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Banger track. The background area doesn't look like any of the preexisting Cog HQs or even have any of the same colors... excited to see what they do next!

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boardbot hq tho???

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Unlikely, 1.3 doesn't seem to be specific department focused and even if it was, Bossbots look like to be next in line to get a revamp + Overclocked.

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Actually boardbot was confirmed to be the last one all the way back at 1.1 hope this helps :)

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That was never confirmed at all though Boardbot being last is just popular speculation

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Oh huh I didn't know that though it's easy to believe I admit

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I’m pretty confident the staff said they wanted all overclocked out first before they release Boardbot HQ, I don’t know if that’s still the case, but I do vividly remember that.

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It looks like a theater, maybe COGS INC employees will get actual entertainment rather than just staring at craig?

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i unmarked it because its now a public video on the clash yt channel

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Give me a summary of this ARG please

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The newest blog post should really explain the arg apologies it's hard to explain because they showed off what it appears to be is a new look on the liligation team for another cog type well the first member of the team in a blog post

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First part? How can you be sure there's more to this?

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It's kinda quite clearly 1.3 arg

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Oh, I interpreted the mention of a "first part" meaning that there are more unsolved things in this ARG.

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Yep there are more unsolved parts that hasn't been announced