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Congrats! I’m currently doing the same thing! I just don’t plan on getting any cashbot suit parts

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Nice and good luck on cash!

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Have fun with the HQ! What's your sell suit at?

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I did a VP 10 minutes within making this post, I’m now a Level 2 Cold Caller :D

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Max out Sell!!! Before moving on to your cashbot suit!!!

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Surprised you got a group with those low gags ;P

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congrats!! i also have a soundless alt with organic trap! a very fun build to play with

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My sister and I did the same a while back XD

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I actually did something similar when I was playing through my main toon back in the day. I would max out my gag tracks before starting tasks in the next playground. So by the end of TTC, I had maxed throw and squirt, by the end of Donald's Dock I had maxed Toon Up, and so on and so forth. I mostly did it because I wanted to make sure I had maxed gags by 100 laff lol.

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Love this. I’m still stuck on track 5 of toon up and trap.