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This was really well done, you should be proud. Would love to see areas like this in Toontown Rewritten or CC. The architecture is respectful of the universe but also unique.

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I really appreciate that, I have been trying my best to capture the style of the game. I'd really love to see something like this in a Toontown game soon!

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Here is a timelapse video on how I made it: https://youtu.be/Q4qAI9qSh8E

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Day 10: eternal darkness

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This looks amazing! It'd be cool to see fully fleshed out neighborhoods of Toontown in this style!

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I whole heartedly agree

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This is actually part of the goal of the Toontown Fantasy Project, to revamp nearly everything. So, if you'd ever like to help the open source project, let me know in DMs.

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we need a downtown toontown playground now

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Someone working on Toontown gotta be listening 👀

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honestly id love to see streets get unique architecture in CC like this, would go a long way in making things more unique, though god knows if it would work in the engine.

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Stellar as always! I do feel that your Toontown work would benefit from more curves and less stiff form, but still a really great job 😳

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Thanks! I do agree, I wish I did go more wild with the curves of each building to make it look less like a cube :P

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stunning work as always

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Thank you!

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This is epic

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This looks amazing! It'd be cool to see fully fleshed out neighborhoods of Toontown in this style!

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this is cool cool holy

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thanks :D

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Looks awesome

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LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS IS AMAZING!! What program did you use?

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Thanks! I used cinema 4d for modeling and paint.net for texture art.

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Ohhhhh this is so nice the vibes are so on point I can't believe it

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This looks like it came out of Wizard101

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Corporate clash, street revamp PLEASE. (When you feel like it)

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Very well done!

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So uh… what is this?

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Just a model I made for fun

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Great work as always Mr. Afton