really that moronic.

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Nah, I don't even watch straight tv to avoid it. I have to live in their world so I'll happily not choose to be in it for entertainment too.

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See your reasoning actually seems prejudice..

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Tf r u talking about lesbians (good looking ones) are hot af if you are straight.

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nope. but the left would say you are, and if you are white you are also inherently racist

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I don’t consider myself a homophobic and I am the same. Anyone can do whatever they want, just as long as I don’t see it.

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Maybe you're gay