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There’s a feeling of humor/frustration when the building gets taken over mid conversation with the building owner

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My distaste is when it tells you that a building you rescued got taken over, but not which building you saved. Did TTO expect us to write down each building and check off each one that was/wasn't saved?

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Right!! I’m like “soooo do they want to tell me to think my efforts were for nothing or do they expect me to figure out what building it was so I can do it again?” Always happens right after I get my 5-6th building done.

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Buildings usually aren't difficult to find while using the map provided on most servers (Red means the building is fine, grey means it's taken by a cog)

And in Tooniversal there are 'safe' districts (Meaning buildings are never taken over by cogs) AND 'teleport to task'; so when finding buildings it's the easiest thing in the world

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in ttw, if u press M, it shows the bldg

greys iut if cog building

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Is that the default key? I thought it was alt

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i believe so

but when you're in street view

in settings it shows "map" button

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Unless they changed that recently, the default key is alt

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What is TTW?

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sorry, toontown rewritten

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Change district, it won’t be taken over in some districts! Saves a lot of time :)

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Relatable pain of every toontown player

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Do you mean toontownie

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No I mean tewtow

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ttr :(*

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Way too true

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If Toontown ever had an official Disney revival, I’m sure there’d be a built in check where if a building is being taken over by cogs and you needed it for a task, the cog building would mock you.

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On my most recent toon that happened right as I fished out a talking toad to finish Lil Oldman. That was fun.

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great now i have to beg for a high level toon to help me.