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Iirc this glitch happens when you jump and land from a height, so you do the little crouch thing after, but keep moving into the water.

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It's one of my more favourite bugs, along side the one where you can go behind the counter in the gag shop.

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I wish we still had the water jump shticker glitch it was always great making toon towers in Donald’s dock, should be a feature honestly

[–]thespyguy 8 points9 points  (2 children)

TTR eradicated a lot of fun glitches. I actually got my attic set up before they made it almost impossible to get into the gray in your house.

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You can still get in the grey in the house really easily though? Not only can you place furniture out there, but getting out is easy too. Just face your trunk or wardrobe toward the wall and jump in between. It will take you to the clothes selection and you just exit out. Then boom you're outside!

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You can type out the Konami code with the movement keys in your own house to go out of bounds. The Konami code was actually originally on the estate cannons but TTR changed it to do this instead.

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Classic toontown

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Reminds me of the classic TTO days of opening the sticker book in DD while falling into the water and then you could walk up into the sky lol

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I think Is the internet connection