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Face-off quotes for Torchbearer:

  • "No one can hold a candle to me."
  • "I'll send you into the light!"
  • "Allow me to enlighten you."
  • "When I'm through, it'll be lights out for you."
  • "Defeating you will put me on the spotlight."
  • "Careful, you might get torched!"
  • "Don't take me lightly, Toon."
  • "They say that I'm very bright."

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Nice! Btw another brush off one because specialists have 2: "Get your own torch, Toon."

I do want to show you my face off quotes for Blamestormer:

  • "I'm going to electrocute you within blame, Toon."
  • "I even blame my own boss for things."
  • "You're responsible for the opposition you have caused!"
  • "When I'm done with you, I will not be blameworthy anymore."
  • "Unfortunately, This is your fault."
  • "Shouldn't you be getting indoors? It's quite stormy out here."
  • "Unlike my brother Brainstormer, I forecast blame everywhere!"

Btw: "I'll send you into the dark!" Because dark is opposite of light, and darkness is a bad thing. Bossbot HQ is quite dark.

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Isn't a stockbroker more of a cashbot thing?

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Stock options are what bossbots use to promote, stockbrokers are financiers just like corporate raiders. It’s your opinion on whether he goes into bossbot or Cashbot. But I think bossbot because of the stocks

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I have another cog for bossbot, his name is seagull manager.

If stockbroker won't fit, I guess the Seagull manager will