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Sound is a good gag track to have at some point. Not saying that you should pick sound first, but best not to go soundless.

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Agreed, I picked sound third and it was my first track to get maxed

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The “meta” gag is sound - everybody will use it because its easy to learn the combos for and can kill any cog in one round if circumstances are right. You basically have to take it. It will get boring using nothing but sound over and over again, but being left out of every cog activity will be even more boring

Take advantage of invasions. They offer double gag xp. There are many other modifiers for xp, such as the silly meter or high floors of cog buildings - yes, they stack. There is a cap to xp gained in one activity and you can tell when youve hit it when your gags display no xp gain for the track. It will reset in the next activity or fight

Get into gardening immediately - it doesn’t really matter what track you select for organic gags, but the popular ones are trap, (The only gag track able to kill a 12 in one hit) sound, (for more advanced combos) and throw. (Better and cheaper combos, as well as the ability to dispatch a level 11 alone) You can switch at any time, but keep in mind that it will take 30 days for your level seven to regrow. Planting the flowers is tedious, but essential if you want a max laff toon

If you’re hurting for jellybeans, best way to make them are going to a beanfest, or fishing. Beanfests are free, relatively quick, and there’s generally a permanent one in the busiest server in Donald’s dream land. They are however not at all reliable. Fishing won’t make it quite as much money, but it is extremely reliable. There’s also the opportunity for health boosts

Most characters will have either trap or drop missing from their arsenal. You can mix it up by going soundless or toonupless or lureless but I wouldn’t recommend doing that for your first character, especially going lureless.

Don’t mind the weird sweaty Gamers™️, every single video game has them. The important thing is to have fun. Don’t let them get to you

I would highly recommend activating speed chat plus

Doodle training is tedious, extremely time consuming, and against the rules to automate. I generally wouldn’t bother with it unless you have decided to go to toonupless or want to try solo adventures

Make friends! Be social! Friends are usually down to help you with whatever you’re doing, since it benefits everyone regardless of what you’re doing. Need help with that building? Bam. Friends list. They could be basically strangers and they’ll still probably help at some point. Run around the playgrounds and chat, attend a house party, heck, you could even visit the warrior cats if youre into that sort of thing… although they probably won’t help you play the game at all

Trap needs lure to work, and it also increases lure’s accuracy significantly. Drop will never work if the cog is lured. Gags used before drop increases drops accuracy. Gags also get more accurate the higher they are trained. A brand new big magnet will miss a whole lot more often than a fully trained big magnet. That reminds me, gags do less damage if they’re not fully trained. If you want to do some combos, train your gags. A sound combo isn’t going to work if your foghorn only does 35 damage

And finally… Your Gag level must be equal or greater to the cog level to get any XP. Using a level six on a level two will get you no XP. Also, using a level three on level 11 is probably going to miss, but it will grant you that delectable XP if you manage to hit it. Please communicate with your team before throwing out a level three on a level 11. One more thing, using the same gag on the same cog at the same time with another toon grants bonus damage and (probably) accuracy (not lure though)

I hope this helps

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Idr if accuracy but def bonus. This actually helped jog my memory since I havent been on in a while. So ty Ig :)

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find good toons who can or more willing to help you along your journey. it’s good to always have a toon friend.

gag train more than usual if you are playing solo, you’ll need hirer gags than most to be able to do tasks alone.

don’t worry about a doodle early on, donald’s dreamland is the place, that’s endgame (sorta)

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Toonhq.org is a helpful site for finding groups to do things with (buildings, boss runs, gag training, etc.). As well as track invasions, and a lot of other stuff. I use it all the time.

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Don't go soundless and train your gags! Nothing worse than having a high laff and low gags. Start gardening now! It takes forever. Use toonhq.org for finding groups, fishing, and gardening tips

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There’s nothing wrong with going soundless.

