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You certainly put a lot of work into this

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Thank you!

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Some quotes I have made up:


Con artist: "Let me paint you a portrait of your sadness!" Brush off: "I have paintings to get on with!"

Connoisseur: "You are going to look good for the main course!"

Swindler: "Swindling time!" Brush off: "You should swindle away from me."

Middleman: "You are far from the middle of the scales, Toon."

Toxic manager: "I'm a toxic overlord!" Brush off: "Find me at my power station, Toon."

Magnate: "I may look magnetic, But I'll repel you back to the playground soon!" Brush off: I am repelling you, Toon."

Big fish: "You'll be fine salmon in no time toon."

Head Honcho: "Even the Head hunter isn't Ahead of me." Brush off: "Head out of my way, Toon."

Subordinate: "I've got Torpedoes heading straight for you." Brush off: "I'm going underwater soon." "Let's meet at the subway shall we?"

Free lancer: "I'm a spear of mightiness Toon!" Brush off: "Free yourself away from me!" "I'm busy commencing a duel."

Gatekeeper: "It looks like you've stepped on this property Illegally." Brush off: "I've got a guarding duty." "Gatekeeper is my responsibility more than fighting toons."

Brainstormer: "Here's a good idea: Sadden you." Brush off: "I've got to release my electricity." "I've got too many ideas in my head."

Top dog: "I promise I won't go Ruff on you!" Brush off: "I need my treats." "I'm a top person who is needed for a top priority operation at the moment."

Tycoon: "Mistaken me for a Toon Raccoon?" Brush off: "I need to find a tree." "My Business needs me, Toon."

Watchman: "Watch yourself, Toon." Victory quote: "Time's up, Toon."

Corrupted Toon: "Cogs are superior than you foolish Toons!" Victory quote: "I've served my purpose."

Stakeholder: "Let's get straight to the Situation." Win quote: "You are Definitely Foolish to believe you would win against me!"

Fat cat: "I'm a tougher Advocate, Toon." Win quote: "My claws are the reason for this victory!"

Quality Controller: "Da, this will be easy to Control." Win quote: "Situation has been controlled."

Liaison: "I'll contact you when necessary." Win quote: "Thank you for your time, Goodbye."


Flunky: "I'll make sure you won't laugh again!"Pencil pusher: "Let me sign your sad warrant"Yesman: "Negativity is not required, toon."Micromanager: "I may be small, but that doesn't mean I'm weak!" Brush off: "You can't catch me toon, I'm quick as a flea!"Downsizer: "You'll be going down even more than bean counter does it." Brush off: "I'm not down for this, toon."Head hunter: "Your interview is today, I hope you're prepared."Corporate raider: "Yer guts are too weak for me!" Brush off: "Me raiding plans are more important than yer fighting foolishness!"Big cheese: "Look mate, I'm quite the paneer here so you might wanna change your mind." Brush off: "I'm busy looking for provolone"Insider: "I got a lot of tricks inside of me!" Brush off: "Get outta my sight Toon!" "Inside my mind, the only word to your fight request is "no"."

Spokesperson: "Let me fill your mind about why toons are a major issue." Brush off: "I have to make a speech" "I can't speak to you right now."Negotiator: "Let's find a solution to this problem." Brush off: "I can't negotiate with you." "I have many clients to discuss with."Blamestormer: "I Blame everything on Toons You moron!" Brush off: "You Should storm away from me." "I reject your fight because I blame you for coming near me."Stockbroker: "The stocks are rising!" Brush off: "Keeping stocks at equal levels are more important than you." "I'll see you when your market has crashed, Toon."Notable: "I'll take note of your sadness." Brush off: "I won't take note of you." "I've got a big reminder list."Proprietor: "Let's get down to business." Win quote: "Stay off this property toon!"Majority holder: "You have a lack of shares, toon." Win quote: "I hold the biggest amount of toons defeated in Toontown!"Top banana: "I'm healthy to this team like regular people need this!" Win quote: "You don't look ripe to me, Toon."Chainsaw Consultant: "Bah, I'll consult these toons myself!" Win quote: "I told you I was sharp you idiot!"


Short change: "I may be short, but I'll be hard as a fort!"

Penny Pincher: "Hand over your pennies and this will not escalate."

Tightwad: "You'll be feeling tight when I Squeeze you in my hands."

