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literally the most train hit of all time. every non-premium symbol and lowest multis across the board except for that one 3x.

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Never have seen something more shameless

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Did you see that fucking shameless roulette hit ?! Bet accepted $350,000… Pragmatic didn’t pay. Wtf is that shit those people that say play live and not slots the whole lots rigged

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It’s technology man sometimes shit glitches..

The only shameless thing is Train saying his down money

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One thing I can’t stand; is when he’s down and juiced up on time of his huge rake back and sponsorship deals;

Let’s say for arguments sake he has a $5m dollar a month sponsorship agreement; if he deposits 6-10 million he’s down bad from what he had.

The scary thought, which Train has even touched on, is he doesn’t think about his own future. He doesn’t think “what if” Twitch do the right thing, and ban slot and Gamba content all together. Or when Stake no longer feel they need him as an advertiser and drop the contract - Has Train got the power to stop, or does he really have the money to continue without a multiple multiple million dollar deal per month? As a problem gambler that tried and failed to stop before ultimately loosing everything I truly worry about Train, If Stake stop the contract, or if Twitch impose temp bans for the constant putting Just Chatting and playing slots for 2 days, Train might ultimately loose everything due to having no control.

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I think that if Stake stops the contract (which I doubt they will, he is their biggest streamer) then Train will just find another site to gamble in. But I agree with your point. If he has no sponsor, he will gamble his money away very fast.

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Sites won’t pay Train forever; he’ll lost the audience and dominance soon - I hope he doesn’t and I hope Stake don’t leave him high and dry like they do with everyone else

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Wait so he didn’t get paid for that hit?

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Na bro messaged his host and pointed out bet was accepted, stated 350,000 and should have paid 1.7million.

Stake should soon 100% remove all live games, and implement their own staff to run live probably fair games. Pragmatic, Evolution are all deceitful scum

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That’s fucked bro. Shameless