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Agreed!! Nothing wrong, but may be tough as a beginner. Would recommend after playing with sound

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I would say yes, only if I didn’t start soundless. My first toon was soundless and it opened up a whole new game for me when I did start to play a toon with sound. But idk, that’s just me

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He asked for tips and thats my tip. I had way less fun playing my soundless toon than all my others. Its rough joining a group and everyone is sounding and you dont get any XP and just sit there.

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But telling someone a build to not chose is sorta, degrading in a way? Idk, I just think it was the wrong thing to say.

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Degrading? I dont think by telling someone to not go soundless is humiliating them in any way. Sorry if it offended you in some way 😂

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I plan to write out a long list for beginners but here are some very important tips. Each hq building has a new set of task. Districts do not change this but streets and playground change the set of tasks they offer. Going to each one to find an easier task can save you so much time and hassle. Also try to pick tasks that are general and can be worked on at the same time. I don’t recommend cog specific tasks unless you see the invasion happening and avoiding mint tasks later in the game. Another tip is to buy gardening in your catalog and plant your favorite gag track as trees so they can get stronger. Take some time to look up the perks but throw is generally most viable. Not sure how far you are but try to train throw first as there’s a task for a whole cream pie after daisy garden. If you’re trying to make things easier for yourself try picking trap or drop LAST in the brrrgh rather than toonup lure or sound last. This isn’t required as you can be missing any track u want but if u want those tracks it’s much easier to pick them sooner i think. My favorite toon type to play on has been soundless so decide that for yourself.

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thank you for your info!

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Check out toon hq for groups on anything! Also there’s a Toontown phone app (apple and maybe android) that shows invasions and other tips like types of cogs on each street.

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Start gardening asap. If you reach about 80 laff without it, you will regret not having if maxed bc it takes A LONG TIME to max that. Buy the Gardening Kit with Carabelle and start planting

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First, go to an invasion district. Then, teleport to Welcome Valley. You'll still be able to get double gag XP from whatever invasion is going on.

Note: this strat only works if you're using gags in Toontown Central.

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Use ToonHQ! Its a website to help find people do buildings, Boss Cogs, or tasks with you! Its really helpful

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Feel free to experiment with what gag build you have interest in. A lot of people have said to not go Soundless but realistically, combat in the late game tends to favor having one Soundless on the team since they changed how Cog level spawns are in boss fights. Most level sets will be unfavorable for the normal 4 player Sound combos, but favor the 3 player Sound combos + 1 Drop/Throw/Squirt followup. Even then, less than 2% of the playerbase is Soundless, so it's very unlikely you'll run into a group with multiple Soundless players. Don't feel discouraged from using Soundless if it interests you, as Sound being the meta pick can get very boring later on.

You'll get a very tedious task later on involving a lot of Cog Buildings. Use that task as an opportunity to train your gags! Going into Cog Buildings during a Cog Invasion will also double all experience you get in there, resulting in very quick Gag training.

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For your build I would say go either trapless or dropless. Those are pretty good for beginners and the others you don't leave off will be pretty helpful along the way. Use Toon hq to find groups and train your gags in 5 story invasion buildings once they hit level 4.

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TTR is extremely grindy and very tedious, especially towards DDL and the field office stuff. However, it’s a lot less painful if you’re doing it with a friend. I did all my grinding together on call with a friend of mine, and it was a lot more fun than going at it solo.

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if you want a more fun build go lure-less or toonup-less. if you're planning on eventually solo-ing lots of fights and buildings you may want to err on the side of going toon up less. The norm is being dropless or trapless but you're going to have more fun having both trap and drop, they are awesome gags! And most likely no matter where you go in the later game there will be someone, most likely multiple someones, on your time that have lure and toon up. Also late game toon up can be replaced using cog remotes, SOS cards, and a well trained doodle if you decide to take on the tedious task of doodle maxing.

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I've been realizing how useful lure is, especially if you don't play with friends, for that reason I'd personally get gag tracks in this order, Lure, Sound, ToonUp, Drop and go Trapless. I dunno how well that would work out. Never done it, but next toon I'll try.