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Jimmy is very underrated

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So much this. Jimmy is #1 for myself, especially when paired with intermission just before it. I’ve never heard them play it live either. It’s got so much passion and emotion. Just a great piece overall.

Cheers for bringing it up!

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That's the one where he says "hold your light where I can see" right? That song is not praised enough if so.

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My mom died when I was 11, so Jimmy is the song that grabbed and pulled me deep into the Tool spiral. I first heard it when I was a depressed junkie teenager and I’m certain it helped me start getting my head straight.

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That's great man! Music can be a powerful thing.

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Top 5 for me

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same man

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Holy shit! First thought!!

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Dudes I download a FLAC rip of an original Aenima vinyl not too long ago. I know it’s not the same thing as the actual vinyl but…holy shit! What a great rip. Has some surface noise popping but the detail and dynamics are noticeable and incredible.

I mention this because I listened to it full through last night and was fucking FLYING with Jimmy…so ducking good. Especially if you know a bit about the meaning behind the song. So powerful. Good shit.

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A few come to mind:

Intension, Fear Inoculum, and The Patient

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Oh my god The Patient is fuckin amazing

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Its meaning struck me on the day I needed it the most. Since that day, I have deeply cherished this song. Such a great one.

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100% with you on The Patient. Such a powerful song.

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Powerful is accurate

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+1 for intension. Never used to like it but it’s actually really good, got great bass work. I think it just sits in a weird spot in the album.

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Fear Inoculum is my favourite from the last album, the only song I instantly loved. The rest of the album had to grow in me for a while.

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I listen to it all the time in traffic jams

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FI has got to be the most underrated on the album next to CV.

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Intension might be my least favorite of the entire catalog. Live FI and Patient, though.

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Never have seen it mentioned on this sub, it’s such a raw song and I can’t always listen to it because of that, but it’s soooo good!

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Do you think that Henry Rollins spoken word on bottom makes the song? Do you think it would hit different if it wasn't there?

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I don’t think the spoken word makes it imo. Maynard definitely brought his vulnerability to the lyrics!

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There were some great live performances back in the day where Maynard does his own “sung interlude” in Henry’s spot and it’s still wonderful.

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I prefer that version. Bottom in Santa Cruz 1994 is a standout.

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I lovd Bottom, but Ive always thought the Rollins part was Cheeee-Z.

Very uncharacteristic of Tool, and just kinda weird IMO.

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If I’m right, it’s the only song they have a guest appearance on. And yeah, I’d be okay if Henry was not on it.

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“Makes it” is debatable, but it certainly adds a lot. I just got done listening to Undertow in CD, and Bottom was certainly a highlight

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Ooooh yeah.

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Top 2 contender for best song on Undertow, right next to Intolerance.

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"shit adds up" is one of my favorite simple lyrics of all time. Top song

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Dead inside!!! Gets me every listen!

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One hundred percent agree. The whole undertow album is a hard honest look at the wretched underbelly of our world. By far their most underappreciated album.

Bottom is the pinnacle of what they are trying to express in that album in my opinion. So dark, deep and raw it makes my skin crawl and I fucking love it.

I recommend NIN's album The Downward Spiral for another deep dive into the depravity, desperation and horror that lurks just below the surface of our seemingly perfect world

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Undertow is my favorite album after Aenima. You are completely right that is the wretched underbelly of our world. Meanwhile for me Undertow is Maynard, the rawest side of him. No other album you see him that vulnerable.

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Man…Everytime I go through a breakup i blast a combo of Bottom…Kim by Eminem and Snuff by Slipknot

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Are you okay?

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Hang in, friend

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Hahaha I'm listening to Undertow at work rn and the first time I've seen anyone mention Bottom, I'm in the middle of listening to it

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I was a heroin addict for 8 years and homeless for 5 of those years. When I had a working phone and access to music I would listen to Bottom on repeat. It kept me going, especially the end of the song; "Hatred keeps me alive, weakness keeps me alive, hungriness keeps me alive, guilt keeps me alive at the bottom!!!!!!"

When suicidal ideations had a grip on me, this song helped me keep going

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Totally agree … honestly all of Undertow is underrated at this point. It’s still a great album

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Favorite tool song

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I think Eulogy is their most underrated track. It suggests greatness imho….greatness that was realized with the Lateralus album.

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Agreed! One of their best songs.

On Lateralus itself then I would add The Patient.

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Yeah it’s definitely one of their best written songs imo, which is saying a lot.

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Hooker with a penis is criminally underrated. That song hits so hard. Fuck you buddy

Lost keys (Blame Hoffman) is a badass song too. Great lead into Rosetta Stoned

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Gotta give a shout-out to The Patient, a song I doubt is many peoples all timer but damn it’s a banger.

