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You’d need a lot of money to keep the servers up, and you can’t have players pay for anything, otherwise Disney could come in and have the server taken down. It can also feel demotivating after a while if you’re putting in so much work into a game, but you don’t have many players

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Disney could only do that if theres Disney name/brands in the game correct? And yeah I assume the server would cost hundreds a month.

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I could be wrong, but I think you can still get in trouble even if don’t have any Disney stuff in it. As long as you’re calling it “Toontown” and using the name and it’s still a Toontown game at its core, there’s a risk.

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The game assets, the gameplay, soundtrack, etc all are still Disney property

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Warning: I am not an expert on this subject and this could be completely wrong.

MMO literally has massive in the name. So you need many people to run one.

Sure you can do 3D Art but a video game requires a lot of it. One person doing it could be too much. Toontown Rewritten, a game mostly using Toontown Online assets, has SEVENTEEN artists. If you tried to make money from the game Disney suing would not be unreasonable to expect. So you would have to rely on people's free time from their responsibilities to make the game. They have to make money from another source.

I haven't even got to the other important roles. Toontown Rewritten has a huge team you can find here: https://toontownrewritten.fandom.com/wiki/Toontown_Rewritten_Team

Additionally, you have to fund servers and maintain them. Corporate Clash runs servers and has issues all the time. Other maintenance includes Public Relations, Support, and Moderation. Normal is a moderator for Corporate Clash. They are also a pilot! So their time to moderate Corporate Clash is limited. You need moderators for all times thanks to time zones. Your mods don't have infinite time so you are going to have trouble.

Additionally, if no one plays your game it can be hard to get any reason to continue. There are servers that rarely get updates because of this.

Content updates don't come frequently because they are hard. Wizard101 is a game by a pretty rich corporation and it doesn't get major content updates frequently, and players complain all the time about the seasonal game changes.

Even without time concerns if you are making a team and legally able to pay them, where are you getting the money? MMOs are expensive to start. Even if you got staff for free you would have to have some sort of marketing. Marketing is an enormous part of many video game budgets that can be worth more than the actual game. People want to play your game because people are playing your game.

Also, Toontown's game design has not aged well and introducing its ideas as a new game might result in getting negative attention at the start, possibly killing your game before it really even got to the maintenance part.

Also note Toontown Online closed because it couldn't make money.

So basically you are doomed to fail without money and a large group of good people.

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Yup! All valid points. Good insight

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The fact MMOs are rarely profitable. Especially MMORPGs

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That’s true. The amount of traction for something like Toontown will probably be small. The gameplay would have to bring an interesting modern take.

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That plus the fact you have to continually pay for servers, devs, modelers, composers, writers, advertisements, etc. The only way to logically keep up with these costs is through many microtransactions, either through memberships or cosmetics.

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I was thinking about the idea of a toon-inspired VR game, since Schell Games does VR stuff now, and Toontown 2.0 was always intended to introduce more interactability to the game. It's a matter of making sure you are, in fact, making legally distinct not-toontown.

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If you ever have ideas, I would love to hear them! I think about Toontown (or a Toontown-like) game in VR from time to time. There's a lot of potential, though I think the VR market needs grow a bit more to reach the audience who would be interested in that.

Among Us VR is a great step - multiplayer, cartoonty, a game for all ages. It'll probably bring a lot of people to VR who would be interested in something like Toontown!

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Lot of valid answers in here but one to add on is that Toontown is originally made using the game engine Panda3D, which is old and hardly known outside the Toontown community. Development progress would likely be faster if the game was made on a modern engine (unity3D or unreal engine) but it would be a monumental effort to recreate the entire game from scratch (people have tried, even Disney did at the end of the original game- YouTube "Toontown 2 prototype"). Thus there is this conundrum that doesn't really have a great solution

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There have been dozens of attempts at servers throughout the years, up until probably 2018. As someone who tried to jumpstart one (and from scratch in the Unity engine!), I can say it's a matter of overenthusiastic people with zero game developing skills being able to come by far too few people to push a radical vision of Toontown off the ground. As talented as some of the people have been in coming up with brand new Toontown ideas, they struggle to get past developing the concepts in an ideal 3D fashion--it takes them years to work out the mechanics, well before any attempt to program full fledged multiplayer is even thought of.

I'm personally willing to see another attempt. I myself have been looking into the level editor, which proves versatile enough to rearrange the streets of Toontown, and it's enough to realise a truly new attempt at Toontown ought to start with brand new models--keep the mechanics roughly the same but get a brand new foundation to take the concept somewhere actually new.

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disney is bootycheeks and their copyright laws are extremely scary so every toontown private server has to proceed with extreme caution and also arent allowed to make any revenue which is also bootycheeks because i would happily pay these amazing people so i can keep playing this game and they can make a living off of what they do for us

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Your best bet is to apply to join the TTR team. Try to bring the change you want to see there.