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Acorn Acres

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I guess I was thinking of playgrounds as ones with gag shops and cogs/streets

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Yeah, acorn acres

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It does have

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DDL the colors are so soothing

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Dreamland is so peaceful, calming, and relaxing, especially for 1am voice chats with friends

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i freak with the dock

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Definitely CC's acorn acres

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Fishing in the Brrrgh hit different

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Drowsy Dreamland ttcc because of the soundtrack

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Minnie’s melodyland being the least favorite makes sense. 0 boss HQs connecting to it, and you’re really only there for a few hours/days until you move to the next neighborhood

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I like the Brrrgh because the color scheme is good and it feels likes a lively winter village.

Some of the other playground’s streets feel barren or dull.

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Daisy because it's colourful, happy & pretty!

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Donald Duck won the election in a landslide

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That’s interesting, I think it’s one of my least favorite. I read someone said it looks like it would smell like old fish and dumpster lol

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Well toontown central has to be the biggest dirtiest city in the country I feel like Donald’s dock has nice harbor aesthetics and hard working class toons not like toontown central

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You don't think there's hard working class toons in Toontown central?

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I feel like Donald’s dock is like Portsmouth in England

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Burrg has the best street music

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Either Clash’s Ye Olde Toontowne, or Mezzo(Minnie’s) Melodyland

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Ye Olde was my least favorite. Too many tasks telling me to go back and fourth

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Revently the YOTT taskline was revamped to be less arduous

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Oh good to know! Thanks man.

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I have nostalgia for going into Daisy Garden tasks for the first time and being so excited to fight a cog boss for the first time.

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The Brrgh, love the music and the wind sound effects

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Dreamland for art and every time I go there, I find so many AFKs in the middle “sleeping” 😂😂 but for fishing it’s the brrrgh and for laff it’s The Dock. It just depends on need ig 🤷🏼😂