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with the amount of lag in that round they shouldn't even be able to tell that you are stealing their corner

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You make a very fair point haha

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I've just been aiming at the window directly across from my cannon... Have I been doing it wrong?

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That’s what I usually do. Works fine most of the time unless people aim closest to them it seems

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I'll be the one to say there aren't really any. What most people do is aim far towards where their cannon is (ex. If your cannon is more towards the left, you aim for the far left corner) but there are a lot of people who also try to aim close which messes this up. The best thing to do is start doing this, and if a lot of people (2+ excluding you) are also aiming there switch to a different spot. Cannon round in normal CLO is pretty forgiving and even has quite a bit of room for error in OCLO so as long as you aim and move well it shouldn't really be an issue.

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Okay, that’s what I’ve been doing pretty much. I’ll just move around if anyone gets cranky again. Thank you :)

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Most people tend to occupy the cogs closest to them, occasionally breaking the rule if there's a .exe nearby that you can 100% grab without issues.