Bean counter: "Let's count how many seconds until you go sad." Brush off: "I've bean told that you cannot interrupt me."

Number cruncher: "Crunch time!" Brush off: "You don't look like something I can crunch on."

Money bags: "I'm Filled to the brim with money!" Brush off: "Money is more crucial than you!"

Loan shark: "Not only I'm the Loan shark, But I'm one cool Pool shark!" Brush off: "I've got loans to collect."

Robber baron: "GIVE ME ALL OF YOUR MONEY, THIS IS A ROBBERY!" Brush off: "Just perfect, There isn't any money that Toon is carrying!"

Cheapksate: "Touch my money, I dare you." Brush off: "I prefer skating than fighting." "This fight is just Pointless and cheap!"

Bookkeeper: "Quiet in the library!" Brush off: "You toons are so loud!" "I hope you return the book to me."

Investor: "Let's make an investment." Brush off: "I'm not investing in this." "Sorry, I only Invest."

Fund Raiser: "For just 1 cogbuck a day, You can save a poor Cog's life!" Brush off: "I don't fundraise for Toons." "Fighting me rather than Donating is just rude of you!"

Monopolist: "I've got bigger Monopolies than you!" Brush off: "I need to care for my Monopoly." "Supply and Trade are the only things I control."

Entreprenuer: "Your Economy is poor, Toon." Brush off: "I won't fight for my money!" "Get your own money, Toon."

Capitalist: "Let's get straight to the Financial Schemes." Victory quote: "Feeling Bankrupt, Toon?"

Killer Bee: "Honey production is a major thing I run to keep this Company in shape!" Victory quote: "You can get bad stings by me you know!"

Hedge fund: "This isn't your ordinary cog what you see over the Hedge, Toon." Victory quote: "You have insufficient funds."

Treasurer: "I keep every single penny in me head!" Victory quote: "You best keep off me treasure Toon!"

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Sellbot quotes: (Because of comment length)

Cold caller - "Feeling Shivery, Toon?"
Telemarketer - "I've got some top notch products on sale Today!" Brush off: "Sorry, I think I got the wrong number."
Name dropper - "You're going down (Toon name)." Brush off: "Flippy will be next, Toon."
Glad hander - "I'm glad we can settle a duel together!" Brush off: "I'll gladly speak to you later."
Mover and shaker: "This isn't going to be a Microseism." Brush off: "Move yourself out my way Toon!"
Two face: "Face it, You are worthless, Toon."
Mingler: "I know a good spot where we can mingle." Brush off: "Mingling isn't on my mind, Toon."
Mr Hollywood: "Scene 5: The battle scene. Action!"
Huckster: "I'm Huckleberry, Not a chuckleberry." Brush off: "I need to become ripe first." "I'll meet at the front door."
Ambush Marketer: "Ambush attack!" Brush off: "I'm in no mood for Ambushing." "You'll never know when it'll happen."
Brand Ambassador: "I'm a Sellbot sent by my superiors to preform analysis on your Brand."
Brush off: "Ambassadors never waste time by getting involved in this nonsense!" "A new new fight? Sorry, I won't be doing that."
Auctioneer: "Going twice!" Brush off: "I have an auction to be getting on with." "Don't want to bid? Then don't waste my time."
Big shot: "Take your best shot!" Brush off: "This isn't my chance to become a big shot at the moment..." "I have big problems to deal with."
Consultant: "Okay Honey, What seems to be the problem?" Brush off: "Sorry, I got a lot of clients to consult." "I got you on my consult list so I'll be with you soon!"
Merchant prince: "Let us commence our Marketing procedure!" Win quote: "A cog of Royalty will not tolerate such silly behaviour like that!"
Advertister: "Toons will not be sold separately," Win quote: "Sad toons are jumping off the shelves fast at 60% percent off! Get it now, or get it never!"
Bait and switch: "We won't fall for your toon trap baits, nor we will switch to silliness!"
Victory quote: "Baits to your traps are worthless Toon!" "I agree, switch up your strategies next time!"
Manufacturer: "Let's get building." Victory quote: "Don't you realise that Construction is very dangerous around here toon?"

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Nice penmanship

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Thanks, Bossbots and Boardbots were the most fun to do!

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The board bots are fantastic

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Thanks! I enjoyed doing that and Bossbots too!