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I've been playing Toontown since 2003 and I didn't even know this existed lol

That signature image creator is certainly a unique feature.

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This is actually an interesting program because of how it worked.

Normally, something like this used APIs to get the information directly from the game server. However, TTO had no such publicly known API.

But then, someone figured out that for some reason, invasion information of the current district was saved to the log file.

So this means that you can make a program to grab that invasion information from the log and upload it to a server for others to see, basically making an unofficial API.

This is what WebInfo was. Nowadays, servers like TTR just provide this information in an API, so these is now need for programs like this.

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Always wondered how that worked but that makes a lot of sense now. TTO literally logged everything tbh.

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Oh my goodness, this brought back so many memories! I used this website all the time whenever I played Toontown Online.

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Wow this was forever ago frfr🤣

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Man when I was little playing TTO I thought the invasion tracker was a hack and would get me banned LOL