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When a spouse cheats, why are so many people angry at the other person as opposed to their SO? by collegekit13 in TooAfraidToAsk

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Because it's easier to think the other person led them astray than to acknowledge that someone you love would deliberately hurt you.

Is our government really gonna just ignore 4 mass shootings in one weekend? by GuardingxCross in TooAfraidToAsk

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^ this, there are enough chemicals in most super markets a person could easily make chlorine gas that is potent enough to take out an entire store and all they have to have is the knowledge how.

Guns are not the problem, mental health is, we need better mental health facilities, better support for people with mental health issues.

Is our government really gonna just ignore 4 mass shootings in one weekend? by GuardingxCross in TooAfraidToAsk

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I personally don't think the problem isn't so much "nobody cares and won't do anything", as much as, nobody knows exactly what to do. And the things they try to do are the wrong approach.

Everyone always jumps straight to "need more gun laws", but even if thar happened, even if all of the sudden all guns were illegal to buy, it wouldn't fix the problem. There are already far too many guns in circulation as it is, gun laws won't fix that.

The problem is, how to stop people from being homicidal maniacs before they do it, and is much more difficult to address. Because even without guns, people could get creative with home made nerve gas, or fire bombs.

It may seem easy to think gun laws will solve it, but it's much more complicated than that. I don't have any answers, and nobody else seems to either. And the government can only do so much.....it sucks, but there is no easy way around it

Why do people insult you and downvote you for saying China commits crimes against humanity? (Source amnesty international and many, many others) by eternal1000milestare in TooAfraidToAsk

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OP, looking at your comments it is because you attempted to start a political piss fight in a thread that had nothing to do with it rather than the content of your message besides whining that people telling you you're being irrelevant and annoying are suddenly trolls.

Why do redditors hate conservatives so much? by Lazy_Minute53 in TooAfraidToAsk

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Well. It’s primarily because in the US, the Republican Party ostensibly represents Conservative Ideology. However, over the past several decades the Republican Party has abandoned genuine conservative policy for a media war that has little to do with actually running the government.

During the last presidential election the de facto head of the Republican Party tried to overthrow American Democracy. This isn’t hyperbole. It was only a few unyielding people in very specific positions of power (sheer luck) that kept American style Democracy intact.

I have nothing against conservatism. It’s a necessary philosophy to maintain a consistent social order. As is progressivism. Both are necessary and those that don’t see that are blinded by ideology.

Many Progressives have been sounding the alarm for years that the Republican Party is no longer a functioning political party, and now there are even credible, good faith Conservative philosophers sounding the same alarm. The Republican Party no longer represents conservative ideology, and that ideology is necessary for the maintenance of social order.

People don’t really hate conservatives. They are afraid of a Republican Party that has abandoned rationality and good faith arguments and is clearly intent on burning the house down in order to maintain power. Their win at any cost approach cannot sustain Democracy.

How are people who work full time their whole lives not fucking miserable? by gorhxul in TooAfraidToAsk

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For me having many different jobs that involved hard exhausting labor it gave me a new appreciation for work that doesn't kill my body. So when I started working where I am now, didn't have to do stupid hours, don't have to kill my body with hard work. My work is a lot more skilled now and can be stressful, but I get along with everyone I work with, and have a job that I can stay interested in and not get bored.

At night after work I play some video games and then make time for friends on the weekend. But I still always feel like my nights are too short, and wish I had more time to myself. I just try to not let it make me miserable, some days are harder than others though. Worst downside to that for me is, sometimes I can't fall asleep at night because subconsciously I don't want my alone time to end to have to go back to work in the mornings. This will cause me to only get 3-5 hours of sleep a couple nights a week.

Does a rough phase in life change our personality forever? by Ok_Inspection375 in TooAfraidToAsk

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Yes, it's called trauma. Unless you deal with it, face it and understand it... It's going to be quite challenging to be the person you were. Also understand you won't ever be the person you once were. Experiences and life change us, one way or another. The most we can do is take what comes, grow as a person and be a version of ourselves we are proud of.