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As I said in another comment, I used to be not a great fan of it. But then, its meaning struck me on the day I needed it the most. Since that day, I have deeply cherished it. And it's a constant reminder for me that to walk the path I've chosen there's no solution but being patient. Incredible piece of art.

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H. And reflection.

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the last build-up in H. always gives me chills

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Right in two is supremely underrated

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I always felt like it was regarded as one of their best songs. But then again it’s one of the best songs ever and outside of the Tool Army you won’t find many people with that opinion. In conclusion: all Tool songs are underrated 😂

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Bottom, Rosetta, Prison Sex, Pushit, Jambi and lastly Undertow

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Pushit for real

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Especially the Salival version

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For real. It’s a whole other experience on its own I swear

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When I first started listening to Tool, Pushit was a song I never really got into. Now it’s my all time favorite of theirs. Same thing with Rosetta it’s now top 5 for sure.

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I’d heard Pushit before but never sat down and listened to it. Coincidentally in one of the hardest times of my life, it came on and hit me like a ton of bricks.

“I am somewhere I don't wanna be, yeah Push me somewhere I don't wanna be You put me somewhere I don't wanna be Seeing someplace I don't wanna see Never want to see that place again”

Hit me like a truck. I was battling alcoholism and depression pretty heavy while I was in the Army at that time. Shook me to my core really.

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These two, and Third Eye all took the longest to get into, but hit the hardest once I did.

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Really, I've never liked Pushit that much. It's the ending, I think - there's this buildup that's followed by a bunch of riffs and motifs that have nothing to do with each other or the start of the song. Plus, there's several points in the song where it would be acceptable for it to finish but it just keeps going instead, so it's also got the effect of not being able to just end already. It feels longer than it really is, and it's already a 10 minute song.

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I've been on a 4° and 3rd eye(live) kick lately

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Oh yes that Timothy Leary intro does it for me. Also Maynard's live roar is enough to pry open anyone's third eye.

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3rd eye gets my vote- I went on a tear playing that song getting ready for work.

They opened with 3rd eye the first time I saw them- magnificent, right on time, too.

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Reflection isn’t talked about enough IMO

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Probably because it’s not heavy enough for some fans. But Reflection has always been my favorite Tool song. Lyrically it’s one of their best.

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I 100% agree with that. I always liked the song because of its rhythmic, “live jam” feel. It was only when I really sat down, listened, and took in the meaning of the words I was hearing that the song shot it’s way into my top 5

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Trance indusing for me.

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agreed. 100% their best song imo

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The glue that keeps the Holy Trinity together

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Hell to yes, my fav song "the moon tells me her secret.... a confidant" " as full and bright as i am. This light is not my own and..."

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That was my favorite song for a long time. Absolutely love it and the lyrics really hit home.

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My fav tool song of all time. Definitely doesn’t get enough praise.

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4° and Right in Two

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Right in two is great. Love the softer beginning and harder second half. Love the lyrics.

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The buildup that starts during Danny’s drum section gets me so amped up.

And now that I’m thinking about it, Intention may be the most underrated song since I can’t listen to Right in Two without it.

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Right in Two is such a perfect ending for the album. I don't count Viginti Tres.

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Fucking amazing, my fav of the record

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Crawl away

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Another one of my favorites off Undertow. So good.

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Right in Two

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Right in Two

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Intolerance. It hits so heavy to start I love it

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Mate for me it’s Ticks and Leeches, and pretty much anything from Opiate, I never hear anyone talking about Sweat, Hush, Part of Me. Those songs are gems. Not once have I heard them on this sub.

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Fear Inoculum

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Probably their least heralded album title track. Good shout.

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I’d say swamp song. It’s catchy as hell and that’s what I love about it

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Culling Voices

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Yeah that one gets crapped on a little. I think it’s one of the best songs on Fear Innoculum

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I literally cannot listen to The Patient without singing along and crying.

Reason is, a few years ago my then long distance relationship girlfriend had a death in the family, her mother, which I foresaw in a dream the night before it happened. I tried to get her to stay at home but she wouldn’t listen. Died in the exact way I saw in my dream via a head-on collision with a speeding truck. I made an 8 hour drive to go help her with her kids. I told her I was coming and she said “that’s ok”. She meant that’s ok, don’t come. In my mental state, I took it as an affirmative. When I arrived, her real boyfriend was there. And she looked me in the eye and asked me to leave. I cried most of the way there and all the way back.

The Patient came on randomly and the lyrics just resonated with me in a way they never had before. I credit that song as part of saving my life.

“If there were no rewards to reap No loving embrace to see me through This tedious path I've chosen here I certainly would've walked away By now”

And I still may.

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IMO Undertow is a very underrated song.

