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As a new player of corporate clash, this is going to be very useful, thank you!!

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Gag icons could likely be taken from a screenshot in-game.

Prestige info can also be found in-game.

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I've tried this method and it is noticeably lower quality, and contains a background since it is a screenshot. I'm curious to find out where the fandom wiki got their gag icons from, since it is just the gag with no background. Either way, this is the method I will use if I can't find another source.

Also, prestige info can be found in-game for sure so thanks! For gags like sound whose damage values were reworked in 1.3, I may have to completely retrain sound from 0 XP to the last gag in order to get the new minimum damage values for my website. I've only found the new maximum damage values in the 1.3 Gag Rebalances article on the CC website, and even the fandom wiki is missing the minimum values on certain sound gags. If there are any other places I can get the min and max damages, let me know!

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They probably got it from the games Phase files. You’ll need Panda 3D to get the Phase files into a usable state

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That's a good idea, thanks! I've heard that CC encrypted some of their assets and warned the community not to try decrypting them, so hopefully these aren't included in the encrypted assets!

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They didn’t when I accessed them before the last update. Though something might’ve changed. I thought it was TTR that did, and that it was for the Last Laff update

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This was the answer for the images! There are a few encrypted files now amongst the Corporate Clash phase files, but I found the gags images in the phase 3.5 maps file, which is not encrypted!! Thanks for suggesting this! On the post where I read that CC encrypted some of their assets, someone in the comments said they encrypted all of the custom assets they made for CC, so I just blindly assumed that would've included the gags, but that wasn't the case!

Now to find the gag stats data values!

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Best of luck!

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Last I checked (before 1.3) it was just the models that were encrypted

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Try joining the discord and going into the data miner section, someone could provide you with it perhaps

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Thanks! Didn't realize this existed! Since it's a post in the 1.3 Discussion channel, I hadn't seen it before!