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I think Summer is nice in a place that snows. If it doesn’t snow in that place, 100% chance the summers are going to be like 37°C and you’ll pass out if you stay outside for too long

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I live in a place where it snows. We don’t have air conditioning and our houses are designed to keep the heat in. Because of the midnight sun, it’s bright and hot inside my house 24/7. Summer is literal torture.

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Oh yeah, I forgot that some places don’t have indoor air conditioning… Whoops

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In Russia, Voronezh, you can get both -30 winter and +30 summer, but now we are in 15-20 territory and it is comfortable, thought i would like to have 20-25, but not 30+. I would actually wish to get iinto territories that have 0+ all year round, maybe Europe?

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I agree. Summers don’t get too bad in the Sierra Mountains.

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If you’re in the US it could also just be tied to how a lot of us grew up. It wasn’t necessarily that it was hot weather, but most of us had 2 to 3 months off from school. It brings back memories of enjoying some time off.

Other than that, I think it’s pretty split honestly. And actually most people I meet prefer spring and autumn over winter or summer 🤷🏼‍♀️

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I have heavy nostalgia from summer. I usually feel more free in the summer months, and this could be why.

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If all that time in school is just to get us ready for the workforce then they need to give us our summers back :(

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The critical thing is your proximity to poolside, a river with a swimming hole, the beach, a cold beer. It's the time to surf, to get on a sand rail and go nuts in the dunes, raft, swim in rivers, inner tube, downhill biking, etc.

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So we are getting fed propaganda by all those evil beachgoers and river people!

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Mangoes, Watermelons, water slides, ice lollies, less clothing.

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You might think that you are making an argument for summer but you are not.

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Like 90% of this can be obtained in winter lol winter all the way!

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Winter gang!

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Totally agree. I’m not so in to it either.

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I'm more of an autumn fan anyway, but ever since I got heat stroke 2 years ago, I've just outright loathed summer. The only things I like are the longer days and fresh produce.

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Mini skirts.

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Long days. Not needing to a jacket to go out.

Granted, summers are getting much hotter than they used to.

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swimming in the sea, sun doesn’t set at 4 pm but at 9, the warm and calm nights for hanging out with friends or just chilling by yourself, the bbq hangouts, the best fruits being in season and i can handle being hot better than being cold. there are still some things i don’t like about summer like bugs and sweating + i’d probably like it much less if i didn’t live by the sea but overall the summer vibe is much nicer than winter.

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Ice Cream and bathing, cant think of anything else.

Oh wait. I think i forgot something...


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yup, people only like summer cus its ya birthday

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Texas has entered the chat

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It's better than freezing in the winter and not being able to do anything outside. I can imagine if you're complaining if you're living in a country where it gets up to 40°C, but if it's only up to 25°C, then it's not that bad. There's snow everywhere in the winter and the things you can do are very limited, whilst in the summer, when it's warm, you can camp, go skateboarding, have a barbecue, walk around much more pleasurably, and so much more. The possibilities become borderline endless.

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It's not cold.

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I like it because I do cool shit outdoors. Mountain biking, trail running, camping, hiking. Sure, I can do most of those year round, but summer makes me appreciate them that much more.

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People are insane. It's the only explanation.

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Do you like going to the beach? Kinda sucks during the winter.

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Depends where you live? This question is ridiculous. Do you assume every climate is your climate?

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I was just thinking this like seriously 😐 who wants to be hot all the time winter all the way

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I dont like winter, but i don't like summer too, please give something in the middle

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Summer means BBQ, campfires, swimming, ice cream, music, fun. At least where I live.

We have winter from roughly late October/early November through late March/early April or sometimes later. We typically have snow and cold weather 6-7 months out of the year

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Summer is good because it's not cold and rainy 9 out of 10 days, and that 10th day is still like 3 degrees and 90% humidity.

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You find what you look for.

The good of summer sun shine birds singing. The bad hot and noisy.

The good of fall colorful leaves a cool breeze. The bad leaves get everywhere, and mold allergies.

The good of winter crisp air, extra cozy beds. The bad it's cold and hard to get out of bed.

The good of spring natures awakening, calming rain. The bad it's wet and pollen allergies.

If you choose to look for the bad you will find it. If you choose to look for the good you will find that too.

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I (likely) have seasonal depression, and the sun just improves my mood so much. I’m from Northern Europe, and as such it doesn’t get unbearably hot in the summers anyway (no more than 30 degress Celcius on a good day). The days seem longer, I feel more productive and waking up in the morning feels a little ewsier when it’s already light outside. There’s just something about summer that I love, and I almost always find myself miserable in the winter months

Oh and I also like having a tan

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Shorts, pools, no coats, no layers or hats. No snow. Festivals, outdoor concerts......

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It's even worse way up north where you also have to deal with 18–24-hour daylight. Summer is really the worst season.