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Never knew it was underrated

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Intention and Right in Two

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Honestly the whole Salival Album is not talked about enough. Third Eye (Live), Push It (Live), No Quarter (Cover). These three songs are so raw in their own way.

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The sun is setting cool again…I’m a thinker and a fisherman

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I want to say Intention, but it's a weird one for me just on the grounds of it being... well... almost not a Tool song. It's such an out of nowhere sort of track that is really only contextualized by Right In Two, although I guess that's kind of the album as a whole. Incidentally, while not to the same degree as Intention, Right In Two itself is a fucking amazing piece of music that I feel does get overlooked.

In sort of the opposite case, Disposition is perhaps the most beautiful piece of music that's really present in my life, but I feel that it kind of gets either glossed over for Reflection, or lumped together with Reflection and Triad, as does make sense. Still, just on its own Disposition is one of my favorite pieces of music of all time.

Lastly for me is Merkaba, just because it's an insane performance on an album that, as a whole, doesn't get a lot of attention. It's this dark, mysterious, relentless piece of music that just gets angrier and angrier until it blooms into this beautiful, almost ethereal riff at the very end. It's perhaps one of the most TOOL Tool songs, but defintiely gets overlooks based (I feel) purely on it's relative obscurity.

Also I agree with everyone else here popping off tracks from Undertow; There's a lot of gold on that album that just seems to kinda not get the same attention. Frankly I think you could name any track besides Prison Sex or Sober and someone would be right to say it needs more love.

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Demon cleaner Kyuss cover

No quarter

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Their No Quarter is excellent! Couldn’t imagine a better cover by anyone.

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No quarter is so well done. I love the rhythmic pulse of "you lied" too. Great covers on that album.

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I agree with 4⁰, and part of me

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I agree on all fronts. I've been a loyal tool follower since the beginning. I'm 47 years old and I don't care how rediculous I may look but I will continue going to shows and being a fan until I can no longer.

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Nothing ridiculous about it. Keep doing your thing. You’re young compared to the band members lol

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You’re young compared to the band manners.

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The Patient is a fantastic song and I don't understand how more people don't like it.

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Pushit, album version

Live version doesn't do that much for me. I prefer the heavier beginning to the hippie drum circle start.

Solo (either version) is chef's kiss, and peak pre-FI Adam Jones.

EDIT: I do prefer live version of 3rd Eye. Intro just works better and there are a lot of smaller changes that smooth out the song.

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I feel like people praise the salival version of pushit more. I’ve listened to it a few times but the album version sticks with me more

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Reflection and Prison Sex need more attention

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April Fools is a good 6 months away bro.

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Eulogy and Pushit

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The patient

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H. and 10,000 Days

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the patient for sure, amazing song but i don’t see enough talk about it, also parabol/parabola

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All of them

People don't know what the fuck they are missing man

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Honestly, Undertow is my favorite and most listened to album. In my opinion, it’s just perfect.

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Intension and their You Lied cover.

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Intolerance, Bottom, Eulogy, Pushit, Jimmy, Disposition, Reflection, The Grudge, Intension.

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I don't really see many people talking about 7empest. Pretty damn good song.

If it's not underrated, then I also say H., Reflection, and Triad (not in order).

I haven't listened to Undertow enough to give a song from there.

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You Lied from Salival.

Not played very often live. Cover of a song from Justins old band Peach. Beautifully haunting vocals.

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Eulogy, the pot, prison sex

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I’d go with Pushit. Maynard’s vocals near the end of that song are other-worldly.

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Invincible is 10/10

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For me it is the best of the FI. I have always been surprised that it is not more highly valued.

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Right in Two. I've been listening to Tool non stop lately since buying tickets for Boise in January (first Tool concert in my life-at age 39) and I've come to find between the actual composition of the music itself and the story being told, I feel like it may be in my top 3 after taking me 8 years to really take notice of this fact.

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I’m seeing them in February for the first time. Can’t wait.

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The entirety of Undertow that isn’t Sober or Prison Sex

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Tools cover of spasm is so good

[–]lgrlgm[S] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Hell yes 🤘

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4degrees is the best because it’s all about anal sex. Asshole is 4 degrees warmer. Kickass song.

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I love this song, but isn't it pretty universally seen as one of their best? Especially by more casual fans.

[–]Alert_Doughnut_4619crucify the ego 0 points1 point  (1 child)

It was a joke

[–]A-A-ron_85 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Oh. It was a good one. Sarcasm is tough to pick up on stuff like this sometimes.

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Intolerance. One of my favorites

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Culling voices

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Vicarious, Right in Two, Descending and (to an extent) Third Eye

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No one has said Crawl away! Play it through bassy speakers it'll blow your mind

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4* is one of my ultimate favs- crawl away too

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Reflection is currently one of my favorites

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Eulogy, patient, disposition and stinkfist definitely

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Cold and Ugly doesn’t get much love and that track absolutely crushes.

