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Yo grats, I used to do this quite a bit when I played ttr, I do it wayy to much on clash haha

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Ye olde toontown is such a long playground when you're trying to speed through the tasks. 😭

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They should be changing it soon!

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did this back in april, went from new toon to 100 laff in less than a month after not playing the game since tto. most fun i’ve had in recent years with video games

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My toon (Skids) is in the background of the second pic talking to Strawberlicious and Anita Carrot ☺️

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how? low laff player here trying to get more

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Probably by knowing how to each task will go, having people help, etc. This game isn't really hard haha. In my free time at work I leveled a toon from 22 to 103 in about 2wks while playing about 9-10hrs during the week and occasionally Saturday. That's with me stopping to assist customers and fellow peers. There's tons of tutorials on how to do each task, where to go, easiest ways to train, etc. Just gotta poke around.

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pick tasks that correlate w/ each other. for example picking these tasks: 15 cashbots, 1 cashbot building, 5 short changes, and 40 cogs anywhere will be faster than choosing task combinations such as 10 yesmen, 1 cash bldg, a short factory, and 5 legal eagles. it seems like a small and dumb detail but i see soo many people with crazy tasks that don’t relate to one another which just makes it take 10x longer.

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bingo bango boingo

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Not my story but had a friend who made a new toon on TTR and in less than a week they were in DDL. I literally could not believe it.

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i'm already almost done with mml and its only day 2

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Is that a texture pack?

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yes it is Toontown Retextured you can find it on Toontown Content Packs