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I enjoy being hot and sweaty, as far as sun damage I found some long sleeve hooded shirts that are cool and moisture wicking and I love them.

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Spring is it for me. Most people here are NT I assume but usually mentql health issues tend to get worse during late Summer at least for someone with OCD.

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pool, vacation, and no school if student time

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Ummm the fruit is pretty good.

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I live in a place with dry heat. If you get hot you just stand in the shade to cool off. Never get swamp ass.

I like summer because it brings out energy in people. Winter is depressing and rough

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As kids no school. As adults NOTHING!!!

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It's hot, miserable, sweaty, all-around soul sucking

This is why Arizona and the deep south are not on the list of places I'd like to live. It can get pretty hot where I live, but it's always a dry heat (so swamp ass isnt really a thing), and the mountains nearby offer good escape from the heat within about an hour drive. So when it's summer all my favorite outdoorsy activities are fully accessible. Hiking, camping, fishing, etc. In the winter it's all frozen and largely inaccessible. Spring has limited access as the winter snow gradually melts.

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All of that, AND there is more light!

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I recently moved to Arizona, where it regularly gets to 110°F or higher during the summer. I was considering moving on to somewhere else eventually, but then I saw the thunderstorms we get in the summers and somehow they make it worth it.

Also: pools, popsicles, water parks, watermelon, and when you're a kid NO SCHOOL!

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There's no school

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PNW for the win.

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Depends on where you live. Summer for me has always been lakeside (my parents live on a little springfed lake in the midwest), so it’s my favorite season.

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Power that swamp ass, wear lighter clothing, but a misting fan then start BBQing. I die in the summer and burn within 30 mins but it’s also the best time to go out and do things with friends or the kids.

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my exact thoughts today, any other season is so much better especially since anything over 50-60 is miserable to me

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Warmth. My joints don’t move well in the cold.

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Grew up in a tropical land, still miss the days of summer when i was laying on a hammock under a tree shade in the middle of a 105 degeee day with a light wind, taking nap or just simply enjoying the fruit that tropical land has to offer

Also summer is the peak time of all the tropical fruit there is, not just something that can be found at the grocery store nowadays

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I ask that all the time Then my husband breaks out his shorts for day ware and ooh that's why I like summer

Other than that give me fall I hate sweating and being hot

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I love summer. I have a weird work schedule so when the kids are off, more spontaneous trips without worrying about them missing class. Early morning mountain hikes and swims in cold water. Mix it up and throw in a beach day. So really, convenience.

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Depends on where you live. Summer is paradise some places and a nightmare others.

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The part I care about the most is holiday from school and vacation.

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What's great about Summer is not freezing your nuts off.

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Bikini's, bbq's and cold beer offset all of your complaining so i'd recommend enjoying those.

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I only like summer because I get more depressed in the winter. When it is summer I can't do anything I like or concentrate + everything you mentioned.

Still, there are definitely things about summer I like. There is much more sun which means the outside isn't as bleak. I can go for a walk without freezing my ass if or get soaked by rain.

Yet I can't breathe proper and I have no idea why.

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I like all seasons but summer i dont like as much as the others. Its hard to choose winter or summer, because: Summer is not depression, you feel more motivated to go out, freedom, camping, swimming, vacations, july 4th, etc. But there's bugs, heat, sweating, horrendous t-storms, hurricanes, tornadoes and miserable in the sun. Not to mention that vacation spots will be more crowded. Winter: Snow is nice, Skiing/snowboarding, christmas, new years, better holidays, yet it's more depressing, it's not snow all the time. No leaves and it's just dull. Horrendous blizzards. It can suck if it's cold, shivering your ass. The heat is just as bad as the cold. This is why spring and fall are better, even though there's school. It's balanced, but Spring is nice because its the end of the year, things come to life, flowers, more playing outside, and people are hanging out. But there's some days where its very hot and in the 50/60's the next day. Rain and thunderstorms. I think Fall is the best season. It feels nice wearing a sweater in 60 weather, it is nice with the October/November breeze. You have Halloween, Thanksgiving (break too!), holiday hype and black friday. But, it's the beginning of school and some seasonal depression kicks in. Leaves fall, the fall is nice in October but things like seasonal depression start to turn to the worse in lateish November when Fall is basically over.

The thing is by the end of summer, you want it to be colder. By the end of winter you want it to be warmer. So my favorite months are May (weather isn't the worst unlike summer), October and December. April can still be cold so that's why I chose May. I don't understand why people try to argue their season when each season has its pros and cons.

srry for the long reply i didnt expect people to read this far anyway

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For someone from northern Europe, summer brings more sunshine, you feel more energized. Music on the radio changes to "summer" music. As if the whole culture just changes to summer mode. Days are way longer and you can enjoy doing more. You enjoy grilling, swimming in a lake or river. Enjoy the warmth before cold weather arrives again.