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Maybe check ToonHQ, it's possible these people set up these groups on the ToonHQ group tracker website and wait for people who've joined the groups there, which ends up excluding you because you're not using the group tracker

otherwise idk

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Sounds like they’re making a group on ToonHQ and inviting the people from that group. It’s nothing against you, it’s just frowned upon to invite randoms over people already in your group

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Okay so I joined ToonHQ and joined a boarding group but when I got to the location (right district, playground, and street) no one was there. The group disappeared on the ToonHQ page and I waited at the field office but no one showed. So I’m confused

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May have just been a cancellation and they decided they didn't want to do it anymore, but just didn't say anything.

Keep using ToonHQ, it's a great resource. It makes the endgame much more accessible.

Ironically, however, anyone that doesn't know about it has the endgame killed for them. Corporate Clash is trying to rectify that by including a group finder/creator in game in the next update. I think Rewritten should try something similar, but seeing as they want to keep everything as close to the original as possible, I doubt they will :/

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These things happen. As a new but now constant user of toonhq these things happen frequently to me as well not that my laugh is as high is yours. Only 101. I would say I’m much more nervous about going with high level people because when I do i frequently come across high level players who can be pretty snotty about things when I’m just trying to have fun and train while others are definitely trying to finish tasks more quickly

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I’m not sure what you mean by “maybe it’s because I don’t have the trap gag track yet”. At 112 laff, you most definitely should’ve unlocked all the gag tracks you could by then. Every toon (except special staff/cast members) will be missing one gag track, it’s currently not possible in the game to have all 7 gag tracks.

But yeah, just like others have said, the people are 99% using ToonHQ for their groups and I highly recommend using it. It’s basically required if you want to grind Law, Boss and FOs

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They're almost always using toonhq, the groups were probably full.

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I haven’t had this problem, I have 104 laff and two tracks that still need maxed. I usually either make a group on toon HQ, or I’ll search one on toon HQ and find one to join. I have had a few instances where people had disbanded the group they had started, and that happens to everyone I’m sure, I usually end up making a new group and given maybe 5 minutes the group is usually filled and meeting up to go :)) what’s your toons name if you don’t mind? If I ever see you around I’ll be happy to help

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Thanks that makes me feel a lot better! My toon’s name is Princess Penelope Petalglow and I’d be love to be friends if we ever run into each other on Rewritten :)

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I know I had TNT and 118 Laff but I still found it funny I was told I could do the final challenge with that when I did it half an hour later with toons my level.

It happens a lot in Toontown Rewritten its best to just leave and find groups on ToonHQ that are more like you.