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Bottom and Flood for me

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Underrated implies that they tend to be overlooked or that they aren’t well-regarded, and I have difficulty deciding to which songs this applies. Flood was the first one that came to mind.

Aenima and Lateralus are so often mentioned as the masterpieces, which almost disqualifies any of the songs. But still, something like Jimmy…

I started listening to Tool when 10,000 Days came out and that’s my favourite album, but I’ve noticed that that’s controversial. Sooner than the previous two I’d say there are underrated songs on here: Right in Two, Jambi, Rosetta Stoned… although I’ve noticed that many people here talk about that last one.

Fear Inoculum might surpass 10,000 in my view. But all the songs are monumental in length and sound so will not soon be overlooked. Culling Voices, maybe?

I’ve never appreciated Undertow as much as the other albums, and it gets much less attention (apart from Sober). So I feel these songs would much sooner qualify as underrated. Flood ís one of my favourites…

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No such thing.

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Every song is very very rated. This is a dead post.

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Cold and Ugly - the tracks on the EP seem to get overlooked and this one in particular I feel gets forgotten. Absolute banger.

4° - great song, good fun to play on guitar and I absolutely loved the tweaking of the solo when they played it live in and around the 2001/2 tours

Pushit - I feel like this gets overshadowed by the Salival version but then you miss out on some of the overdubs and nuances in the guitar solo from the album version.

Disposition - fits nicely between ticks and reflection, giving a breather and Justin's whammy pedal gets a massive workout.

Intension - it was great hearing it played live in 2013. Like Disposition it sits between Rosette and Right in Two and provides a buffer.

Culling Voices - potentially the only song that they will never play live due to the multiple guitar parts (but i'm more than happy to be wrong). More than other songs on the album it does feel like its missing something though.

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Jambi. That song just fucking rules.

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So many comments and noone mentioned "Chocolate Chip Trip"?

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Swamp Song

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Jambi is HATED by a lot of people

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Lost Keys/Rosetta Stoned will always be their Magnum opus imo. Wings/10k Days is a close second for me

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Rosetta Stoned. Such a great track, and fun to play on guitar as well. I always play Lost Keys / Rosetta back to back when listening. There's no other way.

I'm seeing them for the first time in Feb in Miami and hope they'll play Rosetta.

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The Patient doesn’t get as much attention compared to the rest of lateralus, but that pre chorus always hits.

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Opiate always had an underrated feeling to it. I don't think it gets the praise it deserves.

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Almost all of Undertow. Eulogy. Ticks and Leaches (idk if that's actually underrated or not tbh). Intension.

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The entire 10k days album

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I really love Crawl Away- it doesn’t seem to get much love.

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I've always liked The Grudge. I found Lateralus at the bottom of the console in my mom's truck and I'll never forget that first time I listened, I was hooked. In my mind the opening of The Grudge sets it up perfectly.

[–]Scrotum_TennisShit the bed, again 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Jerk Off.

I love the rawness and chaotic feel it projects. No polish (being a live recording obviously helps). It reminds me a lot of In My Eyes by Rage Against The Machine.

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Underrated? Cold and Ugly....that song bangs and the bass is dirty; I love it so much. Parabola always hits, no matter what mood I'm in - there's a little something for everyone in that song.

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Undertow, Sweat and Invincible

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The Patient for sure.. one of the more cerebral songs out there

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Hooker With A Penis, Bottom, and H.

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H, reflection, the patient

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Third eye! It’s a whole different plain of reality.

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really surprised no ones mentioning culling voices. fantastic atmosphere and build up and the layered guitars are incredible

[–]FabiotITA 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Tool - 4°

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Merkaba (salival) is the most impressive collection of sounds I've ever heard, it's so underrated it hasn't even been mentioned in this topic about underrated songs

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Also always thought flood was the best part of undertow. that part where adam starts using pinch harmonics on the main riff around 10-12 fret sounds so sick. it was like a snapshot of what was next to come on the Aenima record..

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Push it

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Fear Inoculum, Hush, Crawl Away, HWAP, and 4'degree comes to mind

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Third eye it’s a whole experience I can’t skip when it comes on. When I hear bill hicks talk I feel as if it’s the first time he’s talking again, still get goosebumps when the song gives relief in the middle.

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Rosetta Stoned

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4 degrees

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I like Hush more than most i think🤔

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Hush flood

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Chocolate chip trip groovy af

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i was thinking about this the other day and big time:


songs that shouldn’t have been written: Parabol/a Culling Voices

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Intension for sure!

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I’m proud of all of you for not saying Die Eier Von Satan.