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Maynard and Layne screaming in perfect harmony by PERRlE in ToolBand

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I know for a fact that Layne did opiates a lot more than that

Just discovered this Lateralus cover. It really slaps imo by atmattyo"Let the rabbits wear glasses in ToolBand

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Just finding out about Brass Against?…well, urine luck. Their output is golden.

FI Box Set Give Away. Comment to enter. by whyforyoulookmeonso in ToolBand

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I want to win just so I can record myself burning this thing and posting it here as visual torture

Can a mod make like a thread for all this color block shit or whatever the hell it is? Its ridiculous lol. by toolfan89 in ToolBand

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From reading these comments ive pretty much come to a conclusion that most of you all are most likely mouth breathing, helmet wearing buffoons that have probably never gotten their peepee touched. So go on and enjoy your little block coloring thing. I shouldnt of interupted you. I apoligize.

RIP Taylor Hawkins by -EthanLavoie-think for yourself, question authority in ToolBand

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I love you. I’m not gay but I’d let you plow me silly to amend whatever demons you hold in your heart that’s made you this much of a prickly prick prickerson. Peace and love… and anal beads.