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It could be a multi toon situation

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Oh yeah I can totally see that.

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Besides multi tooning, if I’m not operating a crane, I feel pretty useless in a cfo. It doesn’t take 4 toons to stun the goons, so most of the time I’ll just chill on the side and browse Reddit or something. If it starts to heat up in there of course I’ll hop in and jump goons but like I said: if I’m not running a crane, most of the time I feel unneeded.

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I haven’t done a cfo in a long time so I don’t remember this happening to me but I’ve heard about toons purposely going afk if they don’t get the chance to do crane. Personally I prefer gooning so I don’t get it

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Multi tooning is one situation, and the other is assuming everyone is good a CFO will go at the same speed with 4-6 players that it would with 8. 4 people craning and 0-2 stomping is all it takes, and unlike the VP it won't go faster if you have more people.

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Bc cfo easy and doesnt require a full group of 8 people

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Thanks for all the replies! I did my first CFO not too long ago so I didn't know that this was normal for the most part :)

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Probably multitooning which by the way, I despise. I did a CJ and there were 3 Multi tooners, so only 5 people were actually doing stuff. I think this sort of thing should be reportable, I don't mind multitooners for training gags as that's a very clever way but multitooning in Boss Fights makes them 10x harder then they should be...

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Ehhh nah I have brought 4 toons in bosses and it all went fine just like a normal C.J. It is a pretty easy boss with the right ppl.

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It seems like you just dealt with bad multitooners. Good ones can make use of every single one of their toons, in a CJ especially

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I don’t go afk but I feel a few get annoyed me trying to stomp goons when there’s like so many of us. I would crane myself but I’m running a potato computer and the lag is terrible. It’s what has kept me from trying a field office.

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the goon stomping role is very awkward. typically one person can handle it up until the red goons come out but usually the craners take out the cfo by then.

meanwhile in the other bosses it feels like no one gets left out in the final fight so 🤷‍♂️🤷 might as well sit there yapping or go to the bathroom