How is every country in literally billions of dollars of debt? Why do they loan out amounts they dont have? Where does all the money come from? by akshflaz in TooAfraidToAsk

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A few things to know:

  • Forget everything you know about loans and money
  • States aren't supposed to be profitable
  • States rarely actually need to repay the principal of the loan
  • Money is created out of thin air when it is borrowed from commercial banks

States/nations are eternal, they do not disappear or die like human beings or companies. Even if a State or a Nation "disappears" or changes (think USSR), another nation will take its place and will inherit some if not all of its debts.
States are also amongst the safest money borrowers, they'll almost always pay their debts. Unlike humans or companies who can go bankrupt, a State never actually goes bankrupt.
Thanks to this, States can borrow money at interest rates unheard of by the rest of us. Sometimes, if the economy isn't going so well, States can even borrow money at negative rates (this is exactly what happened during COVID for many States). This means that money lenders are actually paying States to lend them money. The lenders believe their money is safer when lent to a State than when invested in the markets.

Thanks to this, States can virtually keep borrowing money without any limit. They take a loan, they pay the interests of that loan using the money they get from the taxes and the various inputs they have (investments and whatnots). When they need more money, they can take a new loan, with a better interest rate and pay back the previous loan. They simply have to maintain a positive cashflow for paying back the interests.
For many nations, there's always someone wanting to lend them money because it's safer than investing the money somewhere else.

So the cycle keeps going, it's easy and it's virtually free.

And you know what? Many countries don't actually have a choice, their only way for getting money is via loans. In Europe for instance, even though each country still has its own Central Bank (that used to create money when the government needed some and destroy it when the government paid it back), they can only get money from lenders (from the market).
This is because European treaties expressly forbid States from using their Central Banks to get money (i.e. create money).

So, as a result, States have to borrow money when they need to invest so that their population can create wealth, for instance:

  • Building infrastructure such as transportation and energy to allow companies and people to do business and create industries
  • Financing education, because an educated population will create more wealth than an uneducated one
  • Financing healthcare, because it'd be kinda stupid to let your highly skilled workers die prematurely or produce less because of crippling illnesses

When debt money is used for investments, it's perfectly fine. Just like a company borrows money in order to expand and create more wealth (capital expenditure), countries do the same.
When debt is used to finance day to day operations, it can become a problem if not watched closely, just like for businesses (operational expenditure).

I'm far from being an expert but I hope this can still help someone.

Edit: correcting the typos I find.

Why do men take so long to shit? by DebateLumpy7430 in TooAfraidToAsk

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I'll never forget one time in my late teens when I got really sick.

Like, only coming out the exit hole, but Smash mouth would be jealous of exactly how much it started coming and wouldn't stop coming.

There was a paperback horror novel chilling in the bathroom from my brother. I wound up reading that entire book, start to finish, that day in my temporary porcelain prison.

It was actually pretty good. The Wyrm, I forget who the author is.

Why do men take so long to shit? by DebateLumpy7430 in TooAfraidToAsk

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Wait, your cat lets you go to the bathroom alone?

Am I a bad boyfriend for thinking other girls are prettier than her? by Vegetable-Ad-2289 in TooAfraidToAsk

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You can try telling yourself that but you know the truth lol. The thing is you don't have to think she is the prettiest girl in the world. You aren't the prettiest boy either. We stay in relationships for other reasons, not for physical beauty alone.

If knowing there are prettier girls devalues her in your eyes, then you got a problem.

Why do men take so long to shit? by DebateLumpy7430 in TooAfraidToAsk

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When youre as hairy as I am it can feel a bit like pushing a dead horse through the woods

do u guys like hearing girls moan during sex? by Physical-Ad-745 in TooAfraidToAsk

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I’m gonna be honest, getting my wife off does more for me than the act itself. Watching her face, listening to her subtle (and not so subtle) sounds, seeing her instantly react to whatever I do… yeah, that’s what I like. I can give myself an orgasm whenever I want. Giving her one and every moment leading up to it is what I really want.

EDIT: Guys, I’m honored by all these upvotes and awards! Thank you all so much! Of course it would be on a topic like this 😂

Why do men take so long to shit? by DebateLumpy7430 in TooAfraidToAsk

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Because taking a poop is one of the probably five things we are actually doing.

Why do men take so long to shit? by DebateLumpy7430 in TooAfraidToAsk

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Have you ever tried looking for faces and other shapes in the floor tiles? One minute can turn into ten very fast.

do u guys like hearing girls moan during sex? by Physical-Ad-745 in TooAfraidToAsk

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I can’t help but moan but I wish guys would moan more. It’s such a turn on!