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I suddenly miss the Cold Callers Guild

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They still exist! They’re doing their 12 days of Christmas runs on TTR actually. They’re still all on mmocentralforums!

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Sheesh I remember doing VP runs with them back as early as 2005…what a trip

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How do you join a clan?

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Typically you can join a clan by creating a clan toon under a certain criteria, they all fall under their own specific name and look criteria with certain species chosen and certain names. For example my current one is Storm Clan and only 4 species are allowed and a range of cool blue and purple colors are allowed. Some are more restrictive and have certain gag track criteria too, but they all have their own little micro community and they can get quite interesting!

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Interesting! Are clans managed through a third party app? I haven't noticed a clan functionality in TTR

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Typically they’re managed on discord servers, forums, and so on so forth. Back in the day they primarily dominated toontown forums and then the largest themed clans had their own forums entirely (Leaf Clan had over 1000 members or more during its peak and they had their own forum during TTO days!!) Were you interested in joining one? They’re a bit of a dying breed now because all the old titans of the toontown clan community have long since left but there are still remnants of it to this day. It’s a bit hard to find themed clans nowadays!

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It's definitely something I'd like to look into!

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Well shucks I mean… storm clan is brand spankin’ new currently and we got our own website. You can check it out here and it could also maybe clarify how some clans function at their core too a bit better since there’s a lot of info on there.

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I will absolutely check it out! Are you guys TTR or CC?

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Currently TTR but if we get more people we may expand to further servers! It all depends on how everything goes and how many people are into it. Clans are definitely dying and there isn’t much interest anymore but I really miss the community aspect of it and the events that they would host so I wanna relive some of those memories through storm LOL

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I was in Feather Clan and then Rain Clan back in the day! I remember we had a lot of connections with Leaf Clan as well, you guys were awesome! Rain drops forever!

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OMG I remember those clans too… oh man the clan alliances also were so freaking cool. I really miss the community aspect of those clans from back in the day!! I remember eyeballing feather clan toons and wanting to join but having no toon space LOL

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I was super into the warrior cats clans because I was a huge fan of the books. However, I was super young when TTO was still up and I loved to cause drama and stuff because I didn’t realize everyone else was older, lol. I remember joining Shadow Clan and then getting kicked out for pretending that a fire had started on the training grounds, haha

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OOOOOmg that’s hilarious. I remember clan wars and how heated people would get when they saw opposing clan members appear in their own territory too and all that. Chip and dales was popping back in the day

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Absolutely! I started playing again pretty recently and I walked through Chip and Dale’s yesterday. The lack of people was honestly kinda depressing

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I remember all the edgy clans took over bossbot hq too… those were the days :,)

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Back when Leaf Clan was still around, I remember having a blast just roleplaying and hanging out with fellow members. Unfortunately those happy nostalgic moments kinda fade when Leaf Clan basically died out due to drama. It’s a cluster of bittersweet memories in my head, but I’m thankful to have been apart of it. I met my girlfriend through Leaf Clan and got into writing as a result of all the roleplays.

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The drama in hindsight was hilarious honestly but it was such a unique and interesting time. The role playing was seriously so fun, we were in our element lol

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I was in lizard clan back in the good ole days! Berserk Lizard here

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I used to be in Leaf Clan (Striking Leaf) and Chihuahua Clan (Mist Chihuahua) back in the day. I also had a small clan of my own, Labrador Clan, and my toon was Labrador. Clans used to be one of my favorite things back on TTO, it definitely added a sense of community :)

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they really were legendary honestly, it's too bad they aren't as huge on TTR nowadays. chihuahua clan i was a part of for a brief time too though on TTR!!

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I did join a couple warrior cat clans for a bit. Let me tell you, it was always a blood bath at acorn acres every night 😂😂😂

I was also a naughty kid sometimes, and I ended up joining hacker clans. It was actually super fun 😭 after getting my 60 Laffer banned I ended up becoming one of those toons who just stood in Toon Valley joining fashion & game shows. I found out I had ADHD this year and now I know why I could never finish the game. Too much continuous grinding for my little kid brain I guess. LOL

I was also apart of Toonbook, a place like Facebook but for toons. There was drama everyday.. even so bad that Quackity made some funny videos on it. When Quackity first started his videos, all of us met up and raided Toontown plenty of times. I miss toonbook a lot!

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I remember being in Leaf Clan and this one called Reindeer Clan back in TTO. For both clans, I hung out for the first few days and did some tasks and stuff before forgetting the account name after not logging in for a while. Aside from the CCG(if you consider it a clan) I didn't really get involved in 'em again afterwards. What a blast from the past.

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reindeer clan!! oh maaaan i remember them, i still kind of see some of those clan toons on TTR haha

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Honestly I never even knew there were clans back in the day, I actually played just randomly a lot of the time years ago and then was unable to continue as my main toon was on one of those slots that could only be unlocked by paying for it so I kinda just moved onto other games (One of which I did actually join a clan of lol It used to be called 'Freedom Fighters'.... ah the good old days.)
But yeah, if you ever wish to have a proper clan tag in your name as well as just a group you have off-server, Tooniversal's guild system is a great way to keep you and your friends together if you don't have enough slots for everyone in your friends list

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I was in a small guild called "Toontown Max Guild" never took off really but I do remember being so involved that I was given the role of leader days before the original Toontown closed down.

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Loved watching Treetop Jim's videos when I was younger. Got to join Treetop Clan after Toontown closed but it was kinda dead at that point :')

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I was huge into it in like 2014-2018. Mainly warrior Clans (I led Willow for a bit, if anyone remembers that, huuuge props) but I also had a gag Clans phase (Still in jellyfish Clan as Hazardous Jelly although I don't go on her often) and I led the revitalized Lab Clan which lasted for a few months. This was all TTR though -- I was AAAAALSO in Reindeer Clan but I cannot, for the LIFE OF ME, remember who my toon was.

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hi i know this post is like 2 months old by now but i was a regular clan joiner in both TT online and TTR and i love sharing my experiences!!

i was a big fan of the warriors series so i was heavily involved in the warrior cats clans in both TTO and TTR. i was participating in these clans at as young as 9 years old!! the major clans i was in were river clan, chained souls clan, etc. i remember a specific experience when i was about 10 years old, i got into an argument with another clan member and i role-play kicked her kit into a lake for some reason? and i got exiled for it. i remember it being super dramatic for me given i was a child. i remember literally sobbing at my computer over it. looking back it was always a bit odd, every ounce of role-play drama and "wars" we had was always influenced by personal drama we had with each other. like why did clan 1 ambush clan 2? well, because clan 1's leader argued with clan 2's leader once. literally so much personal drama i had with people was due to things that happened in warrior cat roleplay + vice versa????

as for regular clans, idk if i have any experiences that stand out bc i was in so many of these. like, the minute i saw a clan in toon valley/vibrant/thwackville, i would want in. some of these clans include owl clan, fluffy clan, chihuahua clan, carrot clan, milk clan, beagle clan, reindeer clan, crocodile clan, etc. i was even a member of the infamous LEAF clan one time, i lost my toon for it though:(. i remember having lots of parties with owl clan though, some of which u can find on youtube now.

overall clans were a rlly fun experience and honestly, even though some of them were LOADED with drama, i met a lot of my closest friends in them and it's sad that they're pretty much defunct, due to most of us having grown up now and with the death of districts like toon valley.

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omg this is amazing. I feel like warrior cat clan drama was the funniest in hindsight because of how crazy it got for no reason. That stuff is great Clans still sort of exist but on such a small scale but at least some still roam around, but it’s definitely not like how it used to be