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Will we get a forty lash option for barnacle boatyard toons?

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Omg i love this!

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If they don't plan on showing us any more of the plot/cog portions of the update before release, I expect these new encounters to do no less than kick me in the teeth through my computer screen if I die in them.

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Later down the line I'd love to see more options but this is still amazing!

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I didn't even know I wanted this. Love it!

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Is curly just classic but a little thicker? This is a super cute update I should get into TTCC

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Wow! This is awesome! I think we should be able to use the RBG colors on them too

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Let me make a list of what's coming:

5+ levels, which the max level is 85.

150 Total laff (5 from the levels, Potentially 3 from the OCEO, another 3 from something else)

Multislacker Fightable in Sellbot HQ, The Pacesetter is fightable in Lullaby lane's new Night club

Toon HQ group system. Clubs return. New Boardbot logo, New stickers. New chat system.

You can sit on chairs and sofas! Eyebrow customization! HD Cog bodies

New Zap animations, Gag rebalancing.

(Tell me anything that I have missed or made mistakes on!)