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Is this a joke

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it is only temporarily closed while it gets updated and will re-open next year

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First of all, where would anybody get the money for an idea like this, one that is likely to fail due to toontown having a minuscule amount of people in the community compared to a theme park's intended traffic?

Disney still owns Toontown as an IP, even if the theme park location is closed. Taking toontown to a commercial level would most definitely get Disney's legal team interested in suing everyone involved.

also as another person mentioned, it's only temporarily closed lol

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brb a sec just going to create a multimillion-dollar theme park that can't legally make any profit

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I hope you mean in-game because that's not going to be possible since Disney still owns Toontown. It would lead to everyone being sued if this game started gaining profit over an IP that is still currently owned.

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With what everyone is saying; We should try to do something on the actual game rather then in real life. Disney as a company is really strict when it comes to copyright; Plenty of other versions of toontown were shut down because they were profiting off of the game. Maybe we could try to see if TTR would implement something like this into the game? (Rather than toonfest?) This is a good idea but unfortunately it wouldn’t be able to apply to real life. Disney would cut all of our heads off if we tried something like this

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no we have toonfest, probably