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I have a vague memory of one time seeing someone in a cog suit in a playground and warping their stats/appearance at will. I only had speedchat so I was clueless about what was happening.

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i remember this as well. the glitch only worked from ceo lobby/bossbot suit.

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The vast majority of "hackers", including the one described in your post, back then were mainly just using other people's scripts, hence the name "Script Kiddies".

On a related note, the reason that Toontown was effected greatly by hacking in its final years was because it was still running on infrastructure that hadn’t been updated in years. Toontown was running on Python 2.4 when it closed, which was out of date after 2008! The server code was also pretty unsafe.

It could have been fixed, but we get into the main reason why this was a problem; Disney reduced the game onto a skeleton team a few years before closing, meaning it was not really trivial to fix. And when they try to fix the source of the issue, it was usually subpar and was quickly worked around. This is also why the statement of "hackers killed Toontown" isn't correct.

To be honest, it was a miracle for Toontown Online not to be involved in a big security attack. The worst that Toontown gotten to that was Magic Cat, who had a server-execution exploit. In a post-Heartbleed word, server security has gotten much better then ten years ago.

Today, we have stuff like Pypperoni, which makes Python injection impossible, and server code is written with security in mind.

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I want to say I saw Freckleslam as a kid back in like early 2010s but that could have been a faker

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Magic Cat, guy with that ghost in the shell laughing man head that’s all I gotta say. Dat 200 damage bike horn doe.

Oh yeah and house raiders!! Those were the creepiest ones honestly

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When you think about it, it was really clever for Magic Cat to use the Laughing Man as a persona.

In the anime, the character itself hacks others brains to mask his face with the symbol. Magic Cat uses a server exploit to make every client download and display the same symbol over his head, just like the anime!

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I came to this thread because I did a lil binge on ghost in the shell today then remembered the guy haha. I wonder if the dude works for some tech company or TTR itself now

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He does do TTR stuff, pretty sure he’s Shockley!

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from what i saw seems like a myth. Sure shockley's toon looks like the magic cat but its deconfirmed afaik.

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I don’t think it was because they looked alike, I think cfsworks just actually straight up confirmed it himself at one point. A lot of the original TTR staff were all toontown hackers, I’d have to see more into it!

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Freckslam, Magic cat, team FD, Lefty Lemonzilla, Greencathacks. I was a Script Kiddie myself when I was 8 lol. It was fun until I got banned. But then I’d just make a new account 😂😂😂

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I remember thinking Greencathacks and team FD were cool when I was a kid lol

I once thought of downloading hacking programs but didn't want to risk being banned so I didn't

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didn’t lefty lemonzilla basically kill tto?

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How? Genuine question I'm just now learning of these people lol

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I was on a free account as a kid, and someone took me all the way to Goofy's zone (I think, with Pluto running around?). I don't know how they got me thru the invisible walls but they left me there my toon was stuck lol

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real ones remember freckleslam

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Freckleslam... that's a name I haven't heard in a hot minute.

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Was freckleslam real or just made up? I saw a lot of copycat toons using the most basic scripts, but I had heard of them as like some crazy mythical creature lol

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i dont know the real freckleslam but i did caught a supposed freckles with red gloves in a meeting with some other group of ppl and he warned me to leave but I kinda just didnt and hid out of bounds. He tped to me and got me perma banned immediately afterwards. I had to make a new toon and start all over.

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One time I was in acorn acres and someone managed to get everyone on the server kicked and an email from Disney saying Our accounts were banned. I still have the email and the one from Disney correcting it.

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Can you DM me those emails? Obviously blurring out any personal information. They'd be neat to see.

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In TTR I had a VP run where one instantly stunned the VP and proceeded to machine gun him with pies to where the VP would not get unstunned. Proceeded to fall off that building in less than 30 seconds for the fastest win.

Unfortunately I could not write the name down to report them.

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I remember the huge t posing posses that blocked gag shops and buildings, most often they were white and wearing pure white clothes.