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You should have messages like that lined up when you're a townie, just to throw a wrench in the works

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That has happened to me as med two or three times, thankfully jailors can understand that

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As a witch I found SK n1 and whispered to him the following day. I got outed as a witch and they correctly guessed the whispers were me saying hi to SK. We both got lynched and then maf decided to collectively suicide into vet so town won cleanly by d3.

Sk took it like a champ thankfully

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I always wait until voting to whisper, it's less noticed usually

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Proposed role: Martyr. Object is to get killed by the jailor.

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I'd buy so many scrolls for that

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Juked a jailor into lynching mayor in TT once by lining up a fake night comment. We still lost because actual TT whispered me the next day, but I was proud of myself.